Best Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

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Ambulatory blood pressure monitors are a handy device that can provide valuable information about your blood pressure, sleep patterns, and daily activities. While these devices are often used by healthcare professionals to help patients keep track of their blood pressure and other symptoms, they can also serve as useful tools for individuals who want to monitor their health without paying for an office visit. A noninvasive method of measuring and documenting your blood pressure levels at home is ideal for those who need to regularly check their BP in order to monitor and ensure positive lifelong blood pressure (BP) control. Using a 24-hour ABPM allows you to record your BP throughout the day so you can view fluctuations in readings which can help in identifying causes of changes in your BP and cardiovascular problems. If you have high blood pressure already, an ambulatory blood pressure monitor may also help detect white coat hypertension, masked hypertension, and sustained hypertension.

If you are looking for an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, then you are at the right place. This article is created to help individuals choose a good ambulatory blood pressure monitor device based on their needs and requirements. 

How Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Performed and Its Benefits

ABPM is an excellent method of measuring blood pressure around the clock. It provides high-quality, reliable information on 24-hour blood pressure and thus gives a more complete picture of the patient’s status than that provided by conventional office blood pressure readings. ABPM provides invaluable information for the diagnosis and management of patients, such as those with essential hypertension, aortic stenosis, and cardiac failure.

The benefits of ABPM are:

1. It can identify blood pressure patterns that occur only intermittently.

2. Confirms whether your blood pressure is consistently high or not.

3. It reveals if there is a significant drop in blood pressure during sleep.

4. It shows what effect medication has on your blood pressure throughout each day and night.

How Long Do You Wear An Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor?

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor records your blood pressure every 20 to 30 minutes for a full day and night. This is the most accurate way of checking your blood pressure because it measures your blood pressure at different times and when you’re doing different activities.

But, depending on the type of monitor, you may have to wear the device for 24 hours or just part of the day. It’s very important that you follow your doctor’s instructions so that they can get accurate information.

Are Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors Accurate?

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is the most comprehensive and accurate way of measuring blood pressure. 

ABPM measures your blood pressure at regular intervals over a 24-hour period, to give a more complete picture of your blood pressure pattern. This is important because your blood pressure varies throughout the day and night, depending on what you are doing and whether you are asleep or awake. It is important to have an accurate blood pressure reading, not just when you are in the clinic, but also during daily activities and when you are asleep. 

Both systolic (the top number) and diastolic (the bottom number) blood pressures are recorded by ABPM. The results of the test will show you not only your average blood pressure for the 24 hours but also the highest and lowest readings and how many times they occurred.

3 Best Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

Having an accurate blood pressure monitor is one of the ways people can get information about their health. It’s a lot more convenient than going to the doctor and getting it checked out there. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors are portable, very user-friendly, and easy to use. They’re available in many different models, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Prior research should go into finding the best ambulatory blood pressure monitor for your specific needs.

1. CONTEC Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor(one Adult Cuff)

CONTEC Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor+Software 24h NIBP Holter(one Adult Cuff)

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CONTEC Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor(one Adult Cuff) is a Sphygmomanometer Digital Hypertension Monitoring. It tests the blood pressure during the course of 24 hours, and automatically records and shows the average blood pressure data on software.

24 Hours Blood Pressure Monitoring

The CONTEC Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is a portable blood pressure cuff. The technology could continuously and dynamically monitor human body blood pressure for up to 24 hours, offering a reliable basis for diagnosis.

Contains One Adult Cuff

The ABPM50 ambulatory blood pressure monitor comes with one adult cuff in addition to the monitor. The cuff measures 25-35cm(9.8-13.7inch).

Small And Handy

In terms of portability, this ambulatory blood pressure monitor is ideal. Ambulatory NIBP data can be recorded up to 350 times at a time. High-definition color TFT display, excellent visibility.

Long-term BP Monitoring Report

It is a blood pressure monitor that measures blood pressure at regular intervals over a lengthy period of time and provides a detailed report.

Respond as soon as possible

Response time of less than one minute, accurate reading, and the use of technology to improve one’s quality of life.

Detect Irregular Heartbeat

Could monitor irregular heartbeat. This could lead to earlier diagnosis of some arrhythmias so that patients can make lifestyle changes or take medication before symptoms or damage arising.

2. CONTEC ABPM50 Handheld 24hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with PC Software(Three Cuffs)

CONTEC ABPM50 Handheld 24hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with PC Software for Continuous Monitoring NIBP USB Port with Three Cuffs

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The CONTEC ABPM50 is a portable 24/7 blood pressure machine that helps improve blood pressure control. This machine is designed to make your life more convenient by providing a simpler way to follow your blood pressure at home or on the go. The PC software can provide you with advanced analysis of your results and sync your data automatically for easy viewing.

Easy To Use

CONTEC ABPM50 Handheld Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is simple to use, compact and portable and features an intuitive user interface.

Three Cuffs Standard

There are three cuffs in the package.

Adult cuff: 22-32cm arm circumference

Large adult cuff: 33-47cm arm circumference

Child cuff: 18-26cm arm circumference

24 Hours Accurate Diagnosis

The device is capable of continuously and dynamically monitoring the human body’s blood pressure for up to 24 hours, providing an accurate basis for diagnosis.

Report Printing And Preview

Printing and previewing of reports are supported. 

Software features

– Connect to the device by USB interface.

– Download NIBP measure result from the terminal device.

– Display of scoop-shaped trend graph, filling-type trend graph, histogram, pie chart, correlation line graph.

– Edit every piece of NIBP data, and add an annotation to it.

– Edit basic information, doctor’s advice, NIBP status instruction, current medicine-taken information, etc.

