Top 7 Best Art Kits for Kids – Buying Guide

When buying your kids a Christmas present or a gift for some other occasion or holiday, the easy path is to go with technology and just them an iPad or a similar contraption.

The more difficult but also more worthwhile approach would be to get them something with which they can express their creativity – like an art set, for example!

In this article, we’ve decided to find the best art kits for kids currently on the market, so you can have an easier time choosing one for your little ones. Some of the factors we considered were the number of pieces a kit contains, the safety of the materials it’s made of, and the addition of features it comes with.

Our favorite pick was the iBayam’s 150-Pack Deluxe Wooden Art Set – a set that comes in a beautiful wooden case and has all sorts of cool drawing and coloring utensils and tools.

Read on to learn more about this and other sets!

Our Favorite Best Art Kits for Kids

Top 7 Best Art Kits for Kids- Buying Guide

1. Sunnyglade – 185-Pieces Double-Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

If you want your kids an art set that comes with a wide range of different color pencils, crayons, and all sorts of other writing and coloring utensils, this set from Sunnyglade can certainly be one of the best art kits for kids within its price range.

Whether you want to introduce the concept of making art to your kid through drawing, doodling, or even coloring a couple of pages of a coloring book now and again, this set will provide them with all the necessary tools – and then some!

Other than the awesome coloring utensils they can use to get the best possible coloring solutions relatively quickly, this model also comes with a small foldable easel that the kid can use if there is not enough space on the desk.

Here are some of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Portable Design

To make this set from Sunnyglade easy to carry with you wherever you want to go (perfect for kids going to school or daycare), the folks at Sunnyglade made sure to add a handle to this art kit so that you can carry it as you would a mini art utensil-filled suitcase.

So, if you’re sending your child to school and it’s an art class day, instead of having to find a big bag to carry this set, your kid can pick up this thing by the handle and go to school (or daycare, or some art workshop) carrying this thing with ease!

Last but not least, ensuring that this 3-part set doesn’t fling itself open while carried in hand, three small Velcro round patches keep this thing together tightly at all times.

Made Out of Non-Toxic Materials

One of the best parameters of this set would be that every single item in it, together with the box and the foldable easel, is made out of entirely non-toxic materials.

The thing with various drawing utensils is cheap sets containing coloring pencils and markers that contain potentially dangerous chemicals, so letting your kids use these would certainly not be recommendable.

As a confirmation of the high-quality and non-toxicity of this set, the manufacturers offer the ASTM D4236 certification, which represents the standardized test for evaluating various art supplies’ safety.

Comes with Everything and the Kitchen Sink

… and when we say ‘everything,’ we mean almost every drawing tool that a kid can imagine.

Some of the items in this set include 48 oil pastel colors, 12 markers, 18 watercolor cakes (those round things that you dip your watercolor brushes in), 24 colored pencils, one ruler, 48 crayons, as well as many other additional items such as clips, a pencil sharpener, as well as a sponge.

Last but not least, to help a new user acquaint himself with how this set works and how it can be used to the best effect, there is also an instruction manual present, where you can see the different parts of this set described and explained in more detail.


  • 185 different pieces in the set (includes crayons, pastel colors, markers, and many other drawings, painting, and coloring utensils)
  • Dual pop-up easel
  • Made out of non-toxic materials (both the box and the coloring utensils)
  • The box comes with a handle for easy carrying
  • Features a pencil sharpener, as well as some paper clips
  • Velcro patches for secure closing
  • A great gift idea


  • This large set can be difficult to carry for toddlers

2. iBayam – Art Supplies

If you’re looking for an art set that you can wrap in gifting paper and stick underneath a Christmas tree when the season comes (or give as a gift whenever throughout the year), this iBayam set can be the perfect solution.

In terms of design, this model gives you some pretty decent characteristics, such as a well-made wooden case where your kid can tidily keep all of their art supplies with ease.

That said, this set is not only a good gift idea because of its awesome box!

Also, it comes with all sorts of cool coloring and drawing utensils that a child can use to make cool drawings or color in pages of a coloring book, for example.

