Best Art Markers- Buying Guide

What was your favorite tool for drawing and coloring in your childhood? We all used art markers and colored pencils when we were a child. For some of us, it was a great pleasure and fun time. Many grownups still sketch and draws as a hobby. Whether you are a professional artist or do it for fun, art markers are a great tool you should have in your collection. 

Art markers are alcohol-based drawing instruments that you can use for creating your favorite art. They provide excellent blends when you draw and color something with them. But it is hard to find the best art markers from tons of options. Look into their tip types, ink types, barrel shape, etc. There are three types of art markers:

  • Alcohol-Based
  • Water-Based and
  • Solvent Based

Alcohol-based art markers are always better. They provide versatility and bendability. Considering this, Bianyo Alcohol-Based Markers Set is the best one available in the market. These are alcohol-based markers, and they have double tips. Fine and chisel tips will give you different stroke options while sketching or drawing. They come in a large set: 72 pieces precisely. It is an excellent marker set for professionals and art-loving people.

Top Picks: 5 Best Art Markers

Comparison Table

NameMarker CountTip TypeInk Type
Bianyo Alcohol-Based Markers Set72Fine & ChiselAlcohol-based
ZSCM 32 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers Set32Fine & BrushWater-based
Ohuhu Alcohol Art Markers121Fine & ChiselAlcohol-based
Arteza Permanent Markers Set80Fine, Brush, Ultra-fine, and Thick ChiselAlcohol-based
GC 72 Colors Dual Tip Highlighter72Fine & BrushWater-based
Keebor Premium Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers51Fine & ChiselAlcohol-based
Shuttle Art 120 Colors Dual Tip Art Marker120Ultra-Fine & BrushWater-based

Top 7 Best Art Markers- Buying Guide

1. Bianyo Alcohol-Based Markers Set

If you are looking for markers for drawing, then Biyano alcohol-based markers are your best choice. It is one of the best art markers currently available in the market. This marker set comes in a large package with 71 classic color markers and 1- blender. 

All the markers have dual tips; a fine tip and a chisel tip. They are best for drawing, sketching, and coloring. These art markers are best for professional artists and people with art hobbies. 


Ink Type

This Biyano marker set has alcohol-based ink. It is Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS certified. Its waterproof ink is permanent and works on most surfaces. You can write and paint smoothly with them. 

Dual Nibs 

All the markers from this set have dual nibs: a chisel nib and a fine point nib. They offer excellent line and stroke variations. The chisel nib will last up to 328 feet long of writing; the fine point nib up to 1738 feet. 

72 pieces in A Set

Biyano alcohol-based maker set comes with 72 pieces of markers. Among them, 71 pieces are classic color markers and one color blender. 

A Multipurpose Carry Bag

You can use this multipurpose carry bag to store all the art markers and carry them anywhere you like. This square-shaped bag is a high-quality bag and will last a long time. 


  • Come with a color swatch for color matching and blending 
  • Color bendability is very high 
  • Has- a great variety of color
  • Comfortable at hands 
  • High durability


  • No brush tip

2. ZSCM 32 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers Set

This water-based art markers set can be one of the best drawing markers for your kids. It comes in 32 different shades. These are also dual-tip markers. The brush tip is pretty much better for drawing, and the fine point tip is best for taking notes and detailed coloring. 

You can use these markers for drawing, sketching, coloring, calligraphy, and painting. It is the perfect supply for kids- as well as anyone who loves drawing. 


Brush & Fine Tips 

As you already know, this art marker set has dual tips in each pen. The brush tip allows you to draw and make calligraphy with them. The fine tips are better for notetaking and detailed coloring. Most importantly, you can easily switch between thick and thin lines with these markers. 

Water-based Ink 

These markers have high-quality water-based ink. They are non-toxic, safe, and odor-free. That is why this art marker set is perfect for your kids.  

32 Assorted Shades 

The marker set comes with 32 assorted color shades. All these shades are unique and vivid. You can create verities of art with these rich colors. 

A Lifetime Warranty 

This art marker set from ZSCM comes with a lifetime warranty. You can return this set if you are not satisfied with it, they will give you a full refund. 


