Top 7 Best Art Projector for Tracing – Buying Guide

There are various handy tools for artists out there. As technology advances rapidly, those tools become much more advanced as well. There are multiple unique accessories that ease the artist’s works. Among various tools, artists use art projectors to trace other equipment.  Art projectors are used to enlarge a particular photo to the artist’s desire. So, artists can transfer a small image to a giant canvas.

We checked and analyzed some of the best art projectors for tracing. The following article is the best guidebook for all the artists out there. Our experts examined some of the best projectors that artists can use for tracing. We double-checked each product and provided a buying guide. So, check them to get the best quality art projector. The quality, the durability, we checked all these factors for writing this article. Also, make sure to hover through the buying guide for further ideas.

The Artograph EZ Art Projector and the Artograph Prism Art Projector are the finest picks by our team. So, check them out to get the most premium experience. Other projectors, too, if the artist wants to explore various options. Check out other art projectors our team analyzed for the artists.

Our Favorite Art Projector for Tracing

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Top 7 Best Art Projector for Tracing- Buying Guide

1. Artograph EZ Art Projector

The Artograph EZ Art Projector is currently the best art projector for tracing. Check the following projector to get the best experience for tracing and enlarging. It is lightweight, making it easier to carry it anywhere you desire. 


Progressive enlargement: The enlargement function of the art projector is excellent. So, it does a perfect job at gain at flat surfaces. Furthermore, it can enlarge a picture up to ten times bigger. So, it provides users with an immensely better experience when enlarging any images.

Portable: Carry it effortlessly due to the lightweight design. The confident design allows the artists to carry it with them. So, this will enable the users to keep it with themselves and take it with them anywhere at any time. Moving is not a hassle due to its portability.

Fine lens: The art projector features a lens that is 163 mm. The ingredient of the lens is optical glass. Due to the specific material, the lens does a better job. So, it will deliver you with a precise enlargement result with every work. The fine-quality lens ensures you better image quality.

Durable: Use this art projector for a longer duration without worrying. As the projector comes from better materials, it is long-lasting. The sure durability of this projector removes the tension from the users. 


  • It is quite durable
  • The design is lightweight
  • The lens quality is remarkable


  • There is no bulb with the projector. So, the users need to make an additional purchase.

2. Artograph Tracer Art Projector

In the chasm of other products, the Artograph Tracer Art Projector is currently the most fabulous tracing projector for artists. Consider purchasing the projector to get an experience that allows you to get the tracing done fast. Due to its superior lens, the image results are always refined.


Lightweight: Users can carry it with ease due to the lightweight design. The artists may take it with them because of the specific design. Thus, the user may always keep it with them and carry it everywhere. Because of its mobility, having it is not a bother.

Suitable enlargement: The art projector’s enlargement function is excellent. For that, it excels at expansion on flat surfaces. Magnify a photo up to 10 times its original size smoothly as the projector allows the user to do that. 

Better lens: A 200 mm lens is used in the art projector. Optical glass is a component of the lens. The lens performs better due to a specific substance. Hence, there are visible enlargement outcomes with each work. A better lens allows a better image capture.

Advanced illumination: There is a 23-watt bulb which is also fluorescent. The bulb ensures better results in your work when using the projector. The lifetime of the bulb is around 8000 hours. So, the user can use this product for a long amount of time without having to worry.


  • Includes advanced illumination
  • The lens provides better results
  • The enlargement is high quality


  • Our experts found that sometimes the image quality comes in a blur.

3. PVO Portable Mini Projector

The PVO Portable Mini Projector is the best projector for drawing and tracing right now. The projector is a good investment if it’s for a struggling artist. It’s light and portable, making it simple to get to your preferred place.


Mini: Its lightweight construction makes it very easy to carry. Because of the unique design, the artists may take it with them. Consequently, the user may always keep it and bring it wherever they go. It is not a problem to have it because of its mobility.

