How to Choose The Best Art Eraser In 2023

An art eraser is a kind of eraser that artists generally use. They are the best erasers for artists. Art erasers are a little different from the other erasers. These are softer even though they are also made of rubber. Art erasers are called kneaded erasers or putty rubber as well. Art erasers are made of white or grey unvulcanized rubber. 

To get the best art eraser, you will have to look at a number of options to see what specifications matter the most. With a wide range of features, we propose the Best art eraser. You will realize which ones are among the best art erasers once you have gone through the list we made.

Art supplies erasers are one of the main supplies for artists. Even artists are human. They also make mistakes or need to do some modifications. As we created the list, we figured that many options can compete for the best eraser ratings. However, only one can win the race, right? The ultimate winner is the “Faber-Castell Drawing Art Erasers” in our list why is that? To find out what makes this particular eraser the winner and why the other six erasers could make it to the list, give this article a thorough read.

Our Favorite Best Art Eraser

Types of Erasers 

There are five types of erasers widely available. Depending on the rubber they are made of, these types are specialized for different purposes. So, what are those types? The types of erasers we generally see are:

Eraser Made of Rubber

The most popular form of eraser is the rubber eraser. Each #2 pencil has it at the back of it. A rubber eraser is often pink, though you will see them in a variety of colors. Rubber erasers are ideal for removing pencil marks from paper.

Gum Erasers

Gum erasers are constructing of rubber as well; however, they are softer than the typical rubber erasers. These erasers are extremely soft and break easily when they erase. Gum erasers work best on erasing graphite on paper.

Kneaded Erasers 

These erasers are extremely soft and flexible erasers that can mould. Because of this trait, they are a distinct type of eraser. They function by removing the color from the surface. As a result, kneaded erasers do not scratch the surface. Knitted erasers are widely popular among artists since they are simple to manufacture. Charcoal and graphite are erasing with kneaded erasers.

Erasers Made of Vinyl or Plastic

Vinyl erasers, sometimes known as plastic erasers, are constructing of soft vinyl. These are the roughest of erasers. These can easily rip the paper if not utilized properly. Vinyl erasers are using to remove practically any substance, including ink.


Despite the fact that erasils are made of vinyl, it is nevertheless vital to discuss them. Erasils are simply erasers in the form of a pencil. For extra-precise erasing, you can sharpen these like a pencil. Since the erasers are making of vinyl, these can cause harm to the paper if you are not careful with them.

Top 7 Best Art Eraser- Buying Guide

After thorough consideration, we have selected the seven best art erasers for drawing. These erasers are the best ones for any artist who wants to experience an uninterrupted flow of art into the canvas while working. Let us take a look at them and understand why these erasers made it to the list. 

1. Faber-Castell Drawing Art Erasers

Faber castell kneadable erasers are the excellent drawing eraser choice for artists, sketch pencils, drawing tools, and for amending and lightening pencil, pastel, and charcoal work, as we all know. These putty erasers come with a storage plastic sleeve for simple storage after use, making them ideal for cleaning slides and final drawing touch-ups. Kneaded Eraser – Grey Color – Sold in a Pack of 4. In short, the best art eraser.

Key Features

  • Kneaded Eraser, Faber castell: 

Kneaded Eraser Faber-Castell is a  must-have tool for artists and those who draw. It’s the ideal drawing eraser for artists, drawing pencils, and drawing materials. 

  • Correct your work with the pack of four:

Kneaded Erasers are selling in packs of four and are all grey. The Faber Castell Kneaded Eraser is using to lighten and fix charcoal, pencil, and pastel work. For final sketching touch-ups and slide cleaning

  • Size :

Faber castell’s Kneaded Eraser is available in a large size. As a consequence, this eraser’s productivity is great. After usage, these putty erasers come with a storage plastic sleeve for simple storage.


  • It is large in size, indicating that it will survive a long time.
  • It is quite absorbent and kneadable.


  • Despite its large size being a benefit, it can also be a drawback. Because it is so large, some artists may find it difficult to use.

2. Derwent Artist Tool Battery Run Eraser

Erasers are using for more than just removing media with precision. An eraser is a tool for artists just like a burnisher and a blender. The operating button is located on top of the eraser for right and left-handed users. It comes with eight erasers and requires two AAA batteries, making it popular among artists of all levels.

