Choosing the Best Art Easel 2022

Everyone can benefit from owning a foldable, easy-to-carry easel: a professional painter, a complete rookie, a casual user. Whether you like to draw and paint in nature, surrounded by chirping birds, the sounds of the trees make when a breeze is blowing through their leaves, or all cozied up in your art studio, room, or garage, one thing is important – the drawing process will be much easier if you have a sturdy easel to work with.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of products so that you can find the best art easel for your needs. Our pick would be a stylishly-designed French tabletop easel from the company called Miratuso. We like its appearance, ease of operation, as well as for its portability.

In the passages below, you will find your favorite tabletop art easels and other best easels for painting varying designs. Read on to learn more!

Our Favorite Best Art Easel

Top 7 Best Art Easel- Buying Guide

1. NIECHO – 66-Inches Easel Stand with Tray

If you’re looking for the best art easel (collapsible) that you can use for a wide variety of purposes, this model from NIECHO can be just the thing that you were looking for.

When fully extended, this thing reminds one of an insect that’s standing firmly on the ground thanks to its strong legs. On the other hand, this easel can collapse when not in use, which makes it considerably smaller, so transportation and moving this thing about can be a piece of cake.

Here are some of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Rubber Pads for Feet

When it comes to how stable this easel is, the first thing you can rely on is its sturdy legs.

When extended, these won’t be wobbly or ‘weak at the knees, so you can rest assured that they will work like a charm no matter the surface on which you place this thing.

That said, if the surface where you are in your art studio or elsewhere happens to be slippery, what you can count on would be the rubber pads that come attached to the end of the feet, so the easel gets extra stability even on a slippery surface.

So, if you plan to use your easel both indoors and outdoors, as well as on potentially unstable or slippery surfaces, getting this model with its large rubber feet can be a great idea.

Spring Clamp

… that is fixed at the top of this easel serves the purpose of keeping your easel in place, so you can rest assured that your valuable pieces of art will stay in one place throughout the sketching and painting process.

The thing is, the stability of the easel at its feet is not much use if the canvas itself can wiggle whenever you press your paint-laden brush against it.

For this reason, other than the horizontal bar, which we will talk about in a moment, this model comes with a spring-loaded clamp that you can use to secure further the canvas you’re working on.

Adjustable Horizontal Bar

… where the canvas rests plays an important role in ensuring the stability of the canvas itself.

The thing is, there are at least three parameters that contribute to the stability of the canvas on this easel – the quality of the build of the legs themselves, the horizontal bar that you can adjust for this purpose, as well as the top spring clip, which is there to provide a degree of additional security.

With these three concepts combined, keeping the easel level at all times is a piece of cake, so you won’t have to worry about your work of art becoming compromised in case you accidentally press a bit hard against the surface with your brush.

As we said, the horizontal bar is adjustable according to its height, so to speak, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to get a box to reach the canvas in case you’re shorter or that you’d have to bend your neck to see the canvas beneath you if you happen to be taller than it.


  • Elegant, black finish
  • Comes with a plastic tray where you can keep your brushes and other painting equipment
  • Made out of lightweight aluminum
  • Height-adjustable horizontal bar
  • Can use for canvases, whiteboards, chalkboards, displays, and other similar surfaces
  • Features a portable bag for easy transportation
  • Lightweight design


  • Some users may not like the design of this contraption

2. Number 1 in gadgets – Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Featuring a pretty simple design, this model from a company called Number 1 in gadgets can be a great option for a person in need of an easel that comes with two identical sides.

If you look at the design of this model, you can see that it was primarily developed for kids, as it comes with one side that is a chalkboard, and the other side corresponds to a whiteboard that you can use to draw on.

An interesting addition to this design would also be the roller with sheets of paper placed above the surface. So, if your kid wants to use this paper to draw, it can simply roll down a sheet of it and then draw on it because it’s backing to the board itself, providing it stability.

Here are some of the most important features of this model in more detail:

3-in-1 Function

The curious design choice that marks this contraption was made by the manufacturers so that your kids can use it for education, making art, or simply making a quick doodle or drawing without having to use up a sheet of paper to do it.

