5 Best AHCC Supplement In 2023: Experts Reviews

There are many differing viewpoints on how the body’s immune system should be aided to make it stronger. An issue with opinions is that you have individuals who stick only to one single opinion and natural AHCC for example, supplementing with AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) can provide your immune system a significant boost. What makes AHCC particularly valuable as a natural remedy is the way it actively stimulates and enhances white blood cell count. 

Editor’s Pick : Best AHCC Supplement

What does AHCC supplement do?

AHCC is a natural compound that supports the immune system and helps maintain good health. Traditionally used in Asia and Japan, AHCC is known for its antioxidant activity, which may provide benefits for cancer prevention and other health-related conditions.

In clinical trials, AHCC has been associated with a variety of positive outcomes including better quality of life, better energy levels, and reduced fatigue , as well as reductions in pain, tumor-related symptoms, side effects from chemotherapy treatment,  and the number of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cells associated with multiple sclerosis.

What makes a quality AHCC supplement?

If you are choosing an AHCC supplement, it’s important to choose one that is made of high quality ingredients and includes every component that makes AHCC unique. Look for AHCC supplements made with an extract made from organic materials and grown on special farms.

Many look for an AHCC supplement to support anti-aging, immune and digestive health, but your supplement must first be able to be absorbed by the body in order to work. Make sure that your supplement contains only ingredients that are supported by human studies and dosages that are consistent with the dosages studied in clinical research. When shopping for an AHCC supplement, make sure to look for those with a high alpha glucan content and a low molecular weight of around 5000 daltons.

What are the Main Benefits Of AHCC

AHCC has been reported to be beneficial for a variety of conditions.Lets see some of the most effective benefits of AHCC.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

AHCC is considered a nutraceutical – a type of supplement that provides health benefits via the diet. Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it may prove useful in treating or at least reducing the severity of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s and colitis. A 2014 study also sought to gauge its effects on lymphocyte-driven colitis in mice; while the study showed improvement in their condition compared to controls, human studies are needed to be sure AHCC will work for this specific issue.

Boosts immunity

AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is an extract that is easily absorbed by the body and helps maintain a strong, healthy immune system. Some studies suggest AHCC may help promote essential cells produced in the body that help to defend the body against outside invaders.

Reduce sugar and anxiety

New study presents the AHCC from mushroom’s strong anti-stress effect and blood sugar regulation capabilities. The research has been conducted in most prestigious medical universities. According to the research, AHCC may effectively reduce stress hormones and sugar levels in the blood, thus help maintain a normal blood glucose level and improve immune function.


AHCC has recently gained attention for it’s antioxidant and immune system modulating effects. It  might also help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals and decrease oxidative stress.

5 Best ahcc supplement Reviews

With all the AHCC supplements out there – not to mention the confusion over whether unlicensed AHCC supplements could be considered AHCC at all – finding the right supplement is easier said than done.

Today’s post is going to be dedicated to the 5 best AHCC supplements on the market, which we were able to pick out using the tips listed above.

1.Premium Kinoko Platinum AHCC Supplement 

Premium Kinoko Platinum AHCC Supplement is made from 100% pure organic mushrooms, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides by expert growers in accordance with the strictest standards for quality control. Rich in Alpha Glucans, a type of polysaccharide that supports natural immunity, Kinoko’s AHCC is extremely potent in supporting the body’s immune system.

This premium supplement is also used at Yale Medical School as a part of studies about its effectiveness for fighting aging. The Kioko product is manufactured in the U.S. at an FDA certified facility to help ensure quality, purity and safety. Furthermore, it’s tested in Japan by medical doctors and scientists to create even more sure regarding the quality of these capsules.

It contains a high concentration of AHCC — 1.5 g per serving (2 capsules). It could be used with other products to aid you may well your body battle various health conditions and diseases.