– Support report printing and print preview. Accessories: Cuff for adult, child and adult large cuff. Three cuffs included, Download software, User manual, USB data line, Pack

3. CONTEC ABPM50 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor 24 Hours Holter with PC Software

CONTEC ABPM50 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor 24 Hours Holter with PC Software for Continuous Monitoring+USB Port

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The CONTEC ABPM50 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor 24 Hours Holter with PC Software for Continuous Monitoring+USB Port is the ideal machine to monitor patients. Its PC software is easy-to-operate and user-friendly, and can retrieve, store, and print continuous monitoring data records. The monitor provides accurate blood pressure measurements at all times as no calibration is needed. It also features an up-to-date time and date stamp on each measurement. With its newly developed USB port and Excel template, it allows you to store your data easily on a USB flash drive.

Specifications Of The Product

1) Compact and portable, user-friendly interface, easy to use

2) Patient range: adult, pediatric, neonate

3) 24 hours ambulatory NIBP monitoring function, up to 350 groups of ambulatory NIBP data can be recorded once.

4) Perfect combination of the automatic and manual measurement methods, up to 300 groups of data can be recorded once by manual measure.

5) High-definition color TFT display, strong visibility

6) By data review interface such as “data list”,”trend graph”,”big font”, NIBP data is clear at a glance

7) Display of low power prompt, alarm, error message, and time

8) Supply two kinds of unit: mmHg / kPa

9) Display interface can be switched between Chinese and English

10) Parameter alarm disposal function is optional

11) Communicate with PC, PC software can achieve data review, measured results analysis, view of trend graph, report printing and other functions

Product Efficiency

Measure Method: Oscillometry

Measure Mode: The upper arm measure

Automatic Measure Interval: 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 minutes

Measure range: Pressure:0kPa (0mmHg)~38.67kPa (290mmHg)

Resolution: 1mmHg

Accuracy: ±3mmHg

Prompt parameter: SYS, DIA

Inflation: automatic inflation by force pump

Deflation: automatic multi step deflation


Measure range: 40bpm~240bpm

Resolution: 1bpm


Power supply: DC 3V (2×1.5V AA alkaline dry battery)

Safety type: internally powered device, type BF applied part with defibrillation protection

Accessories For The Product

Cuff for adult 1pc 25-35cm

download software

User manual 1pc

USB data line 1pc

Pack 1pc

Buying an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor: What to Look For

Best Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

When buying an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, it is important to know what you should look for in a product. So here are some important factors that you need to consider before making the selection:

Choose The Appropriate Cuff Size:

When looking to buy an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, you want to make sure that the cuff is the right fit for your arm or wrist. When using a cuff that is too small, it will be loose on the arm and there could be some degree of error in the reading. When using one that is too big, it may be uncomfortable to wear.

Data Display And Storage:

When choosing an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, there are two main factors to consider: data display and data storage. For example, if you want a monitor that’s easy to read, look for one with large, bright numbers. Alternatively, if you want to be able to share your readings with your doctor, opt for a model that records more information than simply your current blood pressure.

Clinically Tested And Approved:

Ensure that the ambulatory blood pressure monitor has been clinically tested and approved so that you can be confident that every reading is as accurate as possible.


If you need to take your blood pressure on a regular basis, you’ll want to find an ambulatory blood pressure monitor that is easy to tote around, particularly for those who travel often. Keep in mind as you shop that a lightweight device will be easier to carry around. An ideal device would also come with a carrying case to further simplify the process.

Consider The Price And Warranty:

One of the most important things when buying an ambulatory blood pressure monitor is its price. Some people say that you get what you pay for and others believe just the opposite. The truth is that it all boils down to your personal preferences. However, you should also take into account a warranty. Always look for a product that comes with a warranty because it means that the product is reliable and has been checked out by experts.

Best Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor- FAQs

Can ambulatory blood pressure monitors give false readings?

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor provides time-averaged information in real-life situations that can be used to make decisions about hypertension treatment. A recent systematic review of the available literature suggests that overall, ABPM devices are accurate enough for routine clinical use in a variety of patients and factors such as age, weight, gender, and severity of hypertension are statistically associated with greater device error. However, the differences were small enough to be unlikely to affect clinical practice.

Does arm position affect blood pressure?

How do you feel when your blood pressure is high?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the term used when a person’s blood pressure consistently measures above 140/90 mm Hg. When blood pressure is high, your heart has to work harder to pump blood through your blood vessels. This can stretch and damage arteries and make you more likely to develop heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems. As your cardiovascular system weakens and your risk of cardiovascular disease increases, you may experience headaches, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, dizziness or blurred vision.

What is stroke level BP?

Normal blood pressure is below 120/80 mmHg. In most people, blood pressure increases when the heart contracts and relaxes, pumping blood through the body. A reading above 180/120 mmHg is considered stroke-level, dangerously high, and requires immediate medical attention.

Can you sleep with the ABPM monitor on?

Yes, if requested by the doctor or nurse you can sleep with the ABMP monitor on. It is important that you keep the monitor on during the night. This will help to understand what your blood pressure is doing while you are sleeping.

What are the disadvantages of using an ambulatory blood pressure monitor?

Some disadvantages associated with 24-hour blood pressure monitoring include potential discomfort and cutaneous effects, such as mild bruising, rash, or discomfort due to repeated inflation of the blood pressure cuff.

Final Words

In the end, a good quality ambulatory blood pressure monitor can make all the difference in helping to keep your heart healthy. The benefits of keeping an eye on your blood pressure are so great that it’s worth it to take the time to find one that is best suited for your needs and lifestyle.

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