The chalkboard that takes up one side of this easel is thus dedicated to education, as you can write equations on it, practice the alphabet, write words, and practice other subjects.

The whiteboard can use for sketching or quick drawings that can erase immediately after.

Last but not least, the paper roll at the top of this easel serves the purpose of providing your kids a paper on which they can draw or paint so that they can take the finished piece of art, detach it from the roller and stick it on a fridge, or catalog it in their collection, or perhaps frame it and put it on the wall.

Adjustable Height

If you decide to buy this easel for your kids, the only work you’d have to do related to it would be to adjust the height.

Once you’ve taken care of that, you can rest assured that your kid will be able to use this easel with ease and without you having to intervene all the time to ensure that all the settings are right.

In terms of the height of this model, it can lower down to the floor level, so even toddlers can use it!

The great thing about this easy height adjustment is that you can adjust the height gradually as your child grows, so you won’t have to buy a new easel every couple of years!

High Quality Wood

… was used to make this easel, so you can rest assured that it will last you and your kid a long time if you take good care of it.

This sturdy wooden construction is stable and reliable enough to be used for years, so if you’re looking for an easel that you can get now and have your kid use it throughout their childhood, investing in this model can be a great idea.

In terms of the surface of the easel itself, the wooden pieces have been meticulously sanded smooth, so you won’t have to worry about your kid potentially harming themselves through a splinter, for example.


  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable legs
  • 2-sided design
  • Non-slip feet
  • 3-in-1 design (a chalkboard + an erasable whiteboard + a paper roll on the top)
  • Made out of high-quality wood
  • The wood has been sanded for smoothness and to prevent splintering
  • Comes with a little tray in between the sides where your kid can keep its art supplies and utensils


  • Some users may not like the rather simple-looking design of this easel

3. Miratuso – Tabletop Easel

Sporting a rather complex, collapsible build, this Miratuso tabletop easel can be a great option for anyone in need of an easel that they can carry with them wherever they feel like.

When folded, this thing weighs under 2 kilos (or just under 4.5 pounds), so carrying it around wouldn’t be any more of a strain than carrying a regular suitcase at your side. What’s more, it would probably be even lighter than most business suitcases!

Once you open this thing up, on the other hand, this little wooden ‘briefcase’ turns into a nifty easel that you can use to create awesome pieces of art wherever you happen to be – whether somewhere outdoors, in an art studio, or elsewhere!

Here are some of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Tabletop Design

The idea behind this easel is that you carry it around as you would a suitcase, as we already established, but when you decide it’s time to use it, you will need to place it on the table.

This is because this easel doesn’t come with ‘legs,’ so to speak, so you can only make it roughly your height if you can place it on a table.

The great thing about this design is that it can use by all age groups – from kids to teenage students, all the way to experienced adult artists.

So, if you want an easel that you can easily place on a table or a similar surface, buying this foldable wooden contraption can be an excellent investment.

Lightweight Build

Despite this thing being made mostly of wood (except for the handle and a couple of other smaller pieces), you’d be surprised how lightweight this easel is.

The great thing about this model is it’s made out of beech wood, which is well-known as a tough hardwood that requires specialized tools to work with.

On the other hand, the designers that came up with this easel also paid close attention not to make it too heavy, so they made sure that they use thin pieces of this wood so that the structure of the easel has both strength and that it isn’t too heavy to be carried around!

Features Compartments

… where you can keep the drawing and painting utensils, as well as paint tubes, as well as other supplies that you may want to use for painting and drawing.

The great thing about adding these compartments is that they help you carry your art supplies around without having to get additional bags, pouches, or backpacks!

Of course, suppose you need to use a larger number of art supplies. In that case, you will need a separate bag, but if you’re just about to do some basic sketching or drawing that doesn’t require that many tools or supplies – just the compartments that come as a part of this easel would probably be more than enough to get the help you house everything neatly.


