5 Best Allicin Supplement Reviews And Buying Guide

Finding the best allicin supplement starts with staying informed on why it’s an important supplement, to begin with. It is recommended for people with high blood pressure issues. If you’re suffering from these problems, then you need to start looking for a suitable solution. However, finding the right kind of supplement could be a challenge for some. That’s when you need to buckle down and do your research ahead of time before deciding which one is fit for your needs.

Best Allicin Supplement Reviews:

1. Zhou Extra Strength Odorless Garlic with Allicin

Dosage FormTablet
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count90 Count
Item Weight0.1 Pounds

Enjoy the benefits of a fresh clove with all the superfood power of garlic’s key component, allicin, in a convenient tablet. Our enteric-coated tablets deliver a potent dose that survives stomach acid on its journey to the small intestine where it’s most effective. This convenient supplement is the perfect addition to your wellness routine. Garlic + Allicin can help support healthy blood pressure levels, a healthy immune system, and overall heart health.

Enteric Coated Tablets

These tablets are designed to survive stomach acid on their way to the small intestine, where they’re most effective.

Immune System Support

Garlic contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage and may boost immune cell function so you can stay strong through any season.

The Allicin Difference

Allicin is the critical health component in garlic released from a fresh clove. We capture 5000 mcg of allicin in each serving for maximum benefits.

Heart Healthy

Garlic + Allicin support healthy blood pressure and overall heart health.


  • THE ALLICIN DIFFERENCE. Allicin is the active component in garlic (beneficial to the immune system and circulatory system) that is released from a freshly crushed clove. We capture 5000 mcg of allicin in each acid-protected enteric coated tablet.
  • MORE CONVENIENT THAN A CLOVE. Our odorless supplement delivers the amazing health benefits of allicin sans eating a fresh clove. An enteric coating then protects the garlic from stomach acid before entering the small intestine, where it is most effective.
  • HEART-HEALTHY BENEFITS. The benefits of garlic have been widely known for centuries, and modern technology has made it possible to harness the most useful components to help support healthy blood pressure levels and overall heart health.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT. Keep your immune system kickin’ with a daily dose of allicin. Garlic contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage, may boost immune cell function, and may help protect against oxidative damage from free radicals.
  • WHAT SETS US APART? At Zhou, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in a facility following GMP (good manufacturing practices). Plus, we test everything at our lab in Utah, so you can be confident that you’re fueling your body with the very best.
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, when provided.

2. Allimax 180mg 30 Capsules. Supports Your Body’s Immune Function Through Natural Allicin

Dosage FormCapsule
Unit Count30 Count
Item Weight0.02 Pounds
Allergen InformationGluten Free

Garlic is great for you! Seventeen amino acids, at least 33 sulphur compounds, eight minerals (germanium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc) and the vitamins A, B and C. But garlic itself contains no allicin, the powerful organosulphur compound found in Allimax. Garlic makes Allicin only once it’s structure is ruptured and the two compounds alliin and allinase come into contact to form Allicin. Allimax contains bio-active stabilized Allicin.

Raw Garlic

Raw garlic varies quite widely in its relative yield of allicin. Research has found that the amount of allicin released from different garlics around the world can vary by a factor of 10 with the best yield at about 4% allicin. You would have to eat an awful lot of garlic match one capsule of Allimax.

Garlic Oil

The Camden Food and Drink Research Association and the prestigious Warren Springs Laboratory show that garlic oil does not provide allicin. This is because it is destroyed by the boiling process used in the oil’s manufacture.

Garlic Supplements

Almost a quarter of non-aged products (aged garlic never produces any allicin) yielded less allicin than was generally considered therapeutic and then only in a laboratory and not in your body, which is an altogether different setting.


  • Enormous research has been published about the many beneficial properties of garlic. When fresh garlic is cut or crushed, a Sulphur compound, Alliin combines with an enzyme Alliinase, starting a chemical reaction. The first compound formed is Allicin.
  • ALLIMAX delivers true bioactive Allicin! ALLIMAX is the result of a patented process and is the first garlic in the world to contain real, bioactive, stabilized allicin in each capsule for potent immune supporting benefits.
  • How Does ALLIMAX Differ from Other Garlic Supplements? No other garlic supplements contain ANY Allicin. They rely on your body generating the Allicin once you have swallowed the tablet or capsule. This destroys most, if not all of the available Allicin.
  • ALLIMAX doesn’t need to wait to be converted since it actually IS Allicin. When ALLIMAX enters your stomach, it dissolves for easy absorption into the blood stream and breaks down to form Allicin derivatives.
  • Suitable for long-term and preventative use. ALLIMAX offers immune support and overall well-being with just one capsule per day!