Remarkable performance: The mini projector delivers fascinating image results. The image’s resolution is always top-notch as it is always high definition. It can also support 1080p, which is very good. The color saturation is also accurate and adaptable.

Adapter powered: Instead of using batteries, the mini-project comes with an adapter. It means you won’t have to charge it again and again. Find an appropriate power source and plug in the mini projector. After that, you can use it smoothly.

Versatile connections: The mini projector has various slots to it. The multiple places support multiple forms of links. So, it can easily connect anywhere users want. Furthermore, due to the addition of various ports, the projector becomes much more versatile. The versatility makes the projector very useful.


  • There are multiple slots for connection
  • The battery is not required
  • The performance is excellent


  • The only issue we found is that the projector overheats if it is used long.

4. Artograph Flare Art Projector

The Artograph Flare Art Projector is currently the best digital projector for artists. The following projector is a good purchase if you’re an intermediate-level artist. It’s small and portable. Among other best art projectors in the market, this is perfect.


Good bulb: It includes a nice fluorescent light. When the user uses the projector, the bulb provides excellent outcomes. The bulb has a lifespan of roughly 30,000 hours. Thus, it survives for an extended period without the users worrying.

Better display: The picture output from the tiny projector is interesting. The image’s resolution is always excellent since it is always in high definition. It also supports 1080p, which is fantastic. Color saturation is correct and flexible as well.

Long-lasting: The high-grade component of the projector ensures its longevity to a higher extent. Because the projector is made of higher-quality materials, it will endure long. The consumers’ worry is relieved by the projector’s proven longevity. Stop worrying about replacing it anytime sooner.

Small: Because of its lightweight design, it is easy to transport. The artists may take it with them due to its distinctive design. As a result, you may always carry it with you and take it wherever you go. Due to its mobility, it is not difficult to carry. It is very useful.


  • You can carry it easily
  • The display is magnificent
  • The lifetime is high


  • We found an issue with the remote control.

5. XIAOYA Outdoor Movie Projector

The XIAOYA Outdoor Movie Projector is the best for drawing and tracing now. If you’re an intermediate-level artist, this projector is a good purchase. It’s compact and easy to take with you. So, this is a solid option among the digital art projectors available. Get this projector now.


High-quality: The image produced by the little projector is intriguing. Because the image is constantly in high definition, the resolution is always good. It also has 1080p support, which is fantastic. Color saturation is accurate and adaptable.

Flexible connectivity: There are several slots on the tiny projector. The various slots support different types of connections. Certain features allow the user to connect it to any location. HDMI, TF interface, micro-SD, and USB are among the many slots available. As a result, the connection choices are many.

Light: It is simple to move due to its lightweight construction. Because of its unique design, the artists may be permitted to take it with them. Therefore, you may always have it on you and bring it wherever you go. It is not difficult to transport, and it can easily fit in bags and luggage, making it easier to move around.

Better durability: The following art projector can be used for an extended period without any signs of degradation. The projector will last a long time because it is composed of high-quality materials. The projector’s demonstrated lifespan alleviates the buyers’ concerns.


  • The durability is better
  • The image results are high-quality
  • There is flexibility in connectivity


  • Sometimes the projector overheats.

6. Artograph Prism Art Projector

The Artograph Prism Art Projector is the finest artist projector for tracing. So, this projector is a terrific buy if you’re an intermediate-level artist. It’s small and convenient to carry everywhere. Among the digital art projectors available, this is a good choice.


Superior illumination: Artists will receive a beautiful fluorescent light. The bulb produces outstanding results when used with the projector. The bulb has a very high life expectancy. Hence, the users won’t have to bother about it for a long time.

Clear lens: The art projector uses a 200 mm lens. A component of the lens is optical glass. Because of a certain chemical, the lens operates better. Thus, the user will notice obvious enlargement results with each work. With the high-grade lens, better image quality is always superior.

Smart enlargement: The enlarging feature on the art projector is terrific. As a result, it excels in flat surface expansion. A photo can be magnified up to ten times its original size. Consequently, enlarging an image will be a lot easier for you.