  • No odor or smell 
  • Non-toxic and very much safe for kids 
  • Flexible and long-lasting 
  • Ink dries very fast
  • Come with replacement tips 


  • Ink is not waterproof

3. Ohuhu Alcohol Art Markers

Ohuhu brings one of the best markers for artists. With 120 unique colors, what art marker set can offer better? None, I guess. These alcohol-based markers have two tips, a chisel tip and a fine point tip. It also comes with a color blender and a swatch for color matching. 

It is an alcohol-based market set, but it is safe for your kids. With a nice-looking case- it can be a great gift idea as well. Let’s see what more it offers. 


Double Tip Markers 

Dual-tip offers precise- highlights and accuracy. You can easily switch between thick and thin lines with the chisel & fine point tips. It allows you to create a variety of strokes and designs. 

Vibrant Colors

The package comes with 120 unique and vivid colors. These high pigmented and bright colors will make your art more alive. They will blend beautifully and not fade so quickly. 

A Large Count 

Ohuhu brings this marker set with a large count of marker pens. It has 120 color markers, all of which are unique colors. It also has a color blender, a swatch, and a carry bag. 

A Color Card  

It comes with a color swatch and a color card. The color card has color numbers and names printed on it. So, you can easily- swatch colors on it. 


  • Easy and comfortable to hold 
  • A great deal for beginners
  • Ink is perfectly saturated 
  • Highly pigmented colors 
  • The carry case has a protective sheet inside it. 


  • Marker numbers fade real quickly.

4. Arteza Permanent Markers Set

Arteza brings one of the best art markers for professionals with 80 counts. It has 61 assorted colors. This marker set is different than others because it has 5- different types of tips. It offers you variety and versatility like no other art marker. They virtually work on any surface, but they are best for metals, glass, fabrics, and canvases. 

The waterproof ink dries in no time, and you can use them for writing name tags, making signs, calligraphy, mandala coloring, and a lot more. It can be a pretty good supply for artists and enthusiasts. 


5 Type of Tips

A unique feature of this art marker set is its 5- types of tips. It has 36 fine point tips, 10- ultra-fine tips, 30 brush tips markers in assorted colors, and 4- thick chisel tip markers in classic colors. 

Waterproof Ink 

All these markers have low odor and waterproof ink that is alcohol-based and dries very quickly. These permanent markers will not wash away any time soon. The ink is also non-toxic and safe for your kids. 

Assorted Color Markers 

This art marker set has 80 counts on pens. Among them, 76 markers are assorted colored, 4 are classic colors. 

Created by Artists 

Arteza is a brand by artists who have designed these art markers. As a result, these are- designed beautifully. Art is an expression of human experiences; who will understand that better than artists? 


  • Vivid permanent ink 
  • Low-odor and non-toxic 
  • 5- types of tip 
  • Ink will last long 
  • Designed by artists 


  • May- not fit comfortably in big hands.

5. GC 72 Colors Dual Tip Highlighter

GC dual-tip highlighter set brings you 72 dual tip art markers. Fiber-made brush tip on one side will give you medium and bold strokes with the change of pressures. The fine point tip on the other side will provide you with a smooth thin stroke for writing and taking notes. 

If you are looking for the best markers for art creation, you should go for this set. It has water-based ink that is acid-free and non-toxic. The marker set comes in a beautiful-looking box. 


Brush & Fine Tips 

GC markers have dual tips in them. One is brush tips that give broad and medium strokes with changing pressure. The other one is a fine point tip. You can use these markers for calligraphy, writing, sketching, highlighting, and many more. 

Acid-free Watercolor Ink

These art markers have non-toxic water-based ink; they are acid-free and odorless. Ink will dry soon on papers. They are safe for children. 

Color Options 

It has all the classic colors an artist will need. The highlighter set comes with 72 vibrant and bright color options. You can use them for highlighting, painting, notetaking, writing, drawing, and -many other creative projects. 

Durable Art Markers 

This set has durable and long-lasting art markers. The brush tip of these markers is- made from fibers. They have pigment colors. Ink is very high quality too. 


  • Tips are flexible and easy to use 
  • Perfectly safe for kids 
  • Ink spread evenly in the first coating 
  • Paint lasts for a long time
  • Brush tip can change stroke with pressure 


  • Light shades sometimes bleed through.