Key Features

  • Batteries:

It is a battery-operated eraser with eight erasers. 2 AAA batteries are requiring for the Derwent Artist Tool Battery Run Eraser. The batteries will not include in the set. It is preferable to use Polaroid AAA batteries with it.

  • Long-lasting and easy removal:

It is simple to take out and replace these erasers. Right and left-handed users will appreciate the top-mounted on/off button. Derwent Artist Tool Battery Run Erasers are lightweight and easy to use.

  • Precision and speed:

Precision and speed are two of the most crucial qualities of any product. The Derwent Artist Tool Battery Run Eraser is a battery-operated eraser that provides precision and speed. It’s all you’ll need to repair minor portions of work rapidly.

  • Erase with ease:

The Derwent battery-operated device can effortlessly erase even the darkest graphite, but it can also be used to clean up pencil and charcoal edges, create crisp, erased borders within tight regions, and pull out small detail highlights in graphite drawings.


  • With Derwent Artist Tool Battery Run Eraser, There isn’t any sound.
  • It functions rapidly.


  • Batteries will not include in the package. You’ll have to purchase them separately.

3. AFMAT 140 Electric Refills

After charging, the AFMAT 140 Electric Refills electric eraser can be used 600 times. Stop squandering money on batteries. Begin a journey of economic and environmental friendly erasing experience.

Key Features

  • First Rechargeable Electric Eraser

Built-in with a 600mAh Li-ion battery, the AFMAT 140 Electric Refills can be used up to 600 times after charging. Do not waste money on batteries. Start on a path to economical and environmentally friendly erasing.

  • Electric Eraser Kit with 2 Eraser Sizes

Both φ2.3mm and φ5mm erasers can be used with the AFMAT 140 Electric Refills electric eraser, which comes with two eraser holders. The larger one should be used to generate broad highlights, while the smaller ones should be used to erase fine details such as hair. Artists and professionals will love it. 1 USB cable, 40 large refills, 100 mini refills, and 1 brush are included in the electric eraser set. 

  • Most Comfortable Grip Design

This automatic eraser has a circular shape rather than a huge rectangular shape, which is more pleasant to grasp. To remove the markings, simply press the button.

  • Strong Erasing Capability

You can effectively and precisely erase specific areas because of the circular action and powerful motor. With just a little pressure, you’ll have enormous power.

  • Rechargeable Electric Eraser

We have a listing of eraser refills in our store that you may acquire to meet your needs of using the electric eraser for a long period.


  • Ideal for art studios, workplaces, residences, and schools.
  • AFMAT 140 Electric Refill also works amazing with color pencils.


  • There is no warranty on the AFMAT 140 Electric Refills.

4. June Kneaded Gold Rubber Erasers

In 2017 June, the best-kneaded eraser, Kneaded Gold Rubber Erasers, began its adventure. June Gold is the company that makes these erasers. These erasers compose high-quality rubber, allowing you to work more efficiently. Depending on your demands, June Kneaded Gold Rubber Erasers can erase or lighten anything from charcoal to graphite.

Key Features

  • A six-piece set:

June Kneaded Gold Rubber Erasers are available in a pack of six Gummy Erasers or a pack of six Gray Kneaded Rubber Erasers. June Gold is enough to keep you occupied for a long time with only one pack.

  • The transition from charcoal to graphite is a long one.

This eraser’s absorbent material eliminates and softens pastel, colored pencils, chalk, charcoal, and graphite. Everything will work with whichever color or pencil you use for your drawings.

  • Smoothen, highlight, or blend:

June Kneaded Gold Rubber Erasers are useful for highlighting, shading, blending, correcting, smoothing, and brightening sketches and drawings. These kneaded ones are the finest at letting you softly erase lines while keeping them visible for comparison, but they are not so black that they show through watercolor paint. It is all in one.

  • Easy to clean and comfortable size: 

To clean the erasers, merely knead them between your fingers. Each eraser’s dimension is 4 x 3 x 0.7 centimeters, but it may be molded to any shape and will not leave any rubber residue.


  • The total weight for six erasers is only about 3 ounces. Being so lightweight, it is easier for artists to work. 
  • Removes graphite easily. 


  • It might become a little hard to work with when the eraser gets old.