Sturdy: Because of its modest weight, it is easy to transport. The artists may take it with them due to its distinctive design. As a result, you may always carry it with you and take it wherever you go. Because of its mobility, it is easy to transfer.


  • The enlargement system is smart
  • It has a sturdy design
  • The lens is very precise


  • The only problem our experts found is that images are not sharpened.

7. Kopykake 300XK Art Projector

The Kopykake 300XK Art Projector is currently the best digital art projector for tracing. As a result, if you’re an intermediate-level artist, this projector is a great investment. It’s small and easy to take with you wherever you go. This is a decent option among the digital art projectors available.


Adaptable: On the projector, there are various slots. The numerous slots may accommodate various sorts of connections. As a result, you can connect it to any location instantly. HDMI, TF interface, micro-SD, and USB are among the various slots provided. As a result, there are several options for connecting.

Resistance is one of the most eye-catching features of this art projector. Because it is made with high-quality materials, the projector will survive long. The projector’s demonstrated longevity alleviates buyers’ fears.

Battery-free: The projector comes with an adapter rather than batteries. It means users won’t have to keep recharging it. The user should connect it to the small projector and find a power supply. After that, they can use it without further issues.

Superior quality: The image that the little projector creates is interesting. The resolution is always good since the image is always in high definition. It also has better resolution support, which is wonderful. Color saturation is precise and flexible. The image you are going to enlarge is always superior.


  • The connectivity is adaptable
  • It is very resistant
  • The art projector does not require charging


  • Asides from overheating, there are no problems.

Best Art Projector for Tracing Buying Guide

best art projector for tracing

Follow the buying guide we are providing. The buying guide helps people to find the best art projector for tracing. Check each category with care and examine it before buying art projectors. So, the artists need to know enough about the product they will purchase. 


Enlarging an image is one of the most vital reasons most artists purchase art projectors. Artists use the projector to enlarge any small picture to a bigger size while also maintaining the quality of the original image. 

Check how big it can enlarge a certain picture. Also, check at what surface it can work. Don’t forget to check the surface supports. Moreover, check the image quality of the enlarged picture. It matters as sometimes the enlargement can be ruined.


If you see carefully, there are bulbs in art projects. The bulbs carry a vital role in the mechanism. The lifetime of the bulb matters as it is the soul of the art projector. If the bulb is working, the projector will work.

Make sure to find projectors that provide you with a longer lifetime and cheaper bulb replacement. If you find projectors with better bulb adaptability, it will save your expenses, and you can use them for a long duration. Make sure to check the illumination aspect of the projectors before purchasing.


The outcome of the image depends on the quality of the lens. Furthermore, lens quality matters a lot. As it captures the image, the lens carries significant importance with it. So, make sure to check the lens quality and its focal point. It will give you a proper idea of how it works.

Also, check the image outcomes beforehand. The better the lens, the finer the picture capture and outcome are. Hence, you need to assure yourself how good the lens is. If the lens is damaged, then you might not get satisfying results.


Art projector comes at various prices depending on the quality. Fix an appropriate budget first. The users need to fix a budget they are comfortable with. It will allow them to get an idea of what they can acquire in that budget. Keeping all the important elements in mind, set the best budget.  

The best budget will allow you to get art projectors that work fine. Make sure not to go below budget. At least keep a standard budget. It will allow you to get a projector that works properly. If your budget is very low, you won’t find good projectors.

How Do Art Projectors Work?

Art projectors work in a specific way. It carries some accessories that help to carry the respective mechanisms. So, the individual accessory present in the projector ensures its functionality. Some of the tools are replaceable, making them quite efficient even if a single part of them gets destroyed. Below we have provided the mechanism of how they work. Also, these are the required parts for functionality.