6. Keebor Premium Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers

Are you looking for special markers for art creation or a DIY project? We have just the right product for you; Alcohol-based dual-tip markers are premium art markers from Keebor are that product. It comes with 50 pieces of different color art markers. 

These permanent art markers have dual tips; you can easily switch between strokes and lines. They offer vibrant color and great flexibility. Let’s see more about this marker set. 


Chisel & Fine Point Tips 

All these- markers from Keebor have dual tips: a chisel tip that gives thick strokes and a fine point tip that gives thin but detailed lines. You can easily change between stroke lines with these art markers. 

Great Ergonomic Design 

The marker barrels are ergonomic-designed. They have a unique rounded-rectangular-shaped design for easy and comfortable grip. It also prevents them from rolling off plain surfaces. 

Ink & Colors 

The Keebor premium art marker set comes with 50 color markers and a color blender; they are highly pigmented and vibrant. It has alcohol-based ink that is non-toxic and permanent. You can use these markers for drawing, sketching, coloring, etc. 

Color-Coded Caps 

Every art marker from this set has color-coded caps indicating which one has which color. The color name and number are also- mentioned there. 


  • Great agronomic design. 
  • Caps have a color name and number on them. 
  • Bright &/ pigmented color 
  • High-quality protective case
  • Nom-toxic ink is perfectly safe


  • Ink can bleed through paper sometimes.

7. Shuttle Art 120 Colors Dual Tip Art Marker

It is a pretty big art marker set on the list with 120 different colors. Like other sets, it also has dual tips markers. You can easily create beautiful line and stroke variations with the brush and fine tips. The water-based ink is fully acid-free and nontoxic. 

You can create calligraphy, hand letters, doodles, sketches with these markers. It is a great gift item for your near and dear ones too. Let’s see more about this art marker set. 


Fast-Drying Ink 

These are not permanent art markers, but they dry quickly on paper. The unscented water-based ink is toxic-free, acid-free, and safe for kids. You can use them at your house or school without any worry. 

120 Unique Colors 

This large set has 120 unique color markers. Isn’t it- huge? Moreover, all these colors are highly pigmented and bright. You can create a vibrant drawing or paint with them. 

Fiber Tips 

All the markers from this set have fiber-made dual tips: a brush tip for bold and thick strokes and an extra-fine tip for thin lines. Interestingly, you can change stroke width by putting pressure on the markers. 

Different Shape

The uncommon thing about this set is each marker has a different barrel size. It makes them last longer time. 


  • Come with a coloring book
  • Permanent markers 
  • Ink does not bleed 
  • Brush tip can color in a small space 
  • Pretty good ink flow 


  • No color names or numbers on the cap

Best Art Markers Buying Guide

art marker drawing

There are hundreds of markers available in the market, and buying the right one can be difficult for beginners. You can only know about a marker after using it- but that is not a wise way. We will help you find the best art markers based on your preferences and needs. You have to consider the below things to buy the perfect art marker. 

Paper & Usage 

The first thing you have to consider is the type of paper you will use. Paper is very primal when you go for drawing or painting. While buying a marker set, consider which kind of paper you are using; thick paper can hold more layers of marker ink, it will help blend your colors too. You must know why you are buying a marker set. Once you know where you will use your marker, you can make a better decision.  

Ink Type & Color 

Ink type is another crucial factor while buying art markers. As you already know, there are three types of ink for art markers: alcohol-based, water-based, and solvent-based. They have their own pros and cons. Alcohol-based ink can blend colors easily; water-based ink has no odor and is very popular among kids. Solvent-based ink has its usability and fan base. So, firstly decide which type of ink you need. Ink color can be a factor too. You might need specific colors for your art projects. It is necessary to buy a set that includes all the colors you need. You have to decide why you need your art markers. 

Tips & Nibs 

Art markers have a variety of tips, and they offer different strokes and styles. Ensure you know what type of drawings and art you will create; the most used art marker tips are Fine tips, Chisel tips, Bullet tips, Brush tips, etc. Fine tip art markers are best for detail coloring in specific areas. They can create sophisticated art pieces. Chisel tips provide extensive coverage with each stroke. You can use them for filling spaces with colors; they are better for writing on fabrics; it is probably the cheapest marker available; Brush tips are the most versatile ones; they offer thin lines and detail works.  


