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The best apple peeler is easy to clean and smooths the rough areas of apples. It peels the apple evenly and efefficientlygiving you the perfect piece of apple. Dishwasher-safe parts dedetachasily for effortless cleaning. It can be used for different types of fruits easier than a knife. The peeler also cuts the apple into spirals, giving you loa vely presentation as well as making it easier to eat.

WiPeople are loving their apple peelers withundreds of reviews and thousands of sales, Whether you’re looking for an easy way to prep your apples or make a healthy apple dessert, the best apple peeler is a fun addition to any kitchen (even if they do come up with some crazy uses). —pressab to write more.

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Leading 7 Best Apple Peeler Reviews

1. Johnny Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer, Pie Maker,

The Johnny Apple Peeler Corer, Slicer, and Pie Maker are all you need to prepare your favorite apple desserts. The Slicing Blade produces even 1/4 inch slices ready to eat, dry, or use in a recipe. The Peeling Blade takes just seconds to remove the skin from an apple with minimal waste and effort. Your hands never touch the apple because the heavy-duty suction base affords you total control over every thin section of an apple or pie slice that comes into contact with this fantastic tool!

The Johnny Apple peeler is a must-have product for anyone who loves apples! Quick and easy to use, it peels, cores, and slices any apple variety in one easy step. The secret to the fastest apple pie or crisp ever made! The blades can be removed for easy cleaning. Heavy duty cast iron body is built to last and comes with a full five year warranty.

2. Cast Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler Corer by Spiralizer,

Regain independence in the kitchen with the Spiralizer Potato Peeler & Corer, a powerful kitchen tool that slices, cores, and peels in one operation. The highest quality die-cast magnesium blades stay sharp, rust-proof chrome plated winding rod and extension for safety and strength. Robust rubber vacuum base holds onto the tabletop for tremendous stability. Easy to use – perfect for seniors and those with arthritis, safe for children to use.

The Magnesium Apple/Potato Peeler by Spiralizer is a smart and powerful kitchen tool that will make peeling, coring, and slicing fruits and vegetables easy. Made of die-cast magnesium alloy, it has a rust-proof chrome plating on its winding rod and three prong extension with a safety cap to keep you safe while you’re spiralizing. With our patented suction base, this apple/potato peeler will hold onto the tabletop for excellent stability while peeling, coring, or slicing your favorite fruits and veggies.

3. EZMO Apple Peeler, Pear Peeler with 8 Wedges Apple Slicer and Corer,

EZMO apple peeler is a new product for the preparation of apples. The practical, safe, and easy-to-use kitchen tool can peel the skin off and slice apples into different shapes: big wedges or small cubes. The ergonomically designed handle offers comfort during use. The stainless steel blades are durable and sharp to make the peeling apples fast, efficient, and easy with no effort required.

Make delicious apples in a snap with this fantastic apple peeler, pear peeler, and corer. This EZMO apple peeler takes all the work out of peeling and coring! It cuts apples into eight wedges, making them perfect for salads or snacking. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable, while heavy-duty stainless steel blades ensure it will last you a lifetime.

4. Apple Peeler Slicer Corer with Stainless Steel

This apple peeler comprises high-quality Ultra-Strong Die Cast Alloy and 304 Stainless Steel Blades. Advanced technology and materials ensure its greater stability and strength, and won’t be rusted and corroded. 3-Way operation: Choose to peel, or core and slice, or peel, core, and cut simultaneously. The vacuum rubber suction base holds firmly onto smooth or non-porous surfaces.

The apple peeler comprises high-quality Ultra-Strong Die Cast Alloy and 304 Stainless Steel Blades. Advanced technology and materials ensure its more excellentcellent stability and strength, and won’t be rusted and corroded. Quickly and almost effortlessly prepare apples or other fruits & vegetables, all types of salads, meals and healthy treats, apple pie, and anything Snacks.

5. Heczy Apple Peeler – Adjustable Apple Peeler

Time-saving and easy to use, the Heczy Apple Peeler – Adjustable Apple Peeler and Corer make it simple to prepare apples, pears, and other fruits or vegetables with no mess. This corer peeler is made of high-quality stainless steel and has razor-sharp blades that provide a fast peeling action. The apple corer can also be turned off so you can remove it when only peeling is desired. This multi-functional kitchen gadget will give years of service!