These are some of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Awesome Safety Features

When it comes to how safe it is to use, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry too much about this kit because it comes with the ASTM D4236 standard dedicated to evaluating the safety of art-related products and utensils.

All the components of this set, the box included, are 100% safe to use, as all the crayons, coloring pencils, paintbrushes, and the decorative box itself are made out of non-toxic materials.

So, if you plan to buy this set and gift it to your kid or a cousin, you can rest assured that they won’t experience potentially harmful side effects when using the utensils from this box.

Attractive Case

The first thing that you can notice about this set would certainly be the awesome wooden box that it comes in.

This case was made in such a way that when you open it, you gain full access to all of the pieces of the set – without having to move anything out of the way.

Thanks to this feature, your kid can concentrate on the painting or coloring task at hand while having quick and easy access to the color pencil sharpener, the drawing pad, or to a couple of pages from the coloring book that comes with this set!

A Variety of Fun Utensils

… including 24 watercolor cakes, 60 crayons, 24 color pencils, 24 oil pastels, an eraser, a sharpener, as well as many other pieces of the kit that your kid can make good use of.

The variety that this set gives an artist means that they can make all kinds of awesome drawings.

Also, in case the primary purpose of buying this set for your kid is to be able to pick and choose the art style for coloring in some coloring book pages, the great news is that set will likely have whatever it is that the kid desires. (Including the coloring pages themselves!)


  • Comes with two big sketchbooks
  • Features a high-quality wooden case
  • 60 crayons
  • 24 oil pastels
  • 24 color pencils
  • 2 drawings pads and 1 coloring book
  • 24 water cakes (for watercolors)


  • Some users disliked the design of the case for this set

3. SUNSAIL – 208-Piece Art Set for Kids

In case you want to buy a high-quality art set for kids, but the recipient of this gift is a girl, this set from SUNSAIL can be a great option because it comes in two different colors – pink and dark pink.

Other than the bright and happy colors of the set case, this set also has other positive features, such as the number of items. With 208 different pieces, you can rest assured that whoever uses this set will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to drawing, doodling, or coloring either their drawings or a page out of a coloring book.

These are some of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Made Out of Non-Toxic Materials

Representing the most important feature of a coloring utensil set made for kids, this SUNSAIL set is made entirely out of non-toxic materials – from the case to the individual pieces.

So, if you like this model’s design but you’re concerned that it may not be safe for use, you can rest assured that you don’t need to worry about that whatsoever.

Thanks to the ASTM D4236 standard compliancy, this set can be used perfectly safely as it contains zero potentially toxic or otherwise dangerous materials.

Sturdy Handle

… makes carrying this set a piece of cake, even for kids.

The thing is, while this set is quite large since the items in it are not that heavy, it can be easily carried by a child.

So, if you plan to get a set such as this for your child, you won’t have to worry about getting a suitable carrying case, too, thanks to the handle already inbuilt into the design of this set!

Collapsible Easel

Just as is the case with the set models we described above, this contraption also comes with its collapsible easel.

The great thing about this easel is that it can be easily used by simply propping it up against the frame of the set case itself.

Then, you can use clips to attach a piece of paper on it, so you can draw or color in between the lines, in case you want to color in the details in a coloring book drawing!


  • High-quality set pieces (crayons, pastels, markers, color pencils, and other items)
  • Pens have a comfortable grip
  • Made out of high-quality, non-toxic materials
  • Water-soluble design
  • Attractive design (comes in pink and dark pink)
  • Comfortable handle for easy carrying


  • Some users may not like the color of this set case

4. VigorFun – 108-Piece Wooden Art Set

If you’re looking for an art set that comes complete with an easel, oil pastels, colored pencils, as well as several other bells and whistles that can help your kid make awesome pieces of artwork relatively easily, this set from VigorFun can be just the thing for you.

The great thing about this set would certainly be the versatility.

So, whether your kid likes doodling, drawing, or using crayons to color in a couple of pages from a coloring book, this thing will provide everything needed to make that happen.