Price is another necessary factor you should consider before buying art markers- if you are a beginner, start with an inexpensive set- then upgrade as time goes but never go beyond your budget.

Types of Art Markers

You might think all those art markers you see in the market are the same. But you would be wrong if you think so. They come in different types. Art markers are an essential tool for artists and creative people. Children and people with creative hobbies also love them. But, people need divergent art markers. For example, professional artists need high-quality art markers. But those who paint or draw as a hobby do not require that. You are not going to buy expensive art marker set for your kids. 

To cater to different needs manufacturers- make art markers in various grades and types. All the art markers come in two qualities:

High-Quality Grade:

These art markers are very high in quality. They have all the high-quality materials in them. Professional artists use these art markers. They are expensive and offer higher quality in every sense. 

Low-Quality Grade:

These are water-based art markers. They are best for kids and schools. They are not very expensive. 

Art markers have different options available based on their ink type. There are three different ink types available for them. They are: 

Alcohol-based Art Markers:

Here, the ink combines with alcohol. They dry instantly on paper and stay permanently. These are waterproof markers, but you can blend their color using a color blender. You can easily paint multiple layers of color on paper with them. But because of the alcohol, these marker ink have a strong odor. So, they may not be suitable for your kids. Usually, artists and professionals use them.

Water-based Art Markers:

These are ideal for your children. They do not have any odor or smell. The ink is mixed with water and is chemical-free, and they are waterproof. But they take a longer time to dry. 

Solvent-based Art Markers:

It also falls under oil-based markers. The ink is combined with chemicals and produces a strong odor. They are mostly- waterproof but not permanent. 

How to Use Marker for Art

We all know how to draw or paint with an art marker. However, you should follow some tricks and tips for better results. Whether you are a beginner discovering your way through or a seasoned artist, you should follow them to create art pieces that everyone will love. So here are those tips and tricks for using art markers: 

Know the Differences between Nibs:

Nib type is an important differential factor for art markers. Different nibs will behave differently. You will get a new line and stroke with each type. You should know which one is good for what to create perfect art each time: 

  • Fine Point: good for thin and detailed lines. 
  • Chisel Point: good for area coverage. 
  • Brush Point: good for smooth ink spreading. 

Test Marker Colors Beforehand:

You should test your makers before starting coloring. Take different sheets and check each marker color. Sometimes, the same marker color looks different on various papers. So, test your colors on the same type of paper. Marker colors can be slightly different from their barrel color. Beware of that too. 

Take it Slow:

Start coloring with your art markers slow and steadily. Do not go too fast at the beginning, or you might not get even coverage; you might get unnecessary strokes on your paper. So, slow and steady is the motto here.  

Lighter to Darker Shade:

To get excellent results from the beginning, you should start with a lighter shade on paper and eventually go darker. You can control your coloring in this way. If you start with a dark shade, you cannot go light even if you have to. So, color in the lightest shade first and then go darker as necessary. 

Use a Color Pencil:

You can use colored pencils to make your arts look bolder. Color pencils will add some final strokes, and your art will look more live. 

How to Refill Markers?

Your favorite markers’ ink will finish up someday, and you might think it’s time to throw it away, but don’t do it yet; you can refill them. I will show you how to fill your art markers. There are some popular ways you can follow: 

Dripping Method

Dripping ink through your marker tip is a perfect fit for you if you think you will damage your marker while removing it. It works best with alcohol-based ones. You will have to purchase ink refills from stores. Follow these steps: 

  • First, select a place where you will execute this project. Keep in mind that while refilling, ink can split and stain your hands, dress, desk, and floor; take protective measures; use hand gloves.
  • Now, remove caps from both your marker and the ink container. Remove both caps if you have a dual-tip one. 
  • Then, drop ink gradually from the ink container onto your marker tip. If your marker has a double-tip, use the wider one for fast refilling. Squeeze the ink refill slowly and add one or two drops at a time. 
  • When you see the ink is dripping out of the nib, you will have to stop now.  