  • Lightweight design (under 4.5 lbs)
  • Desktop easel build
  • Easy-to-carry thanks to inbuilt handle
  • Features storage compartments
  • Made out of sturdy beechwood
  • The pieces of wood are hand-sanded


  • This model does not come with legs (so, you would need to place it on some sort of table for it to be stable and to work)

4. Delta Prime Savings Club – Portable Art Easel with Storage Sketch Box

Representing possibly the most complex and the best-looking easel on this list, this Delta Prime Savings Club model can be a perfect option for a person looking to find a high-quality easel for professionals.

What makes this model so well-suited for professional artists (as well as for beginners, for the record) would be the fact that you can adjust it in several ways – whether it’s the height or the angle at which you will be drawing on the vertically-tilted surface.

If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, you will also be able to count on the easy foldability and portability of this contraption to spice things up in terms of the attractiveness of this model.

Here are a couple of other features related to this model in more detail:

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

If you’re wondering why an easel would need a shoulder strap on Earth, the answer is pretty simple – so you can carry it around easier.

The thing is, while you can pick this easel when it’s folding and carry it in your hands, the shoulder strap enables you to carry it as you would an ordinary sports bag, for example.

On the other hand, when it comes to folding this thing up once you’re done using it for the day, the deal is quite straightforward because the manufacturers made sure that all the pieces kind of ‘click’ together, so collapsing them one on top of another will be a piece of cake.

Height & Other Adjustments

When it comes to setting this easel up to perfectly match how you prefer to stand or sit while painting or sketching, you can rest assured that this model will give you more than enough options to get the best possible results at all times.

Now, the adjustments you can count on with this model would include the height and the angle at which you will be facing the easel.

You can control these two parameters by using the adjustment sliders that come with their special fastening bolts, so you can rest assured that whatever your preferred position, whether it’s standing up or sitting down, you can set this easel up; perfectly for your needs!

Made Out of High Quality Wood

To ensure that this easel has a strong frame and won’t bend under pressure or years of use, but that it also doesn’t way a ton, the manufacturers made sure to make this model out of high-quality beech wood.

While this wood would fall into the category of hardwoods, if it’s slicing thinly, so to speak, it can use to great effect for creating stable structures that are strong enough to withstand years of use without bending or showing signs of material fatigue.

Also, one other thing about this choice of wood worth mentioning would be its great appearance, which is further enhanced by delicate sanding that was done to remove any sharp edges or uneven surfaces.


  • Foldable design
  • Can use as an outdoor sketch easel
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable angle of the vertical surface
  • Made out of high-quality beech wood
  • Comes with a sliding drawer (for additional storage)
  • Durable and reliable build


  • A bit pricey

5. Ohuhu – 66-inch Artist Easel

Representing one of the least expensive easels currently on the market that can use by both professionals and total amateurs alike, this Ohuhu contraption can be just the thing for your needs!

This thing features several different adjustable parts, so no matter what your preferred height for drawing or painting happens to be, you can rest assured that this model will help you get the absolute most out of this easel – without giving you neck pain.

Here are some of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Spring Clamp

Once you’ve set your preferred height for this easel, as well as other parameters, you can place your canvas in its position and then clamp it from the top to secure it in place.

This spring-based clamp is not so strong that it will damage your canvas, but it is also fairly sturdy, which will give you the necessary stability to work on the canvas comfortably.

Also, other than preventing the canvas from moving upwards or downwards, this clamp will prevent it from sliding left and right, so as long as you don’t tip over the entire easel complete with the canvas on it, you can rest assured that your canvas will be safe and sound with this thing keeping it in place!

Lightweight Design

When it comes to the portability of this easel, carrying it around won’t be that much of a problem, thanks to the fact that it’s made out of a super lightweight material – aluminum.

As you probably know already, aluminum is a material that is well-known for its lightweight properties, so a contraption made out of aluminum will be sturdy but also fairly lightweight.

Since aluminum also doesn’t rust, this easel model can be the perfect option to take with you outdoors, as you can set this up somewhere to paint a local landscape or whatever else inspires you at the moment without worrying that the outdoor humidity will ruin your easel and eat away at its structural integrity.

