Top 7 Best Artist Pencil Case – Colored Pencil Organizer

An artist, a student, or a teacher, everyone has to handle too many tools for artworks. Especially, a professional artist has varieties of pencils to create a beautiful piece of art. As they have to maintain a lot of pencils, they cannot find suitable ones instantly. In this circumstance, the artists need to organize their colored pencils.

To keep the colored pencils organized, pencil cases organizer are a great solution. Also, a pencil case helps secure a variety of stationery in a place. Best artist pencil case is all about suitable pencil cases that provide different facilities for the artists.

As the pencil cases have different features, you have to choose the right one as per your requirements. For instance, EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Case is a piece to keep varieties of art tools. This product is light in weight with multiple pockets and zippers. Inside of this case, you will find a small chamber to keep tiny tools like sticky notes, eraser, sharpener, and so on.

However, in the next part of this article, we will share several pencil cases including a leather pencil case, colored pencil organizer, pencil case holder, and more with their key features. These discussions will help you select a suitable piece to fulfill your requirements. In Particular, you can identify the suitable causes to use outdoors or indoors.

Our Favorite Best Artist Pencil Case

Top 7 Best Artist Pencil Case- Great for Colored Pencil Storage

When you are an artist, you must consider the space of the pencil cases. If you have a pencil case with enough space to keep pencils and other stationery, you want to buy them. Additionally, you must want a pencil case that can provide durable performance.

Moreover, an artist always likes to have a pencil purse that delivers a good design. Some of the artists are also conscious of durability with a friendly budget. By keeping all the above issues in mind, we recommend the products from the description below:

1. EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil and Pen Case

The EASTHILL is a prominent brand that manufactures high-quality cases to hole multiple pens. These products are the best choice for office staff and school-going students. Due to the large space of this pencil case, you can keep different types of stationeries like scissors, ruler, eraser and so on. Also, the design of the EASTHILL pen cases is pretty enough with vibrant colors. 



The construction material of the EASTHILL Big Capacity pen cases is a hundred percent cotton. Thus, you can use these cases for a long time and keep them outdoors. Due to canvas material, you will find it lightweight with durable performance.


This pencil case is larger than other cases to keep multiple pencils and other stationeries. If you want to measure the capacity with pencils, you can keep up to 90 pieces of pencils. For keeping pens, we can say that the bag has the capacity to keep up to 50 pens. In the middle of this case, you will find a mesh bag to keep erasers, stickers, or other small stationeries.


Without any doubt, this EASTHILL pencil case has a simple but lucrative appearance. The team of the EASTHILL manufacturer has spent more than 10 years developing a user-friendly design. The dimension of this product is around 10.2 x 6.3 x 1.3 inches with 4.1 ounces of weight.


  • Large capacity
  • High-quality material
  • Lucrative design
  • Canvas material
  • Lightweight
  • 100 percent cotton
  • Multiple pockets
  • Mesh bag to keep small stationeries
  • Easy to carry outdoors
  • Foldable with zipper


  • Average elastic durability

2. Castle Art Supplies 72 Colored Pencils Zipper-Case Set

Castle Art Supplies is a popular brand for manufacturing prime quality color pencils with cases. This pencil case can hold 72 pencils in the 4 layers zipper bag. The professional color artists and adult pencil artists prefer this Castle Art zipper case most. Also, the durable materials of this case provide a flexible carry for the users.


Ease of Use

This Castle Art zipper bag has user-friendly options to organize multiple pencils. A professional artist like this case due to its arrangement capacity of multi-color pencils. The professional artists can pick their suitable pencil color as per their priority.


The durable performance of the Castle Art pencil is the most attractive feature for professional users. This flip and zip nylon pencil case delivers long durable performance. This color pencil does not tear indoors or outdoors after rough use.


Castle Art is a world-famous brand, and the number of users of this pencil case is more than 1.5 million. Thus, you can imagine how popular this pencil case worldwide is. Also, his product is studio tested by professionals to ensure its quality.


  • Can hold 72 pencils
  • Flippable layers
  • Durable performance
  • Fabric zip
  • Light in weight
  • Suitable for outdoor carry
  • Perfect for professional artists
  • User-friendly design
  • Affordable price


  • Average Appearance

3. Pencil Case Holder Slot

A pencil case with a huge capacity and lucrative decoration, artists, love so much. This pencil holder slot is about beautiful graphics with a large organizing space. The brand name of this pencil case is Qianshan, and it can hold 200+ pencils or 130+ gel pens. Besides, the polyester construction of the exterior adds a smooth feel to use.



When artists want to buy a well-decorated pencil case, they must select this holder slot. You will find 8 different colors of this bag with a sturdy handle to carry. The exterior dimension of the bags is about 10.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches, only with 1.3 pounds of weight. Also, you will find zipper protection on this bag to keep your tools safe.