What’s more, if you want to teach your kid a more advanced painting technique such as using watercolors, this set comes with 12 watercolor cakes, too!

Here are some of the most important parameters of this model in more detail:

Cool Looking Wooden Case

… represents an important part of this set, as it helps you keep all of your drawing and coloring tools in one place.

What’s more, the case itself is sturdy and durable, so you can rest assured that the art supplies you keep in it will be safe and sound for you to carry wherever you go.

On the other hand, when it comes to transporting this thing, you don’t need any additional bags or other stuff as you can pick this thing up by its handle and carry it around with you wherever you want with ease!

A Sturdy Easel

… that your kid can use to support the paper they are drawing on represents a great addition to this set, as you won’t have to worry about getting your kid an additional easel that they would have to use whenever they want to draw, paint, or color something.

Like the rest of this art set case, the easel itself is made out of wood, which will give your kid a sturdy surface to draw on.

As far as securing the paper to this wooden surface is concerned, this is a piece of cake to do.

You or your kid needs to take the piece of paper they want to color or draw on, place it against the easel, and then use the clamps that come as a part of this set to secure the whole thing in place.

Once you’ve done that, you can rest assured that the paper isn’t going anywhere and that your child can draw on it to its heart’s content without worrying that the drawing will get ruined in case the paper slips suddenly.

Great Gift Idea

If you want to buy your kid or a cousin maybe a gift that they will certainly love and that they can use to get better at drawing and learn how to paint and use watercolors – this art set can be just the thing for your kids.

The great thing about this set is that it doesn’t require any previous art knowledge to use, and it comes with everything necessary to use it as soon as you’ve opened the wooden case with all the supplies and utensils in it – including 20 blank sheets of paper!


  • Art set containing 108 pieces
  • Travel-ready wooden case
  • Eco-friendly design
  • All utensils and the case made out of non-toxic materials
  • Features a drawing easel
  • Carrying handle
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Comes with 20 sheets of blank paper


  • Some users may not like the design of this unit

5. Crayola – Ultimate Art Case with Easel

Representing a simple art set that comes in a sturdy box and that your kids can use to their heart’s content to make awesome art projects, this Crayola set can be just the perfect gift option for a parent who wants to equip their kid with an art kit that can help them develop their talents in a major way!

This set is notably smaller than some of the other sets you’ve seen on this list so that it could be better suited for toddlers and younger children.

Of course, while this set doesn’t feature as many utensils as some of the other sets on this list, the items that are included in it will be enough to allow your kid to express their creativity and learn how to use some of these art tools and supplies.

Here are some more details about this set:

Portable Design

This shouldn’t represent that much of a problem, even for a small kid, in terms of carrying this thing around.

Thanks to the design of this thing, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about having to buy an additional bag for helping your kid carry this set, as it comes with a handle that is a part of the build the plastic case itself.

Speaking of the inside of this case, it’s split into several different categories, each corresponding to an item or a set of items. So, you can always keep all of the utensils of this set tidily in this case.

Also, the convenient thing about this design is that you will always know if a piece in the set is missing because the slot will be either empty or underfilled.

Tabletop Easel Included

When using the supplies from this easel to draw something, you can use the case itself as the surface.

Since the design of the outside of the case is such that there is an indentation where you can fit the papers that come with this set into perfectly, you won’t need to worry that much about the art design for this thing; you can prop this part of the case with the markers to tilt it at an approximately 45° angle, so you can access the paper more easily and produce awesome art.

While this surface is no real easel, for the format 5×7-inch colored paper that you get as a part of this set, you can rest assured that this won’t be a problem any longer.

Comes with Glue & Scissors

If you buy your kid this art set, they won’t be limited to just using colored pencils, crayons, and other materials.

Thanks to the fact that the folks at Crayola included colored paper, a pair of scissors, and a small bottle of glue to this set, you (or, rather, your child) will be able to make advanced collage pieces of art that require cutting and gluing paper.

Of course, to ensure maximum safety for your child, the designers at Crayola included a pair of safety scissors built with reinforced plastic around the blade.


