Best Art Brushes for Artist In the Market 2022

Art brushes are magic wands for every artist. Because they make all the magic on canvas. You will be fascinated to see how much an artist can accomplish with an art brush. You can be a beginner- making your way through, or you can be a pro artist either way- you deserve the best art brushes. 

Art brushes come in different sizes, types, and price points. There are thousands of art brushes in the market. You might find it challenging to choose the perfect one, especially if you- are a beginner. I will show you the process of finding the perfect match for you. When you are set to purchase an art brush, decide what type of brush you need. Then look at their bristles, ferrule, crimp, and handle. 

With all the exciting and superior features, Mont Marte Paint Brushes Set is the best one available out there. It comes with 15 different types and sizes of brushes. This superior-quality professional art set is perfect for professional artists- as well as for beginners.

Our Favorite Best Art Brushes

Comparison Table 

NameTotal CountBrush ColorBristle MaterialMedium
Mont Marte Brushes Set15BlackTalkon HairWatercolor, Acrylic, Oil-based
Jerry Q Art 12 Pcs Paint Brushes12GoldenSynthetic HairWatercolor, Acrylic, Oil-based
SNOW COOLER Art Paint Brushes Set18WhiteNylonAcrylic
Transon Art Painting Brush Assorted Set12BlackSynthetic TaklonAcrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Oil-based
Winstonia Striping Nail Art Brushes3BlackNylonNail Polish, Watercolor, Nail Polish Remover
Teenitor Nail Art Brushes36PinkSyntheticNail Polish, Watercolor, Nail Polish Remover
Jerry Q Art  Artist Paint Brush Set24GoldenSynthetic HairWatercolor, Acrylic, Oil-based

Top 7 Best Art Brushes: How to Choose

1. Mont Marte Brushes Set

Monte Marte is a popular name among artists for its high-quality art supplies; they make one of the best art brushes that you can find in the market. This 15-pieces art paintbrush set is a pretty good introduction to professional-level art brushes. 

This brush set comes with double shade Taklon bristles and are suitable for acrylics and watercolors. Its soft filaments allow artists to create a fluid finish and even strokes. 



This Monte Marte set comes with- extremely versatile 15 art paintbrushes. Their size starts from 2/0 and ends at 12. It has all the eight types of brushes you might need. From kids to beginners, everybody will love this brush set. 

High-Quality Material 

All the brushes are- made from high-quality materials. The bristles are- made from superior quality Taklon hair. As a result, they are soft and smooth. This handmade brush set is an excellent addition to professional art brushes. 

Wide Range of Application 

These brushes will work with any paint: including oil paints, watercolors, acrylics, etc. They have all 8-types of art brushes, and you can use them for various applications. 


The brush set comes with a pretty good zipper bag; you can use this bag to carry your art brushes anywhere you like. Apart from portability- this bag keeps all the art brushes safe from outside impact. 


  • Bristles are nice and soft
  • Resilient and consistent in their application 
  • Offers- a pretty good color transfer
  • Works fine with any color or paints
  • Come with eight types of brushes. 


  • The Ferula can be a bit loose for some brushes.

2. Jerry Q Art 12 Pcs Paint Brushes

If you are looking for a brush set that can work on various surfaces, this brush set from Jerry Q Art is your answer. It works on canvas, ceramics, paper, pottery, wood, and various other- materials. This art paint brush set comes with a selection of 12 different brushes. 

It can be a pretty good tool for artists, students, and hobbyists regardless of their age. They will work excellently with watercolors, acrylics, and oil-based colors. You can easily clean the brushes with water when you’re not using them.  


High-Quality Bristles

The superior quality golden color bristles are- made of synthetic hair. They provide excellent performance and do not shed under pressure, and their strong ferrules do not wiggle while painting. 

Wooden Material 

Their smooth and polished short brushes are- made from high-quality wood. They are pretty comfortable and easy to handle. 

Number of Brushes 

The set offers a variety of 12 different brushes- including round, flat, and longliners. The brush size starts from 0 and goes all the way to 20/0. You will be able to paint with great details with these brushes. 

Color Selection 

You will get excellent performance from these brushes while working with watercolors, acrylics, and oil-based colors. You can easily blend colors with brushes. They work pretty well on various surfaces too. 


  • Very easy to clean 
  • Works excellent on various surfaces 
  • Offer great details 
  • Very longliners 
  • Great paint control 


  • Not suitable for large hands

3. SNOW COOLER Art Paint Brushes Set

This set from Snow Cooler is one of the best art brushes for acrylic colors. It has all the eight kinds of brushes you will ever need for any project. The set comes with 15- different art brushes, an art knife, one art sponge, and a popup carry bag. 

These white color art brushes provide excellent performance, but they look pretty attractive. The bristles of these art brushes are- made from high-quality nylon. 