  • Lens for capturing
  • The bulb for carrying out the work in the dark
  • The multiple ports increase the flexibility of connections
  • Enlargement

They function in a unique way. It comes with a few attachments that aid in the transportation of the various mechanics. As a result, the projector’s operation is ensured by the many accessories. Because some of the tools are interchangeable, the system remains functional even if a single component is damaged. The mechanics of how they function is due to these aspects. These are also the pieces that are necessary for functioning.

They shine a bright light on the object you are aiming for. It uses combinations of various prisms and mirrors. In addition, the lens enlarges the image by reflecting it onto the surface.  It works by shining a bright light on the target you’re aiming at. It makes use of a variety of prisms and mirrors. 

So, it functions by shining a light on the target you’re aiming at. It makes use of a variety of prisms and mirrors. Then it’s up to you. It is followed by the lens, which is utilized to reflect the picture onto the surface to expand it. Art projector works by illuminating the target you’re shooting towards. It employs several prisms and mirrors. So, it works in this certain way.

How to Trace Art on a Projector?

As an artist, there are situations where they need to enlarge some specific images. Thanks to the latest technologies, it is much easier now. Artists use art projectors just to enlarge pictures while maintaining good quality.  Check the steps below to know how to trace art on a projector. Check the bullet points first.

  • Set up your pieces of equipment
  • Keep the image
  • Find a proper surface
  • Get the results

Step One

Set up your equipment and the picture you want to enlarge. You can print the photo you wish to but remember to dry it first.

Step Two

After getting the desired image, place it carefully on the projector. Remember to put it on the screen. If you are planning for a mural, you don’t need a background. If it is a portrait, then set up aboard.

Step Three

Click the projector and turn it online. Adjust it to an appropriate position. You must do it to project the image you placed accurately. Examine if the background fits correctly or not.

Step Four

Move the stand front or back. Do it while maintaining the position of your picture. Shift the stand to the front or rear. Maintain the location of your photo while doing so.

Step Five

Turn off the lights in the room. If the room is small, try to turn off the available light sources in that room. You can use clothes to make the room dark; otherwise, you can use the projector nighttime.

Step Six

Now trace the picture by an outline with a dark pencil. Do it while maintaining the strokes carefully. After that, focus the projector’s light on the image and claim it as accurately as you can. With a black pencil, sketch the outline of the picture. Do that while paying close attention to the strokes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do you Use an Art Projector?

By the tracing process, you can use an art projector. Keep the picture first near the projector. Turn off the lights in the room. After that, slowly adjust the projector and get the work done.

  • How Many Lumens Do I Need for an Art Projector?

Before an art projector can function properly, it needs a specific number of lumens. The lumen reflects the image you are going to enlarge. For an art projector, you need at least 150 lumens.

  • How Do I Project an Image On a Wall Trace?

The tracing procedure may be used to employ an art projector. Keep the picture closest to the projector first. Close the door and turn off the lights in the room. Then carefully adjust the projector and finish the job.

  • Do Mural Artists Use Projectors?

Mural artists use art projectors. Nowadays, projectors are used widely. So, it is getting very typical. For that reason, artists use art projectors to make their work comfortable and fast.

  • Can You Use Any Projector for Art?

Yes, you can use the projector for the arts. Nowadays, projectors are commonly utilized. The art projectors make the art process more elementary. Most artists use an art projector for their artworks for that.

  • How Can I Use My Laptop as a Projector?

There is a way to use your laptop as a projector. Get an adapter and HDMI cable. After that, plugin and find the correct setting. If the following steps are done properly, the laptop can be used as a projector.


There are a variety of valuable tools available for painters. As technology progresses, such devices become considerably more sophisticated. There are a variety of one-of-a-kind accessories that aid the artist’s job. Among the numerous pieces of equipment, painters use various art projectors for tracing. Art projectors are used to magnify a particular photograph chosen by the artist. As a result, painters may enlarge a little picture on a large canvas.

The best art projector for tracing was tested and assessed. If the artist is a very creative person, this article is perfect. Our specialists looked at some of the most delicate tracing projectors on the market. We double-checked each item before writing the product details.

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