5. Drawing Art Erasers by Outus

This set of drawing art erasers is made of high-quality materials that are safe and easy to erase but not easy to wipe away and can help you tackle any erasing work, keeping your drawings, sketches. Art appears clean and fresh by minimizing smudges, lines, and errors.

Key Features

  • Comes in a set: 

You will receive ten pieces of drawing art erasers of four various types, including two pencil erasers, two greys kneaded erasers, two white foam erasers, and four multi-shape pencil painting erasers.

  • Kneaded eraser: 

These kneaded erasers are kneadable and moldable and come in a grey hue with good adherence and absorption. They are great for amending and lightening pencil, pastel, and charcoal work, as we all know, cleaning slides and final drawing touch up.

  • Erasers with several shapes:

The multi-shape pencil painting erasers come in four various cube shapes that fit comfortably in your hand; the corners are good for eliminating details, while the flat surface is good for clearing away lines, streaks, and other unwanted marks; the spiral shape of this drawing erasers has a concavity.

  • Erasers for pencils and erasers for foam:

The 4B erasers are thick and robust, with the right amount of hardness, and they wipe softly, making them great for drawing and painting. The foam erasers are composed of TPR material with microscopic holes inside, improving cleaning efficiency and making them easy to erase with light pressure.


  • Comes in a versatile set
  • Different erasers from this set work best for erasing different art mistakes.


  • Cleaning might take some time.

6. Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers

The Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers-73030 dual-purpose eraser from Prismacolor is great for cleaning up dry media and erasing any undesired smudges or streaks on your current creation. The fine dry powder absorbs the graphite and grime, which cleans the drawing surface. The block shape allows for variable erasing area widths.

Key Features

  • Dual-purpose

You may clean your art and modify the shades with Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers-73030. This two-in-one eraser is great for cleaning up dry media and removing any undesired smudges or smears from your present creation.

  • Graphite that is free of contaminants

Professional artists rate Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers-73030 as one of the best erasers. It absorbs the dirt and the region, then produces the startling outcome of erasing the entire existence of the part you intended to remove. The fine dry powder cleans the drawing surface by absorbing graphite and debris.

  • Block-shaped

A block-shaped eraser from Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers-73030. Its block shape enables various erasing area widths, so you don’t have to worry about deleting more than you intended. Furthermore, the block forms provide more coverage by erasing more than erasers of various shapes. 

  • The best pencil eraser for artists

Because they are composing of natural rubber, Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers-73030 is the finest pencil eraser for artists. The natural rubber bends and softens the eraser, making it gentle on the paper.


  • The Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers-73030 is an art gum eraser, which means it is made of natural gum.
  • It is incredibly soft.


  • Because Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers-73030 are natural erasers, they don’t last long.

7. Artist Gum Eraser

Artist Gum Eraser-136EBP is an artist pencil eraser manufacture by General Pencil Company. It is made in the USA. This eraser is made of natural gum. Its old rusty smell will bring you back to the childhood of the 1970s old kindergarten. It is super soft and will not caress your paper because it is made of natural rubber and will not caress it.  

Key Features

  • The old-fashioned gum eraser

Natural gum is using to make the Artist Gum Eraser-136EBP. As a result, it contains all of the benefits of natural rubber. When you think of classic gum erasers, this is what comes to mind.

  • Smudges are removed.

Smudges and pencil lines can be removed from various surfaces using the Artist Gum Eraser-136EBP. It has no effect on the paper and does not destroy it. The gentle touch protects your drawing while erasing flawlessly.

  • Color is removed.

The Artist Gum Eraser-136EBP erases colored pencil strokes in the same way that normal rubbers erase graphite. There aren’t many erasers that can do that. You can either lighten the texture or completely delete it. It accomplishes both tasks flawlessly. 


  • It is the best art eraser for drawing because of the natural gum.
  • Easy to use


  • Will not be usable for a very long time like the mixed rubbers do.

Best Art Eraser Buying Guide

erasing mistake word on paper

Erasers come in various materials and shapes and are generally designed with a specific aim. The most common usage of erasers is to eliminate the marks left behind on paper by graphite pencils. However, this is far from the only use for them. 

To ensure their functionality and convenience of use, many types of erasers are available in various sizes and forms. Read on for crucial information to think about before purchasing the best art eraser for your artistic endeavors and DIY projects.