The pencil case holder slot from the Qianshan brand provides 64 different slots to keep 202 pencils. Additionally, this pencil holder has a simple design to fit pencils easily and provides easy removal slots. An artist can use this pencil holder to keep gel pens too. It has the capacity to keep 136 gel pens in a bag.


Due to the use of strong Oxford polyester fabric in the construction. The bag also has the versatility of usage for office or exhibition to keep different types of crafts. The elastic slot band provides easy removal and easy keeping performance for multiple pencils.


  • Large capacity
  • Lucrative graphics
  • Can hold pencils and gel pens
  • Lightweight
  • Elastic slot band
  • Oxford polyester fabric
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Sturdy handle
  • Zippered protection
  • Multi-layer slots
  • Vibrant colors


  • Average zipper quality

4. Speedball Art Products Genuine Leather Storage Case

A leather-made pencil holder or case always has a different appeal than any other fabric-made holder. Speedball art products are constructed from genuine leather to serve an elegant feel. This sturdy leather pencil case has different sizes or capacities to hold pencils, gel pens, marker pens, or brushes. You will find 24 – 120 pencils holding capacity from this brand of pencil holders.



Genuine leather is the manufacturing material of the Speedball art pencil case. The leather-made exterior helps to provide a comfortable carry for the artists. Most artists like to carry this pencil holder while traveling to carry multiple stationeries.


The design of this Speedball pencil holder is simple with flexible carry. You will find 2 different colors with black and brown leather. The size of this product is standard as the dimension is 8 x 1 x 11 inches. The weight is also light enough to carry your art pencils outdoors.


This genuine leather bag has multiple uses, like office use, art gallery use, etc. Additionally, this bag is handy to keep both pens and pencils. Also, many people like to keep their stationery items in this pencil holder such as an eraser, sharpener, ruler, sticky notes, etc. Besides, many artists like to keep their paintbrushes in this holder.


  • Genuine leather exterior
  • Durable material
  • Simple function
  • Easy to keep and remove pencils
  • Multifunctional usage
  • 2 different leather colors
  • Large capacity
  • Can hold up to 120 pencils
  • Elastic bands to hold pencils
  • Unique design
  • Zipper safety
  • Wear-resistant construction material


  • Not so lightweight due to leather exterior

5. BTSKY Colored Pencil Case

BTSKY Colored Pencil Cases are popular for artists who want to go outdoors with their tools. Also, this brand of pencil case is popular for its large pencil holding capacity. Besides, the sturdy handle strap helps the user keep it in hand easily outdoors. The capacity and the lucrative exterior graphics are another reason behind the popularity.



When you buy a small size with a large-capacity pencil case, you must select BTSKY. Thus the dimension of this pencil is around 11 x 8 x 3 inches only. But, it can keep up to 201 colored pencils inside. The 1.2-pound weight holder also has 3 large pockets to keep the eraser, sharpener, and small scissors.


The space of this pencil holder is enough for a professional artist to keep many pencils. Including keeping the pencils, this holder can keep regular stationeries like a ruler, scissor, eraser, etc. This bag has 204 individual slots to keep pencils and stationery.


To ensure long durability, this pencil case includes premium quality fabric. Besides, this pencil case includes a useful handle strap to make it easy to carry. The handle is removable if you think you do not need to use it. Also, the case has 4 different layers to keep more than 200 pencils.


  • Huge capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Removable handle strap
  • Stylish exterior graphics
  • 4 different internal layers
  • 3 large slots to keep stationeries
  • Great product to gift
  • Suitable for professional artists
  • Easy to organize pencils


  • Zipper quality is average

6. YOUSHARES 120 Slots Pencil Case

YOUSHARES includes an excellent exterior material to deliver a lengthy performance. It includes PU synthetic leather to develop a sturdy performance. Besides, the capacity of this bag is enough to become the choice for professional artists. Thus the bag can carry and keep more than 120 pencils.



The most attractive feature of this pencil case is the portable handle strap. You can use the handle strap and remove it when you do not need a handle to carry the case. Due to the 3 different interior layers, you can keep and remove pencils comfortably.


When an artist selects a pencil case, they must expect a durable performance. This Youshares pencil case is longer than the other pencil cases. As the product uses PU synthetic leather in exterior construction, you will get durable performance.


Every artist has a big number of art tools. The artist who uses pencils to create art has too many pencils to handle. The Youshares pencil holder is the solution for them to keep multiple type stationeries. Due to the 127 individual slots in 3 layers, an artist can arrange several stationeries in it.