3. Arizona Natural Allirich (Allicin-Rich) Odorless Garlic soft-gels

Dosage FormCapsule
BrandArizona Natural
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count200.00 Count
Item Weight6 Ounces

Allirich Odorless Garlic is the original allicin-rich, odorless garlic supplement. Allicin is primarily responsible for the health benefits of garlic, but because it is also the reason garlic is stinky, it is not found in other garlic supplements. But Arizona Natural’s patented buffering process retains all the allicin-producing compounds while eliminating garlic’s notorious stench. The garlic follows your natural digestive pathways, just like the food you eat, so your body can use the beneficial nutrients and sulfur compounds. Each soft-gel contains 170 mg. garlic concentrate from 500 mg. garlic clove. Garlic is known to cleanse, stimulate and fortify your body. Complex sulfur compounds like allicin can destroy free radicals, suppress bacterial growth, and modulate cholesterol.


  • High Allicin Potential
  • Guaranteed Odorless
  • Patented Citrus-Buffering Deodorization Process
  • Soft-Gels ensure potency and freshness
  • Arizona Natural, Inspired Formulas since 1979

5. NOW Supplements, AlliBiotic CF™

Dosage FormSoftgel
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count60 Count
Item Weight0.08 Kilograms

AlliBiotic CF™ is an herbal combination formulated for the support of a healthy immune system.* This botanical formula has garlic extract, which has been used for centuries to promote overall wellness.* We’ve also included elderberry, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil to complete this comprehensive formula.* ImmunEnhancer™, a non-digestible soluble fiber from larch, has also been included as a prebiotic supplement for the support of healthy intestinal flora, a key component of normal immune function.* Natural color variation may occur in this product. ImmunEnhancer™ is a trademark of Lonza.


  • NON-DROWSY/IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: An herbal combination formulated for the support of a healthy immune system.
  • WITH GARLIC EXTRACT, ELDERBERRY, OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT, AND OREGANO OIL: This botanical formula has garlic extract, which has been used for centuries to promote overall wellness. We’ve also included elderberry, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil to complete this comprehensive formula.
  • CLASSIFICATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS: Kosher Contains Gelatin, Halal
  • GMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968.
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, when provided.

What to know before you buy an Allicin supplement


The compound allicin found in Allicin boosts the immune system and helps aid in the treatment of the common cold. Taken consistently, garlic has been shown to prevent cardiovascular issues, such as high blood pressure, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. 

Allicin also contains antioxidants that have been linked to longevity and help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

By utilizing Allicin supplements, you can get many of the same benefits from raw garlic without having to deal with garlic presses, garlic peelers, the process of cooking, and the bad breath that can result from consuming so much garlic on a consistent basis. 

Quantity and potency

Most Allicin supplement bottles contain 250 to 300 supplements. Small bottles of 60 and 120 supplements are also available. A serving size is typically two supplements and the potency of each serving ranges between 1,000 and 3,000 mg. For the lower potency brands, it’s recommended that you take two supplements two times a day, but only one serving of two supplements is recommended for the more potent supplements. It’s always best to follow the recommended dosage on the bottle. 

Oil vs. extract

Both Allicin extract and garlic oil are available in supplement form. Garlic extract is aged garlic that is diluted in alcohol for up to 20 months, which retains the nutrients of garlic. Meanwhile, garlic oil is produced by distilling raw garlic and diluting it in vegetable oil. 

What to look for in a Allicin supplement

Odorless supplements 

Allicin supplements can contain certain forms of garlic that can still cause your breath to smell like garlic and might even cause your body to exude the odor of garlic. If this is a potential issue, look specifically for odorless garlic supplements that were designed to prevent this.   

Enteric coating

This coating on the supplements prevents the Allicin from dissolving in the stomach and delivers it directly to the small intestine. This can prevent gastric acid inactivation that results in the strong odor of garlic. 

Other ingredients 

Companies often add other ingredients and herbs to Allicin supplements to help increase the health benefits. For example, parsley and chlorophyll can be added to some products to combat the odor. Some supplements contain additional vitamins and minerals. 

How much you can expect to spend on an Allicin supplement

When considering any Allicin supplement, it’s important to take into account the number of supplements per container, the number of supplements that make up a serving, and the potency because that can vary significantly between brands and individual products. 

Some products cost as little as $0.03 per supplement and can go all the way up to $0.30, with the average being around $0.10 per supplement, which is roughly between $10-$15 a bottle. Keep in mind that natural products and those with additional ingredients will cost a little bit more. 

Allicin supplement FAQ

Is raw Allicin better than garlic supplements?

A.Some studies show that Allicin supplements can be just as effective, if not more effective, than raw garlic when it comes to certain health benefits. 

How much Allicin should I take?

A.If you have a specific medical condition, it’s always best to speak with your physician, but 300 to 1,000 mg of Allicin extract is the preferred daily dosage. Keep in mind that recommended daily dosages of raw garlic, garlic powder and garlic oil differ. 

Can I take Allicin supplements on an empty stomach?

A.Yes. In fact, consuming Allicin on an empty stomach can enhance some of the health benefits. However, some products contain additional ingredients that are more easily digested with food, so it’s always best to follow the instructions for the individual product. 

Final Verdict

Allicin is a compound produced by garlic when it’s crushed or chopped. The health benefits of garlic have been known for centuries, and buying an allicin supplement can be useful if you don’t eat garlic regularly or if you’re looking for something extra. Allicin has many potential health benefits, although the findings for Allicin, in general, are mixed.

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