Attractive Looking 

This brush set looks pretty eye-catching and quite attractive. The white color handle complements excellently with golden color ferrule and two-color bristle. You will fall in love with this brush set at first glance. 

Bristle Material

The bristles of these art brushes are- made from high-quality nylon. They also have premium quality- gold color aluminum ferrule. The Bristles of the art brushes have two shades that help them stand out from others. 

Size of the Brushes 

With 15 art brushes, one palette knife, and one art sponge, this set is unique from many others. The brush size here starts from 1 and ends at 15. 


It is a pretty good art brush set for beginners, students, art enthusiasts, as well as- professional artists. People of different ages can use these brushes. 


  • Come with a palette knife and art sponge 
  • Bristles will not show up while painting 
  • Come with a nice holding bag 
  • Very comfortable to hold 


  • Only for suitable acrylic color. 
  • Bristles are slightly soft.

4. Transon Art Painting Brush Assorted Set

This all-purpose brush set from Transon comes with 12 assorted brushes, and you can use them with various colors like watercolor, acrylic, oil, and gouache; their black handle with a golden ferrule and double-shade bristle excellently complement one another. They have high-quality Taklon-made synthetic bristles. 

You can use these brushes on various surfaces and will get excellent details and precession each time you draw and paint with these brushes. All the art brushes can work pretty well on multiple surfaces. Let us see what more this brush set has to offer.


12 Assorted Brushes 

The brush set is- combined with 12 assorted art brushes. They are flat, round, liner, fan, angle, rigger liner, and filbert. They offer a great variety of strokes and lines that- will satisfy your need. 

Painting Medium 

The assorted brushes work excellent with different color mediums. They will perfectly work with watercolors, acrylics, oil-based colors, gouache, tempera, etc.  

Various Surfaces      

Art brushes from this set work on various surfaces. It can be a canvas, wood, metal, your body, or even rock- these art brushes will provide excellent performance. 

Synthetic Bristles 

The brushes have high-quality synthetic bristles. They are- made from carefully selected Taklon. These bristles are soft and flexible; they will absorb colors quite easily. Their golden ferrules are aluminum-made. 


  • Very sturdy and durable 
  • Filaments are pretty good 
  • Suitable for all ages 
  • Super lightweight 
  • Soft but hold their shape 


  • Not a good choice for beginners.

5. Winstonia Striping Nail Art Brushes

Are you looking for a nail art brush set? Then Winstonia striping nail art brushes are- what you are looking for nail art. It is one of the best nail art brush sets available in the market. The set comes with 3- pieces of striper brushes.  

You will get perfect nail art with this brush set from Winstonia. The nail art brushes are- made from high-quality materials, and they come in three different lengths. These brushes will provide excellent precision, and you can also use them for blending, filling colors, drawing small details, etc.  


3 Striping Brushes 

This nail brush set from Winstonia comes with 3- stripping brushes. All three nail art brushes have 3- different lengths. The short-length nail brush is 0.55 inches, the medium-length is 0.65 inches, and the long length is 0.87 inches.

Great Precision 

Each of- the nail brushes is handmade, and they will provide excellent precision. You will be able to do tartan, gingham, plaids, stripes, and other nail arts with the brushes. 

High-Quality Material 

The entire brush set is- made from high-quality materials. It has nylon hair bristles and double clamped ferrules- all are superior in quality. They can handle nail polish, alcohol, and nail polish remover easily. 


The brush set offers pretty good versatility- you can use them in swirling, color blending, filling, drawing, and many other ways. 


  • Long-lasting nylon bristles 
  • Strong acrylic handles 
  • Double clamped ferrule for anti-shedding
  • Highly versatile 
  • Pretty easy to maintain 


  • Can become frayed

6. Teenitor Nail Art Brushes

This large nail brush set is perfect for beginners who- are starting in nail art. It comes with a large number of tools and kits. You will be able to do a lot of nail art with this set. 

Being an excessively- large set, it does not compromise the quality. It offers very high-quality nail art brushes and other components. Let’s dive into more details.


A Large Set 

This acrylic nail art set from Teenitor has everything included: 15 pieces of nail art brushes, 5- double-ended dotting tools, 10- metallic strip rolls, 4- butterfly nail 3D sticker sheets, 12- designer foil sheets, 24 nail art rhinestone cases, and 1- dust brush. 

 15 Different Brushes 

The nail art brush set has 15 different types of brushes- including 3- liner brushes, 4- flat brushes, 2- angle brushes, 2- fan brushes, 1 round brush, 1- detailing brush, 1- painting brush, and 1- dotter. 

Double Ended Dotting Tools 

You can use 5- double-headed dotting tools in 10 different sizes to make various size dots on your nail. You can also create some nail arts using these dotting tools. 