  • Portable handle strap
  • Durable synthetic leather material
  • Big capacity to hold pencils
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Easy to organize pencils
  • 3 layers interior
  • 124 different slots for pencils
  • Friendly for 13+ users
  • Elastic holders


  • Elastic holders are a little bit tight

7. Colorit Premium Zippered Travel Pencil Case

This pencil case has a medium capacity to hold and keep pencils. It can keep up to 48 pencils, but the construction material is tough enough. The manufacturer uses premium quality nylon to build this sturdy pencil holder. Besides, the zipper quality of this bag is far better than other pencil holders to ensure safe pencil storage. 



As the construction material of this Colorit pencil case is nylon, the bag provides a premium quality performance. The durable nylon material with a sturdy zipper protects the pencils outdoors too. For this reason, professional artists love to have this bag with them when they travel.


This product is stylish to attract adults, students, teachers, and artists. It includes simplicity with premium comfortability with a black color nylon exterior. That is why the user feels comfortable carrying this pencil holder in different places.


The capacity of this pencil holder is enough to carry 40 individual pencils. It has the elastic grip to hold several pencils and gel pens too. The individual pencil slot holding can provide smooth keep and remove as per the artist’s need.


  • Stylish design
  • Durable performance
  • Smooth keeping and removing
  • Light in weight
  • Affordable price
  • Multipurpose use
  • Individual slot for eraser
  • Premium nylon exterior
  • High-end zipper
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Fit in backpacks


  • Do not include pencils in the package

Best Artist Pencil Case Buying Guide

best artist pencil case

There are thousands of pencil cases in the market and different features. All the holders have their special quality to make the user comfortable. When an artist wants to buy a piece of a pencil holder, they should consider a few things.

In this part of this article, we will share a proper guideline for professional artists. After reading this part of the article, they will understand what they should consider selecting the right pencil holder. To choose a suitable pencil holder, they should keep the below things in their mind:


The construction material of a piece of pencil holder is the major indication of durable performance. The manufacturer uses different types of materials to manufacture a pencil case. Nylon, synthetic fabric, and leather are the common material to manufacture a pencil holder.

Nylon-made pencil holders are much more durable than other materials. But, synthetic fabrics are good for lucrative appearance and durable performance. Besides, genuine leather made pencil holders are pretty durable in performance. But leather-made pencil cases are a little bit heavier than synthetic or nylon-made holders.


The capacity of keeping pencils, gel pens, marker pens, and stationery is another issue to consider before purchasing a holder. If you find the holder can stay only pencils, you will not get the highest satisfaction. So, you have to check the capacity to keep scissors, eraser, sharpeners, and other stationeries.

When it comes to keeping the multiple pencils in a holder, we suggest you buy the largest capacity. Many pencil holders can keep 24 to 200 pencils in a holder. But all artists do not have the same requirements. Some of the artists want to save a lot of pencils only. On the other hand, many artists want to keep a few pencils with stationery. So, check the slot, pocket, and layers of the pencil cases before purchasing one.


If you have a durable pencil holder but not a good appearance, you will not be satisfied with it. So, you should check the appearance and the graphics of the holders. Besides, the color of the pencil case reflects the artists’ personality. So, try to select the holder that looks good in your eyes.


The size of the pencil bags is another major issue to consider. Because you may have to carry them outdoors or in the office, check the suitable size of the pencil boxes that can fit in your backpack or a travel bag. Accordingly, confirm the weight of the pencil holders too. All the pencil bags are not the same and light.


Multifunctional pencil cases always make your artworks easier. So, try to select the pencil case with multiple functions like keeping pencils, pens, and stationery. Accordingly, find the additional features of the bags like a zipper, handle strap, and portable facilities. You can select a perfect holder that can fulfill all your requirements by considering these things.

How to Organize Colored Pencils

Color pencil artists have a lot of pencils in their collections. They need to use different types of color shades in their artworks. But, they find it difficult to get a suitable color dring their artwork. Thus they need to organize their color pencil to pick the right color quickly.

This part of this article will provide you with a guideline to keep organized multiple color pencils. There are different types of methods to organize colored pencils. Such as, you can use other storage containers, pencil boxes, pencil stands, and so on. We prefer to use a pencil case to organize multiple color pencils among all of these things.

Here, you can learn to organize colored pencils by using pencil cases. So, follow the simple steps to organize your pencils. Also, make your artworks lively without any interruption:


First of all, you have to create the groups of pencils as per the color shades. When you can separate the pencils per color, you have to keep them in separate areas.


After completing the separation and arranging by color group, you have to get a pencil case. We already have described different types of pencil cases in the above part of this article.


After bringing a pencil case, you need to start with one group of colored pencils. Thus, select a group of colors and place them from left to right in the pencil case.