  • Made out of non-toxic materials
  • Features a tabletop easel
  • Portable design thanks to the built-in handle
  • Features 12 color pencils
  • Red storage case (comes in other colors, too)
  • Scissors + washable glue combo for collage art projects
  • 5×7-inches colored paper


  • This set doesn’t come with as many pieces as some other sets on this list

6. iBayam – Art Kit 222-Pack Drawing Kits Art Supplies

As our penultimate entry, at number 6, we’ve got a contraption that you can use for a wide variety of uses – from drawing and painting to coloring in some coloring book drawings.

This kit is made out of entirely non-toxic materials, so you can rest assured that your kids can use this thing without you having to worry they’ll suffer from some allergic reaction to some of the pieces of this set.

Convenience-wise, this iBayam set represents a model that comes with its easel, so you won’t have to worry about your kid having to carry a separate easel-like contraption to school every time it has an art class.

Here are some of the most important parameters of this model in more detail:

Folded Easel

As we mentioned in the introduction to this article, this model comes with an easel that you can pop up whenever you feel like it.

So, when it comes to using the utensils from this set to draw, all your kid needs to do is unfurl the easel that’s inbuilt in the case of this art set, set it up so that paper can be clipped to it, and then, well, clip a piece of paper on it and start drawing and painting!

The great thing about this simple addition is that it removes the necessity for your kid to carry with them an additional easel-like contraption to be able to prop up the papers they want to draw on at all times.

A Large Supply of Art Utensils

One of the best things about this art set would be the sheer number of different drawing and painting utensils you get from it.

For example, some of the art supplies that you will be able to use if you decide to go for this set would include 48 oil pastels, 47 paper clips, 4 larger clips (for sticking the paper onto the easel behind it), 24 color pencils, as well as 10 blank papers (A4 format), as well as additional supplies such as pencil sharpeners, a drawing pad, a ruler, an eraser, and a couple of other useful thingies.

Of course, all of this comes in a special black case with three Velcro patches for keeping this thing together when closed. There is also an inbuilt easel in its middle, which we mentioned already in the bullet point above.

High Safety Standards

… that this set adheres to is here to ensure that you won’t have to worry that much about how safe the utensils in this set are for a wide variety of purposes.

So, you can rest assured that all the pencils, markers, palettes, sketch pencils, as well as all the other supplies + the case itself are all made out of 100% non-toxic materials, as this set carries the important safety standard marking of ASTM D4236. This specialized standard was developed for evaluating how safe different art supplies are.


  • Comes with a sketch pad and a coloring book
  • Features 18 watercolor cakes
  • Follows the ASTM D4236 art supplies safety standards
  • 222 different pieces
  • Inbuilt easel
  • Includes 47 paper clips
  • The case features a Velcro closing mechanism as well as a carrying handle


  • Some users may find that this art kit is too large for their liking

7. Crayola – Super Art Coloring Kit

Coming from the world-renown brand called Crayola, this super art coloring kit can be just the thing you were looking for.

What makes this set different from the other entries on this list is that this one comes in a sort of a tub rather than a case. (The similar kind of container that LEGOs come in, for example.)

Here are some of the most important parameters of this model in more detail:

Large Tub

… makes it possible to pack all kinds of exciting and cool color crayons, pencils, and other art supplies in just one place.

Now, in terms of size, this thing is considerably larger than some of the other art cases and supplies you may have seen around, so you may want to pay attention to this in case you plan to buy this thing for your kids who are still toddlers and perhaps would not be strong enough to carry this thing on their own.

That said, if this is not the case and your kids can easily pick this tub up and carry it with them, we cannot recommend it enough since it gives you more than enough options to work with!

Colored Papers & Coloring Book Pages

… represent a valuable asset that comes as a part of this art set.

The great thing about these is that your kids can start drawing immediately after opening this package, so you won’t have to buy any additional art supplies – at least until they don’t use up the stuff that comes in this tub.

In case your kid is not in the mood for creating new art, what it can do is use some of the pages of the coloring book and start honing its coloring skills from an early age!