24 Cases of Rhinestone 

It comes in 24 different sizes and colors of rhinestones- including 1- box of clear nail diamond, 1- color nail art rhinestones, and the rest are of different shapes. 


  • A lot of items in one set
  • Flip lids securely hold all the items 
  • Superfine bristles 
  • Excellent detailing 
  • Great for beginners 


  • Some stickers rip easily

7. Jerry Q Art Artist Paint Brush Set

It is another pretty good art brush set from Jerry Q Art; it contains 24 art brushes and one pouch for carrying them. All the art brushes work pretty well with different color mediums. 

With various art brushes, this set allows you to explore many techniques while- drawing or painting. You can carry them with you and paint wherever you like. From handle to bristles, the art brushes are- made of superior quality materials. Let’s see what more it offers. 


A Versatile Set 

This art brush set has 24 different brushes- including flats, rounds, filberts, angles, liners, longliners, fan, etc. You can use them for various projects. 

Double Color Hair 

The brushes are- made of high-quality synthetic nylon hair bristles. They have double shades: dark golden paring with a brown tip. It is also anti-shedding. The ferrules are- made from silver, and they grip the hair firmly. 

Various Color Medium 

These art brushes work perfectly on various color mediums like watercolors, oil-based colors, acrylics, etc. But they are especially good with acrylics and watercolors. 

 Variety in Usability 

You can use this brush set on a variety of surfaces. Every art brush in this set will work pretty well on different surfaces like canvas, wood, ceramics, metal, nails, etc. Besides, all the art brushes serve various purposes. 


  • Wide variety of brushes 
  • Superior quality 
  • Well crafted 
  • Effortless to carry 
  • Numerous sizes to choose from 


  • Brushes lose some bristles

Best Art Brushes Buying Guide

art on canvas with brushes

It is crucial to purchase the best art brushes from the market as there are plenty of them. But it can be a tough job for beginners. Because- they might not know what to look for and where to look while buying one. As a result, they might end up purchasing the wrong brush. It would be such a waste of time, money, and energy. Besides, your drawing or painting will turn into a regretful experience- whereas it should be a moment of happiness. 

If you are a beginner and looking forward to buying art brushes, you must remember a few things. More likely, you will have to consider a few things while you buy art brushes. They are: 

Brush Material

You will find two types of bristles in the market. Synthetic bristles are- made from artificial materials like fiber, nylon, or polyester. The other one is natural hair bristles made from animal hair. While many professional artists prefer- natural hair materials because of their richness and accuracy, polyester brushes are the most popular ones. Because- they can keep their shape even after a long time of use. 

A combination of nylon and polyester is also very durable and pretty good. Artists use different types of bristles with different- types of paints. Both- natural and synthetic bristles will work pretty well with oil-based and acrylic colors. 

Brush Shape

The brush shape is another crucial factor for purchasing the right- type of brush. There are eight types of brush shapes available today. Each of them offers a different application. You have to understand which brush shape you need. All the eight shapes are Round, Pointed Round, Flat, Bright, Filbert, Fan, Angular Flat, and Detail Round. All of these brushes serve different purposes. Some of- them are good for detail works; some are pretty good at covering large spaces, etc. You have to buy a brush that serves your purpose. 

Brush Size

Not just shapes, brushes are available in different sizes too. Size defines how comfortably you can hold your art brush. Some art brushes are very- large and thick; some are thin and small. They are- designed this way to cater to different purposes. Select one that is suitable for you. If you have a large hand, you should go for thick brushes and vice versa. 


Price is another prime factor for a brush. Do not go for an expensive one if you are a beginner and exploring your passion-  buy a good quality brush at a lower price and use it for a while. Then you can upgrade as time goes. You will have more idea about an art brush by then. Never go beyond your budget while purchasing your art brushes. 

How to Clean Art Brushes?

Cleaning and maintaining art brushes are an everyday part of artists. You most definitely have to clean your art brushes after each project. It will extend your brushes’ lifespan. Cleaning brushes also ensures paints do not get mixed. 

Only cleaning is not good enough- you have to clean them and dry them. Most importantly, you have to do all these properly based on your brush type. Water-based paints are easy to clean from your brushes; scrub your brushes into hot water mixed with dishwashing soap.  

To clean oil-based paint from your brush, take some solvent into a deep bowl and scrub them into the solvent. Keep doing it until your brushes are completely clean. Then wash your brush with soapy water. Finally, wash- them in clean water and dry them. 