Adjustable Legs

Another feature of this easel that recommends it for outdoor use would certainly be the adjustable legs that come with it.

The thing is, if you do decide to paint your work of art outdoors, you will probably not be able to find an even ground to be on that easily.

That said, thanks to its design, were the manufacturers of this contraption make sure that each leg’s height can adjust separately, this model will work like a charm in setting it up on uneven terrain!

So, whether you want to paint in the local park or perhaps somewhere in the local mountains, this model will help you ‘find your footing’ with ease.


  • Easily adjustable height
  • Adjustable leg height (each of the three legs can adjust individually)
  • Lightweight build (made out of aluminum)
  • Spring-loaded clamp
  • Adjustable canvas bar
  • Perfect for outdoor painting
  • Comes with a nylon carrying bag


  • Some users may not like the design of this easel

6. Hape – Award-Winning All-in-One Wooden Art Easel

Featuring a simple, kid-friendly design, this art easel from Hape represents a structure that you can use to support your future works of art with ease and without worrying if the thing will be stable enough for you to rely on it at all times.

The manufacturers managed to incorporate quite a lot of different features in this rather simple-looking easel, so whether you fancy buying this thing for your kids or you want to buy it for yourself because you need an awesome easel to work with, this model can be just the thing you’re looking for.

Here are a couple of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Double Sided Design

In terms of how useful this thing can be in terms of the different things you can do with it, the fact that it comes with two surfaces instead of one where you can place your canvas means that two people can use this thing at the same time! 

Of course, you don’t have to have a partner to use this with obligatorily, but if you do, chances are – this thing will certainly be sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of two people touching it with a brush at the same time. 

For the record, the two sides that we are talking about are a chalk-board and then a whiteboard, so you or your kid can use it to either draw something on a whiteboard or even for home-schooling, where the chalk can use for teaching and practicing writing new letters and words, for example!

Other than these two, there’s also a roll of paper on top of this thing that you can use to draw on in case you’re not in the mood for whipping out your canvas just yet. 

Also, this roll design can be a perfect thing for kids.

Three Paint Pots

Although a professional artist may need more than three pots for storing their art supplies, the three plastic cups of different colors can be just enough for kids to use! 

Of course, there is no limit to how you can use these holders, so if you like to keep some water in them to clean your brushes while painting – you can. 

If, on the other hand, you want to keep the brushes themselves here, nothing’s stopping you from doing so, either! 

Colorful Design

Other than its sturdy build and adjustable height, this model also features a colorful design which makes it a potentially perfect candidate to use as an easel for kids.

Add to that the fact that it comes with both a chalkboard and a whiteboard + a paper roll that your kids can use for making permanent works of art, and you can see why this model can be a gift for a child.


  • Made out of high-quality wood
  • Colorful design (perfect for kids)
  • Adjustable height
  • 3-in-1 design (a chalkboard + a whiteboard + a paper roll on top of it all)
  • This deal includes three paint pots


  • This design seems to direct to kids (adults may not like it as much)

7. STARHOO – Easel for Painting Canvas

A tough, sturdy build that gives your canvas some height and stability, but which can also fold to the dimensions of a bulkier umbrella, this STARHOO easel can be the perfect solution for an artist looking for an easel to take with them outdoors.

The material this is making out of is aluminum, so carrying it around parks, hiking trails, and other outdoor venues will be a piece of cake.

Here are a couple of the most important features of this model in more detail:

Aluminum Frame

To make this easel both lightweight and durable, and sturdy at the same time, the folks at STARHOO made sure to use high-quality aluminum to build this unit. 

The legs on the frame of this unit are quite thin and can easily extend, so you can use this easel at a height and position that suits your needs the best.

Since the height of each leg can set independently of the other two, you can set them differently to accommodate for the differences in terrain, for example – in case you want to take your easel outdoors to paint there.

Non Slip Feet

Even though this model lends itself beautifully to being used outdoors, you can also put this thing to good use indoors, or generally, in areas where the surface is polished or slippery – such as in some art studios, for example.