Over 100 Different Pieces

This tub from Crayola contains more than 100 different pieces of art utensils and supplies, so you can rest assured that your kid will be able to try its hand in various forms of art – from crayon drawings to colored chalk pieces and even glitter crayon drawings.

Add to that the multi-colored construction paper, and you will be able to see how this set can give you all you need to help your kid make super-cool drawings – by only using the supplies from this art box for kids.  

Of course, if you want, you can always add more supplies to your kid’s art tool collection, so to speak, but even if you don’t buy anything else than this set, chances are – your kids will have enough art supplies to go around for months. (Well, depending on how they would use them.


  • Perfect gift for kids
  • Comes with a reusable storage tub
  • This set contains over 100 pieces
  • Features a washable glue stick
  • Made out of 100% non-toxic materials
  • 30 sheets of high-quality construction paper


  • This art supply tub may not be the best solution for toddlers and kids under 5 (because it would be too clunky and heavy to carry around)

Best Art Kits for Kids Buyer’s Guide

art accessories on artist table


When it comes to the size of the set, it’s all about how old your kids are and if you know what their preferred art utensils are.

The thing is, if you already know what your kid likes to have in an art set, you can concentrate on ‘burrowing further that vein.’

For example, if your child likes watercolors, you can get them a set that comes with a wide variety of different watercolor cakes so that they can learn how to paint even better.

If not, you can make the box as diverse as possible so that the kid can find their favorite art utensils through trial and error!

Last but not least, a rule of thumb would be – the older the kid, the larger the set. This is both so they can have more fun using it and make carrying it around possible.


When it comes to buying anything for kids (well, for adults also, but especially for kids), what you have to pay attention to is that the thing is safe to use.

Typically, you can find an elaborate description of the safety standard for most of the best art kits for kids that you may be considering buying in its online listing.

Now, as far as art supplies are concerned, what you’re looking out for is the ASTM D4236 standard, which means that the art supplies that fall into the quality requirements for this standard do not feature any potentially non-toxic materials.

Additional Art Supplies

Other than looking into the major art utensils and supplies in the set you’re buying for your kids (such as colored pencils, crayons, and watercolor cakes), one other thing that you may need to take into consideration would be some additional supplies, including rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and some other tools, too.

Also, you may want to check if the package you’re looking into buying also comes with colored papers, sheets of construction paper, or coloring book sheets, as these mean you won’t have to buy all of these supplies separately. (At least for the time being.)


… or tub that these supplies come from represents an important thing to look into when choosing which art set you’re considering buying.

The thing is, if we’re talking about a set that your kids can carry to school, getting an art set model that is small and comes with a carrying handle can be a great option.

On the other hand, if your kid is older and you want them to have a larger art set, then getting a set that comes in a tub filled with all kinds of supplies might be a better option.


Even though children don’t need a large and elaborate easel for artwork that professional painters do, having a mini easel certainly makes things easier when creating excellent artwork with ease.

So, if you want to help your kid make all kinds of pieces of art with ease, then buying it an art set case that comes with a collapsible easel can be a great way to resolve the problem of the kid not having a suitable surface to place the paper it’s drawing on.

How to Make an Art Box for Kids?

Making an art box for kids can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

First things first, the thing that you would have to consider would be that you need to consider if you were to build the thing yourself – in the box.

Again, if you want to go down the simple route, take a tub for LEGOs and then fill it with crayons, colored pencils, and other supplies.

Alternatively, you can make your box either out of plastic or wood.

If you want to use wood, you may want to make accurate measurements before you settle on the design, so you know how much space you will need for different compartments such as one for crayons, one for glue and scissors, the third one for colored construction paper, and so on.

As far as the supplies go, you can fill it with – it’s entirely up to you!

If you’re not sure what you should use, you can consult the section below, where we’ve listed some of the most important utensils and supplies you may want to use for this purpose, as for making the box itself (if you want to make it yourself).