When you start placing pencils, maintain the color grading serial, such as starting with a deep-color pencil and ending with the light piece of the pencils.


After placing a group of the color pencil, select another group from the separated pencils you did before.


Place all the pencils of the second group of colors. Maintain the sequence like starting with deep color and ending with light color.


Follow the previous steps until placing all the groups of different color pencils. And during artworks, keep and remove the pencils according to the sequence. In this way, you can organize colored pencils.

How to Clean a Pencil Case? 

The artworks with colored pencils are used in pencil cases. They find it difficult to organize the multiple color pencils without pencil cases. But keeping pencils in a pencil case generates dirt and debris inside the case. So, cleaning the pencil holders is a major issue for the artists.

We will share some simple ways to keep your pencil cases clean and clear. To clean your pencil cases, you do not need to arrange too many things. You can manage the work with your household cleaning accessories. Besides, we will tell you the simple tricks to clean pencil cases easily.

Cleaning Pencil Cases with Eraser

This is the simplest way to clean a pencil case without any hassle. To clean your pencil holder with an eraser, you just remove all the pencils from the pencil case. Then you need to remove all the dirt and debris from the inside of the case. And then, you have to press the eraser over the spots on your pencil cases.

Cleaning Pencil Cases with Baking Soda

To clean a pencil case with baking soda, you need to arrange a household jar and a toothbrush. After arranging a jar, put 2 or 3 spoons of baking soda in it. Then put one teaspoon of water and mix with the baking soda by the spoon. After mixing the baking soda, press them over the dirt areas of the pencil case with a toothbrush. Then sand the brush over the dirt areas for a while. Then you will find your pencil case clean and clear.

Clean Pencil Cases with Detergent Powder

To clean with the detergent powder, you must remove all the pencils from the case. Then, you have to press detergent powder over the dirt areas of the case. And then, you need to make a soft cloth wet and rinse over the dirt areas with detergent powder. After a while, you can remove all the dirt from the pencil case.

Deep Cleaning with Detergent Powder

To go through a deep cleaning with the dirty pencil case, you must arrange a bowl with water. Then you need to put 2 or 3 teaspoons of detergent powder in it. After putting the detergent powder, you need to mix them with water. Then, you need to sink the dirt pencil case into the water bowl. After keeping around 15 minutes, you can use clean weather to wash the pencil case. After washing in the clean water, you will find your pencil case a new look.


What Are the Main Qualities of a Good Pencil Case?

A good quality pencil case can save time and make a task easier for the artists. Thus, an artist should find out the good qualities of the pencil case. To find out the major qualities of a good pencil case, you need to know about the qualities first.

We recommend a pencil case that has enough space to keep many pencils. Besides, being easy to keep and remove are the major qualities of a good pencil case. Besides, durable exterior material, smooth zipper, and portability are the major qualities of a good pencil case.

Is There a Difference Between a Pencil Box and a Pencil Case?

Pencil boxes and pencil cases are almost the same according to their usage. Both of them are important for professional artists to keep their pencils organized. And also, both of them can keep different types of stationeries like erase, scissors, sharpener and so on.

The only difference between a pencil box and a pencil case is the construction material. Generally, pencil boxes are made of plastics and steel. On the other hand, pencil cases are made with nylon, fabric, or leather.

How to Choose a Pencil Case?

Choosing an appropriate pencil case is important for professional artists. To choose the right pencil case, you should consider the capacity, durability, design, size, and portability. Then you can make sure the pencil case is the perfect match to make your work easier.

How Long is a Pencil Bag?

The size of the pencil bag may vary as per the manufacturers. There are different types of pencil bags in the market as per the size too. In general, 7 to 10 inches length, 3 to 5 inches width, and 1 to 3 inches height of the pencil bags are popular among artists.

How Do you Decorate a Pencil Case?

To decorate a pencil case, you can use colorful ink stamps over it. Besides, you can wrap it with colorful paper or colorful washi tape. Many people decorate pencil cases with watercolor too. And also, attaching stickers with acrylic paint is another way of decorating pencil cases.

What Can You Use to Make a Pencil Case?

You can use synthetic fabric, leather, and nylon to make a pencil case. Most companies use synthetic fabric to make durable pencil cases. Nylon is more durable than synthetic fabrics. Genuine leathers are good too, but a little bit heavier than nylon and synthetic fabrics.


At the end of this article, we want to conclude by thanking you for staying with us. Our aim will be successful if you get a proper guide to select an appropriate pencil holder. We also have presented the 7 best pencil cases that can make the artwork easier.

In a few words, we want to recommend a pencil case that has a large capacity. Additionally, we prefer a good construction material with a durable performance too. So, find the Best Artist Pencil Case to enjoy artwork creating exclusive pieces of art.

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