The thing is, thanks to the non-slip feet that come attached to this model’s legs, you can rest assured that this easel won’t be sliding around the studio you’re in.

So, whether you plan to paint in nature, surrounded by trees and rocks, or somewhere indoors but where the surface can be quite slippery, getting this easel model can be the perfect solution!

Comes with a Bag

… that you can use to carry this easel around. (But only when it’s folded, of course.)

Adding this bag to this model also represents a way for the manufacturers to suggest that this easel is predominantly intended to be used as an outdoor easel since carrying it around is so easy.

At the same time, if you happen to own an art studio and commute there every day, you can rest assured that you would be able to use this easel for this purpose, too!


  • Can use as a tabletop easel or when placed on the floor
  • Security clip
  • Comes with a high-quality spring clip
  • Non-slip feet
  • Portable bag
  • Lightweight aluminum build
  • Adjustable legs (each leg can adjust individually)
  • Simple assembly


  • Some users may not like the visual style of this model

Best Art Easel Buyer’s Guide

art easel with flower pot


One of the details you may want to pay attention to when looking for the best art easel for your needs would certainly be if the easel you’re considering buying comes with some non-slip feet.

The thing is, if you have an art studio with a tile floor, having an easel that features some rubber feet will provide you with more stability.

Adjustable Height

Representing one of the most important features of an easel, the level at which you can adjust the height of the legs plays a major role in how well you can position the easel in various environments.

For example, if you’re planning on painting somewhere outdoors, it’s always useful to have an easel that can help you adjust each of the legs separately to the sort of height that you would find the best suited.

On the other hand, it’s also important to find a model that allows you to adjust the bar on which the canvas itself is supposed to rest so you don’t strain your neck from either looking down or up too much.

3-in-1 Design

Some easels feature a special build where they give you three times the functionality of a single easel – sort of.

The idea behind this is that the easel can be used on both sides instead of just one. For this reason, such easels have four legs instead of just three.

With these designs, the idea is that one side features a chalkboard and the other a whiteboard. On top of it all, there is a roll of paper that’s at the top of the easel, so you can roll it down onto the drawing surface, where you can use it to draw against easily.

Such easel models are typically best suited for kids, as they can use the chalkboard for studying and the top paper roll for making art!

Sliding Drawer

This feature is not present with the vast majority of easels currently on the market, but it can be quite useful to have – especially if you pack light when going painting to the local park, for example.

The thing is, if your easel comes with one of these sliding drawers, you can place all of your supplies in this drawer, which means that you won’t have to carry another bag for this purpose.

So, while having an easel with a sliding drawer is not an absolute must, it can be useful – especially if you don’t carry a lot of brushes, paint, and other painting equipment with you in the first place. 


Easels are typically made out of lightweight materials, so they can be easy to transport as well as carry around in your hands.

The thing is, if you can take an easel with you to the local park along with your canvas and all the paint tubes and other necessary equipment without getting a hernia once you do get there, then that easel is pretty good.

Generally speaking, easels are made either out of plastic, wood, or aluminum, so you have these three materials to choose between when it comes to buying a brand-new easel online.

How to Make an Art Easel?

While easels are not necessarily the most complex tools out there, making one from scratch still requires you to take your time and, more importantly – measure everything to the smallest part and detail so you don’t waste material.

In the passages below, we will explain how you can make an art easel out of wood.

Depending on how large you want this easel to be, you will need to use different sizes of the planks themselves, but other than that, the design for most easels should be fairly straightforward.