If you love eating apples, this apple corer peeler is for you! Use it to obtain thinly sliced apples, spiralize them and even cook delicious curly fries! With our adjustable blades and high-quality materials, you can count on the long-lasting performance and excellent results.

6. Johnny Apple Peeler (VKP1011), Clamp Base,

Peel, core, and slice any apple variety quickly and easily with the Apple Peeler by Johnny. Made of heavy-duty cast iron, this peeler’s adjustable peeling/coring blade makes it easy to create uniform slices for pies, crisps, and more. With its clamp base, this unique device can be secured to almost any table or countertop up to 2” thick!

In a rush to get dinner on the table? This apple peeler does it all! Easily prep apples for fresh pies crumbles, and peels for other desserts. Quickly core and slice apples for salads, fruit cups, or desserts with ease. The innovative clamp keeps the peeler securely on the edge of any table or countertop up to 2” thick. With five sharp stainless steel blades, this is built to last and will be your go-to kitchen helper every season!

7. Apple Peeler Corer, Long lasting Chrome Cast Iron Apple Peeler

When you are looking for an apple coring and slicing machine, the Aoi Apple Peeler Corer Slicer is the one to go with. This heavy-duty stainless steel unit will last forever. It comes apart for easy cleaning and includes a plunger that allows you to push out cores and slicings left by the blades.

Easy to use and clean, this apple peeler corer slicer is designed to make your baking preparation easier. The robust suction cup securely lets you place it on your countertop or table. It can work smoothly with apples and potatoes as well. The best part is that the stainless steel blades and chrome-plated legs can be removed for potato peeling.

Importance of Apple Peeler

The importance of an apple peeler cannot be overstated. Apples are delicious and make the perfect snack or side dish for a meal. However, they are also tough to peel. If you don’t have an apple peeler, you will have to spend time peeling each apple by hand, which can take up to 30 minutes. That’s a lot of time!

So what is an apple peeler? An apple peeler is a device that removes the skin from apples without damaging the fruit itself. It does this by running the apple over blades that pull the skin without cutting into the fruit’s flesh. This allows you to get at all your delicious apples without worrying about wasting any part when you’re done peeling them!

If you want to save time and effort in your kitchen, consider purchasing an apple peeler today!


Are Apple Peelers Worth it?

Apple peelers are worth it if you’re looking for a fast way to peel an apple.

There are plenty of ways to peel an apple, but if you’re looking for the fastest and easiest way to get it done, an apple peeler is probably the best option.

It’s also important to note that not all apple peelers are created equal. Some of them only work with certain kinds of apples, so make sure your peeler is compatible with your favorite type of fruit before buying one.

Is there an Apple Peeler that Doesn’t Slice?

I’m so glad you asked this question! I’ve wanted to buy a new apple peeler for a while now, and I was worried they all sliced.

Luckily, there are some peelers out there that don’t slice at all. They’re perfect if you want to make apple rings or keep your apple whole.

Here are some of my favorite options:

1) [product name] is a favorite because it’s easy to use and has great reviews on Amazon. It was only $10, too!

2) Another option is [product name]. I love this one because it comes with a suction cup, so you can stick it on your countertop and easily peel apples without hassle. The reviews are also good for this one – everyone seems happy with how well it works!

What is an Apple Peeler Called?

Many call it an apple peeler, but it’s a corner. The corer comes in different sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they help you get rid of the seeds and core inside your apples!

Some people use it to make applesauce or apple butter for baking, but others like to eat their apples without any extra stuff.

What’s the Best Apple Slicer?

The best apple slicer is the one that works for you.

The key to choosing the best apple slicer is to consider what you need it for and what features are important to you. If you’re planning on making a lot of apple pies, or if you like to eat apples alone as a snack, then an electric slicer might be a good option because it’s faster and easier than doing it by hand. If you’re more interested in using apples in other recipes, like salads or soups, then a manual slicer might be better since it allows for more control over how thin each slice will be.

There are also different kinds of manual apple slicers: some cut into slices directly off the core, while others remove the body before cutting into pieces. Both types work well and have pros and cons—it’s up to your preference which type is right for you!


This apple peeler is an excellent way to remove the top of an apple and reach inside an apple on the inside of fruit; it has two lights that shine and make it easy to see in the kitchen and at night.

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