Any eraser has a single purpose: to remove marks from paper and other surfaces. However, the composition of those markings varies greatly depending on the writing/drawing devices used to create them. 

Graphite pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal sticks create different marks that demand different erasers to erase cleanly. Return to the types of eraser section at the beginning of the article to learn more about them.

Dimensions and Form

The rectangular prism shape is found on several erasers. These are rectangular blocks with right-angle corners for erasing traces in tiny places and flat sides for erasing marks in wider areas. 

These rectangular-block erasers come in both large and small sizes, with small erasers measuring roughly 2.25 by 1 by 0.4 inches and larger erasers measuring 2.5 by 7 by 0.5 inches. For blending, eliminating lines, and cleaning up the edges of their artwork, artists can shape soft and supple kneaded erasers as desired. 

Sleeves and Cases for Erasers

Eraser covers and cases keep erasers safe and ready to use for a long time. Sliding sleeves are available on several plastics, polymer, and vinyl options. Users can slide the sleeves to reveal clean, unused areas as the erasers wear down over time. On the other hand, the sleeves protect the erasers from damage, dirt, and smudges.

Users should not unwrap or remove the sleeves of newly acquired erasers until they are ready to use them to ensure that they last as long as possible. Kneaded erasers are widely using by artists. They come in plastic storage boxes and are made of extra-soft synthetic rubber. These protective covers keep the erasers from drying out and becoming hard.


Individual sorts of erasers are creating by companies to remove various types of markings. Each user can choose the most appropriate type of eraser to remove markings from graphite pencils, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, or ink to make the task easier. Erasers made of vinyl, plastic, or polymer make erasing the traces on graphite pencils a breeze. These are the pencils that students, office employees, and clever DIYers use every day. 

Vinyl erasers are easy to use since they completely erase traces without leaving any dust or smudges behind. Other erasers, such as art gum and silica erasers, are more difficult to use. Erasure dust is left behind after art gum erasers crumble on the surface, which the user must whisk away.

How Does an Eraser Work? 

Let us take a look back at the history of erasers. In 1770, Edward Naime, an English engineer, invented the eraser. People used to erase pencil markings with rolled-up pieces of white bread till that time. According to legend, Naime mistakenly picked up a piece of rubber instead of bread and realized that it “rubs.” “removing pencil marks This is where the term “rubber” comes from “originates. 

Have you ever wondered how rubber can erase graphite, charcoal, or pastel? The science behind it is very simple, yet hard to crack the code. Erasers work using friction. Now, how does it actually work?

The Science Behind it

The abrasives of an eraser gently scratch the surface fibers of the paper to dislodge the graphite particles when you rub it across a mark. The eraser’s softener’s aid prevents the ripping of the paper. The eraser’s sticky rubber captures and holds the graphite particles.


Erasers function due to friction. Right now, try rubbing your hands together. Do you notice that the longer you rub them, the warmer they become? The warmth you feel comes from the friction formed by your hands’ rough surfaces rubbing against each other.

The Final Result

Friction causes heat as the abrasives in your eraser brush against the paper, which helps the rubber become sticky enough to cling onto the graphite particles. I bet you never saw that coming. The small fragments of mixed rubber and graphite are left behind as the rubber captures the graphite particles. 

When you are done erasing, that is the “stuff” you brush off your page and see all the errors washed away. VOILA! 

The way erasers work makes sense once you can see the process and understand. You do not need to be a scientist to understand this simple fraction magic. 

How to Use Kneaded Erasers

Kneaded rubber erasers, unlike typical vinyl or pink rubber erasers, are more malleable and may be stretched, molded, and crushed. Graphite, charcoal, pastel, and chalk can all be removed and highlighted with these very entertaining erasers.

They can even be used for entertainment, like sculpting and manufacturing bouncy balls. Despite the fact that a few bounces on the floor will pick up enough dirt to make you grimace!

Remove the Kneaded Eraser From the Package

A kneaded eraser usually comes wrapped in a thin plastic wrapper, which you must remove before using it. Some plastic wrap will adhere to the eraser from time to time, and if this happens, you do not need to remove it carefully.

To Stretch Them, Pull Them on Both Sides

It will be in a rectangle shape, and you will need to stretch it by pulling on both sides. Then, to make it one piece again, compress it. It is necessary for the eraser to have a sticking quality so that it will easily stick when crushed.