Squeezing Method 

It is another easy method to refill your art marker. You will need a tweezer to remove your marker nib in this process. Follow my instructions step by step:

  • First, open your marker cap and remove the nib using a tweezer. You might have to put some pressure to remove it. 
  • Now you have an opening in your marker. Take an ink refill and place its tip into the marker opening. Do it fast- so no ink spills from the refill.
  • Then gently squeeze your ink refill to transfer ink from the refill to the marker. Take it slow and steadily.
  • Finally, place the nib again on your marker- and it’s become like a new one.  

How to Paint with Markers?

Art Marker is a pretty good tool for painting. It makes painting an easy job. With art markers, you do not need any brushes. This maneuver tool brings versatility in it. Now you can paint anywhere- you need a piece of paper. 

I hope you have already purchased a set of art markers. It is time for you to start painting. You can paint so easily with them. Follow these steps to paint your favorite piece: 

Prepare the Canvas:

The first step is to prepare a canvas for your painting. With art markers, you do not need a proper canvas. While a thick canvas would be nice, you can also use glass, thick paper, smooth plastic boards, etc. You can use any piece of paper for painting, but it is wise to use thick ones. You have to put a thick layer of newspaper underneath it. It will make the surface smooth.  

Prepare the Markers:

Now it’s time to prepare your markers for painting. Take your art marker and shame it vigorously up and down for about a couple of minutes; do not remove the cap from your- marker while doing it. 

Test the Marker:

Now that your canvas and art markers are ready, it is time for testing the art markers. Uncap it and press its nib on a piece of paper until the ink starts flowing. Use an old newspaper for testing your art marker. 

Start Painting:

Your marker is now all set for a nice piece of painting. Start drawing- use smooth and even strokes. First, outline and then eventually get into the details. Paint lighter shades first- then gradually make it darker as needed. 

Let Them Dry:

When a layer of coloring is complete, wait until it dries. When it perfectly dries, start adding new layers. Do not rush things up. It might damage your painting. 


Where to Buy Art Markers?

Art markers are great supplies for artists and people who love creating art. You can buy them from any art store; you will find them in your local area. Look for them in your local markets. They should be available in your nearby departmental stores too. You will also find them online. Many online stores are selling these art markers. 

What Are Art Markers Called?

Art markers are easy maneuverable tools that you can use to create art. They are also known as Permeant Markers because of their permeant ink- most art markers are alcohol-based. Artists prefer art markers because they blend colors more smoothly and predictably. You can create different strokes and shades as you like with these markers. 

Are Permanent Markers Good for Drawing?

Yes, permanent markers are great for drawing. Most of the time- permanent ones are alcohol-based markers. They are the best of their type. They dry quickly on papers and stay there for a long time. You would want your art to fade after a few days. So, they are pretty good for drawings.

Which Markers Last the Longest?

Markers have different types and qualities. They determine which of them will last long. The ones that have refillable ink cartridges tend to last much longer. Again, alcohol-based markers last the longest. Art markers with the air-sealed cap will last long too.   

What Are Alcohol Art Markers?

Alcohol art markers are alcohol-based art markers. These are different from regular art markers. They use alcohol to mix them with ink for long-lasting long, and quick drying. They have a strong odor because of the alcohol.

How Do You Keep Permanent Marker From Rubbing Off?

Permanent markers are alcohol-based markers; they do not generally fade quickly- they are supposed to last long. Normal water cannot wash them. Only alcohol can wash them away. If you want to make sure your permanent ink does not rub off, you can use clear nail polish on your drawings to coat them.

How Do You Store Art Markers?

You can give your art markers a long life if you store them properly. Make sure your art markers are away from wet places. Do not expose them to extreme conditions. Never forget to seal the cap perfectly. You can store them in the carry bag that comes with the set. You can use a pen stand to organize your art markers.


Art markers are a fun tool for creative people. It has made painting easy and an easily accessible hobby. If you have some art markers, you do not need a lot of preparation and tools for painting something. You can bring out your art markers and start painting right away. But it is always challenging to find out the best art markers from hundreds of options. Especially if you are a beginner, you might find yourself lost in a sea of art markers. But, I guess now is not the case. After reading my article, I’m sure- now you know everything about art markers. Now you can buy one confidently. 

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