Here Are The Basic Steps to Making a Wooden Easel:

  • Obtain approximately 25 feet worth of wooden planks, split into three equal pieces,
  • Cut them up in five different pieces – 2 long pieces for the legs (5.9 inches) 1 piece of the back leg (4.9 inches), 1 crosspiece (27 inches), and the final crosspiece (9.1 inches long)
  • Fashion the two longest boards and the larger cross piece into an A letter shape,
  • (Use screws rather than nails to secure the pieces together),
  • (If you have a power drill, this will make the job much easier),
  • Add the smallest cross piece at the top of the structure but on the opposite side of the larger crossbar below,
  • To the newly attached smaller top bar, attach a hinge (you will have to buy that separately) and then attach the longer leg to it,
  • Drill a hole through the center of the longer crossbar and the back leg, so you can connect them with a rope for extra security (as you would a ladder, for example),
  • Drill smaller dowel holes on both legs of the easel, so you can adjust the height of the easel’s supporting bar more easily,
  • Once you’ve completed the easel, you can check if it’s standing firmly on its three legs and set up the height to your liking!

How to Set Up an Art Easel?

Setting up an art easel is not that difficult, but it still represents an important part of preparing yourself for producing a high-quality work of art.

Below, we’re going to explain in rough strokes, so to speak, how to approach setting up a standard A-shaped upright easel:

  • If the easel was folded, unfold it by unwinding the tightening bolts for its legs and pulling out the legs to the desired height,
  • In case your easel comes with another set of bolts, you may need to unwind these too, so you can get the legs to extend to their full length,
  • Once you’ve figured out the desired length, tighten the bolts you just unfastened to keep the structure sturdy and secure,
  • Set the height of the holding bar on which the canvas will rest,
  • If your easel features a top clamp, use it to further secure the canvas in place,
  • Tilt the canvas-supporting surface, so you can work at an angle that you find comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is The Best Easel for Drawing?

This depends on what kind of features you expect to find in an easel.

For example, if being able to use it outdoors with ease is a major factor for you, so to speak, then a model with adjustable legs where each leg can be adjusted separately would be necessary to make that happen.

For example, a model such as the NIECHO easel we described as product number 1 on this list could be a decent choice for outdoor use thanks to its lightweight build and easy individual leg height adjustments.

2) How Do I Choose an Artist’s Easel?

When it comes to choosing the artist’s easel, ask yourself whether you want a tabletop one or a model that can ‘stand’ on its own – whether indoors or outdoors.

The second question can be something like ‘What’s the material used for the build?’, or ‘how easy to carry is this easel?’, in case you have to commute to your art studio or elsewhere.

3) Is it Worth Buying an Easel?

If you only plan on painting one piece of art a month, or whenever you feel like it but generally not that often, then the answer would probably be ‘no.’

That said, if you feel like drawing, sketching, writing, or painting a couple of times a week, then buying an easel is an absolute must.

Since easels are not that expensive nowadays, even if you get a relatively inexpensive model, you can rest assured that this will give you the necessary support and structure to get what you want more easily.

4) What is The Best Table Easel?

In the world of easels, tabletop models are typically smaller than their full-height counterparts – though both types are typically made to be easily foldable.

A good example of a well-made tabletop easel would be a model coming from Miratuso. This easel can represent the perfect option for all sorts of uses – whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist in need of a professional easel.

5) What is a Convertible Easel?

As you probably already know by now, there are two major types of easels – tabletop and upright ones that stand on their legs.

A convertible easel would be a complex model that you can use as either a tabletop model or as an upright one – depending on your needs and the environment you’re in.

So, if you want to paint outdoors, you can use its legs to place this thing somewhere in a park, for example.

On the other hand, if you want to use this easel in your art studio, you can place this thing on the tablet and use it that way. (Spares you the expense of having to buy a separate model just for this purpose.)

6) How Much Does an Art Easel Cost?

Easels come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and they are made out of all kinds of materials.

As far as the cost itself is concerned, the lower price range starts at $15, and the higher end of the range; can reach as much as $200.

Also, some easels are way more expensive than that, but the price range we described above relates to the price range of commercial models that you can find online and on the list of products we made above.

Whether you’re a professional artist who wants to obtain one of the professional artist easels currently on the market that can stabilize your drawing and painting efforts, or an utter rookie with a need of a tilted vertical surface that they can place on their table to immediately achieve the best possible effect, getting the best art easel for your needs can be a great option.

We hope you found the best art easel for your needs, and we wish you plenty of success in your artistic ventures.

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