Here Are a Couple of Basic Tips to Doing it:

  • Be sure to avoid sharp edges and heavy materials in your design, (sticking with light wood or plastic can be a great way to do it)
  • Divide the box into different sections,
  • Consider building in slide-out drawers,
  • You might want to add a collapsible easel,
  • Add a secure closing mechanism,
  • Consider adding a handle, so that the box can be carried easily,
  • Any other cool, non-dangerous design made out of non-toxic materials can also be added – your imagination is the only limit! (As well as using non-toxic materials, of course.)

What Should be in a Kids’ Craft Kit?

Whether it comes to the items that should be a part of craft kits for kids, there is no rule as to what you should or should not place there.

Of course, the only rule you must adhere to at all times (in case you’re assembling a set yourself) is that whatever it is that you put in the set is perfectly safe for the kids.

Now, in terms of the actual art utensils and supplies that can be a part of a kid’s art kit, you may want to pay attention that the utensils are easy to use and don’t require any special skill level to be used effectively.

Here are a couple of utensils & supply ideas that you can use as ideas whether you’re making the set yourself or you’re looking to buy one online:

  • Crayons,
  • Colored chalk pieces,
  • Colored pencils,
  • Glitter crayons,
  • Markers (of different sizes),
  • Glue,
  • Construction paper,
  • Coloring book, or some sheets out of a coloring book,
  • Watercolor brushes,
  • Watercolor cakes,
  • Oil pastels,
  • Rulers,
  • Sponges,
  • Erasers,
  • A pair of scissors or two,
  • A color palette,
  • Clean sheets of paper,
  • Pencil sharpeners,
  • Paper clips,
  • Larger clips,
  • And other useful stuff that you can think of!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is an Art Cart?

An art cart is quite simply a cart that you use to store art supplies.

The size of the cart can vary, depending on how much stuff you want to put on it. The more art supplies you have and need for a particular art task, the more space you will need to make on your art cart.

That said, if you’re making an art cart for kids, you may need to consider that kids don’t need that many art supplies and that the cart shouldn’t be so large that your kid cannot push it around comfortably.

2) Which is The Best Art for Kids?

When it comes to kids and making visual art, anything from playdough to watercolors will probably make them giddy with excitement.

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing the utensils you will buy for your kid, of course, would be that all the pieces are made out of non-toxic materials and that they come in all sorts of cool colors.

3) How Do You Make a Kit for Kids?

Making an art kit for your kids can be a simple or a complex task – depending on how much time you’re willing to dedicate to it.

If you want to make something quite special, you may want to spend some extra time making a large case where all these art utensils can be kept when not in use.

Also, as far as the utensils themselves are concerned, you have to pick the art tools and props made out of safe materials and ensure that there are no sharp edges on the case.

4) How Can I Make Arts and Crafts?

Making craft kits for kids at home requires some basic art school materials, glue, scissors, markers, and other kinds of painting kits for kids and art equipment, and some patience.

The great thing about children’s craft kits is that you can make it with pretty much anything that you have available at home – whether it’s old socks, a spare plate or spoon that you don’t need, or perhaps a teapot that you think could do with a visual overhaul.

So, as long as you stick to safety rules, making arts and crafts set for kids shouldn’t be that difficult.

5) What is The Newest Craft Craze?

There are many different new art and craft crazes, but since many of them feature needlework, we will mention only the kid-friendly ones.

Making handmade pottery, for example, represents a massive thing nowadays, so if you want to make an account on Instagram where you can post all of the cool inventions you made together with your kid – pottery can be a great craft to get into.

On the other hand, some other crafts such as fashion upcycling, flower art, glass painting, and furniture upcycling can be great hobbies, too.

6) Which Craft Makes the Most Money?

Making jewelry, paintings, dolls, sculptures, wooden toys, and art that you can hang on your wall represents crafts to earn good money.

Of course, the amount you earn depends on how good you are and perhaps on your exposure to potential online and offline buyers.

Whether your kid has an upcoming art class that requires it to obtain a special art set that it can use for a wide variety of art class tasks, or you want to surprise your or someone else’s kid with an awesome Christmas present, getting them an art set can always be a good idea.

We hope that this article helped you learn more about the best art kits for kids that exist currently on the market and that you’ve managed to find the perfect one for your needs!

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