Tips on cleaning and maintaining your art brushes: 

  • Pick separate brushes for different purposes. Use one brush for oil-based paints only and another one for water-based paints. It will help you- easily clean the brushes. 
  • You can easily wash wet paint compared to dried ones. So clean your brushes as soon as a project finishes. 
  • Always store your brushes in the original package that comes with them. 
  • Never let your brush soak in the water or solvent for a long time- otherwise, your bristle will become damaged. 
  • You can use linseed oil to restore your dried-out brushes to their original softness. After applying the linseed oil to the bristle, comb your- brush using a brush comb. 
  • Do not store your art brushes on their tip to avoid curling. 
  • You have to dry your paintbrushes by hanging them in the open air each time after washing. 

It is how you should clean your art brushes. Remember, a clean art brush will last longer and give you an excellent performance every time you use it. 

How to Use Nail Art Brushes?

You will have to use nail brushes for creating nail art. But it is necessary to use the right brushes in the right ways because otherwise, you will not get the expected results. There are seven types of nail art brushes available today. They serve different purposes. 

Round Brush:

Most common and versatile.           

What it does:

  • Cover large areas with color 
  • Flower petals 

How to use: quickly draw some flower petal outlines on your nail and then add details. 

Striper/Liner Brush:

Helps create long lines and stripe patterns. 

What it does:

  • Animal prints 
  • Stripes 
  • Lines
  • Geometric patterns 

How to use: use the long bristle to avoid shakiness and create straight lines confidently. 

Flat Brush:

Also known as square  

What it does:

  • Color blending 
  • One stroke design 
  • Wide bands of color 

How to use: Use the square shape bristle to create precise strokes and various floral designs. 

Angled Brush:

Provides one-stroke nail art. 

What it does:

  • One stroke design 
  • French lines 
  • Flower designs 

How to use: create clean strokes and clean up the excess polish from the sidewalls. 

Fan Brush:

Helps shade, swirl, and glitter your nails. 

What it does:

  • Applies glitter or pigment on your nails 
  • Brushes away extra glitters 

How to use: Use it to create horizontal lines on your nails. Gently use it to brush away excess glitters from your nails. 

Detailing Brush:

Helps add details. 

What it does:

  • Small details 
  • Outlining 
  • Logos 
  • Shapes and patterns 

How to use: use this shorter bristle brush to add detailed designs to your nails. 


Helps create dots. 

What it does:

  • Polka dots 
  • Leopard prints 
  • Floral prints 

How to use: practice before you use this tool. 


What Paintbrushes Do Professionals Use?

Professional artists use professional brush sets for better results. Artists are very particular about their paintbrushes. They use different types of brushes for various applications. Art brush varies on what medium of color you are using. Professional artists use natural China-bristle brushes for oil-based paints. Most of o them use natural White Bristle for smooth surface oil-based paint. A natural Black Bristle brush is best for a textured surface. Artists always prefer natural hair brushes rather than fiber ones. 

What is the Best Brush for Drawing?

Not all brushes are great for drawings. There are specific ones for that. Round, Pointed-Round, and Filbert brushes are best for drawing and sketching. They offer excellent details, thick and thin lines, and fine lines while drawing. The filbert bristle brush is one of the best brushes for drawing because of its versatility. It is best for drawing head and figure. You can add a variety of textures and layers to your sketches with this bristle brush. 

Which Brushes Are Best for Acrylic Painting?

Acrylic brushes are special- made for acrylic paintings. They are generally- made from natural hairs from animals. For example, a sabal is a mammal that you will find in forests. There are mainly 8= types of brushes available till now. You can use any of them for acrylic painting based on your need. But there are some differences too. From round to fan and the detail round, you can use any art brushes above that serve your purpose. 

Which Company’s Paint Brushes Are Best?

There are hundreds of paintbrushes brands on the market. They are making brushes and targeting a specific group. Many of them are good at making paintbrushes. Some companies are hundreds of years old. They have revolutionized the paintbrush industry. Some of- them are not so old, but they have mixed the heritage with technology to make paintbrushes. One such company is Mont Marte; it is an Australia-based art supplies company with a global presence and, is making excellent paintbrushes since 2002. 

What Are Filbert Brushes?

Filbert is one of the eight brushes types. It is probably the most versatile brush out there. It is an oval-shaped flat brush that ends with medium to long hair. If you are looking for an oil or acrylic paintbrush, this one is a staple. This brush combines the round and flat bristle. As a result, it can be very detailed and cover more space= at the same time. It offers pretty good color blending, and you will be surprised what you can accomplish with this brush. 


Art brushes are crucial tools for painting and drawing. You may have very- rich colors, canvas, and so on, but if you do not have an art brush, you really cannot paint anything. More importantly, if you do not have a good brush, you cannot paint well. Painting is all about passion and love, and you deserve the best art brushes because you will create art with them. 

My article covers all the necessary information for buying the perfect art brush set. I hope after reading it, you are not confident enough to select the best one for yourself. 

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