Pull it on both sides again, then repeat the process until the eraser is relatively soft.

Kneaded Eraser Is Now Available

It should start out as a firm solid, but it will feel pliable and rubbery after a few seconds of kneading with your hands. In addition, it is ready to use. 

Pointy, Flat, and Thin Putty Eraser

To achieve your desired result, you must mold the eraser in various ways. Thin out your eraser if you want some sharp textures, such as hair or edges. Make your eraser pointed if you want to do skin textures that expose pores. Make the texture flat and tap it on your drawing if you want a bushy texture.

Apply Pressure

Depending on the texture value you wish to achieve, you’ll need to apply pressure. Apply little pressure if you want a dark texture and heavy pressure if you want a light texture.

How to Erase Pencil Marks Completely? 

Most artists stock up on pencils and paper to produce their paintings, but many forget to buy erasers. A high-quality eraser is an artist’s most crucial tool for eliminating accidental pencil marks or completely changing the design. 

That is why we have made a detailed guide on “How to erase pencil marks completely” These steps will completely eliminate pencil marks.

Check Out the Steps, and You Shall Succeed:

  • Check for erasure on the lines. Choose the right eraser for the job. The eraser choice is determined by the darker pencil marks and the type of paper.
  • Make use of a vinyl eraser. Their delicate texture makes them suitable for erasing light pencil marks completely.
  • A rubber-shaped eraser is a good option. For eliminating pencil marks, firmer textures are ideal. Choose one that you can connect to your pencil or one that you can buy in the form of a bar.
  • With a kneaded eraser, remove the pencil mark.
  • To remove any size mark, manipulate or knead the eraser. Make use of a pencil eraser. Rubber erasers are shaped identical to pencils as they are sufficiently versatile for removing pencil marks minus too much sweat.
  • Use an electronic eraser to remove marks. The eraser’s rotating motion produces better results than hand rubbing.
  • Corrective fluid should be used. Cover a dark spot entirely with correction fluid and write over it. The most control is provided by using a pen applicator to produce an even, smooth application.
  • Darker markings are more difficult to remove, so apply less pressure to the paper or use a softer lead for the best results. Purchase a variety of erasers to use on various types of paper and with various types of pencil lead.
  • Rubber-shaped erasers should be handled with caution because they can discolor or break your paper.


What Eraser Do Artists Use?

Artists of different genres use different erasers according to their work type. Rubber erasers, gum erasers, kneaded erasers, Erasers made of vinyl or plastic, erasisls erasers, different types of erasers are best for erasing different types of drawings. 

Is There an Eraser That Erases Everything?

Do you want to erase only the mistakes of your art or the mistakes from your past? Unfortunately, there is no eraser that can erase your past, but the good news is, Faber-Castell Drawing Art Erasers erase all kinds of mistakes in your drawing!

Is Kneaded Eraser Better?

In general, kneaded erasers are a fantastic choice for a mess-free experience. The smooth, pliable eraser removes pencil and charcoal marks from the page without disturbing watercolor or other paints. It does not shed even when rubbing is required.

How Do You Clean an Art Eraser?

If you want to clean an art eraser, Remove a blank, clean sheet of paper and wipe the eraser across it to remove any discolored areas. Continue erasing until your eraser is completely clear and you are ready to go.

Can You Wash a Kneaded Eraser?

A kneaded eraser is impossible to clean. Whatever substance you try to erase with your kneaded eraser sticks to the eraser. The eraser can only be cleaned by kneading it.

How Do You Use an Art Gum Eraser?

Gum erasers are pretty easy to use, unlike kneaded ones. Just take a gum eraser and erase whatever you want to, like any normal eraser. You can tear parts of it to erase thinner parts. 


Finding the best art eraser is not a tough job if you can figure out what kind of drawing do you find yourself doing. Once you figure out that, you can easily choose from a variety of erasers. If you are an artist who does both sketches and colored pieces, go for the ones that can erase graphite, pastel, and charcoal. There are even battery-run erasers, which are also a great option. 

In this era of appreciating art, for the best experience, choose natural gum erasers. However, if you want to go for the hybrid ones, then check out the details first and then decide. Hopefully, this article could give you all the information about the high-quality erasers along with other information like buying guide, user guide, types of erasers, and a special Q&A portion where we tried to answer the most popular questions asked.

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