About this item

  • THE WORLD’S LEADING IMMUNE HEALTH SUPPLEMENT: Quality of Life’s AHCC (with Acylated Alpha-Glucans) supplement is a proprietary blend of mushrooms designed to help support immune health, maintain optimal T-cell and natural killer cell activity and is used by over 1,000 clinics worldwide.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN IN OVER 30 HUMAN CLINICAL TRIALS: Our AHCC mushroom extract is comprised of several species of medicinal mushrooms including Shiitake and Mycelia. AHCC is unique in that while most mushrooms contain primarily Beta Glucans, AHCC is rich in Alpha Glucans, a type of polysaccharide with very potent immune enhancing effects.
  • SUPERIOR AHCC QUALITY: Quality of Life’s AHCC is the most potent mushroom extract available. Our AHCC has been researched by Yale, Harvard and used by thousands of people worldwide. Unlike other AHCC Supplements, AHCC powder, mushroom supplements, mushroom extracts and active hexose correlated compounds, Quality of Life’s AHCC’s complex is clinically studied.
  • MANUFACTURED IN GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY: All of our supplements are manufactured in a GMP certified facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.

2. American BioSciences ImmPower AHCC Supplement

American Biosciences ImmPower AHCC supplement is a proprietary blend of organic mushroom mycelia extract in the form of an easy to swallow vegetarian capsule.ImmPower is a synergistic combination of powerful immune system stimulants providing an increase in Natural Killer cell activity of over 300%! ImmPower is an immune support supplement that supports positive health outcomes for people from all walks of life, supporting increased general immunity and overall health.

About this item

  • Proven Immune Enhancement – Backed by over 80 clinical trials and laboratory studies, ImmPower has been shown to enhance immune response by supporting peak NK cell function, cytokine production, and optimized T-cell and macrophage activity.
  • AHCC: ImmPower’s Single, Powerful Ingredient – AHCC is a fermented mushroom hybrid that is so potent, numerous scientific studies have established it to be one of the most powerful – and safe – immune enhancers available.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life with AHCC – Whether you’re empowering your immune system because winter is coming or because of a bigger health issue, ImmPower can help make a difference in your daily life by enhancing your immunity, energy, and concentration, without any harmful side effects.
  • Readily Available for Easy Absorption – ImmPower’s unique molecular size and weight – just 5,000 daltons – makes it readily available to the digestive system. Due to this easy absorption you can feel a difference faster.
  • Manufactured for American Biosciences – The AHCC experts and the leaders in immune defense since 1999.

3. Papillex AHCC Supplement – Maximum Strength

Papillex premium all-natural products are expertly-tested and backed by science to deliver maximum potency. Each ingredient is individually tested for potency and purity. All products are manufactured in the FDA registered facility for pharmaceutical/ supplement manufacture and backed by third party quality control testing.

Papillex AHCC Supplement contains 60 vegetarian capsules – enough to last you a month or more. Support your natural immunity with AHCC, a powerful supplement for overall health and wellbeing. This formulation uses alpha- and beta-glucans to provide longer lasting immune support than other medicinal mushrooms. 

About this item

  • SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – Support your natural immunity with AHCC which means that you can optimize overall health & wellbeing easily. It has both alpha- and beta-glucans for powerful, long-lasting immune support unlike other medicinal mushrooms.
  • TOP-SELLING JAPANESE MUSHROOM EXTRACT – Proprietary formulation of AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) from Amino Up Co., Japan which means that it is free of artificial ingredients and has cruelty-free veggie capsules. Manufactured in America.
  • RESEARCHED BY EXPERTS IN HUMAN TRIALS – AHCC is the world’s most well-researched supplement by experts which means that it is designed to support your immune system in response to viral infections that hurt the body. Boost your immune system.
  • A VISION OF BETTER HEALTH: Papillex is a brand that is committed to creating expertly tested products made from high potency ingredients.
  • EXCLUSIVE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Every purchase of Papillex comes with our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. We pride ourselves on our extensive quality control processes. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, we will refund you.

4. Source Naturals AHCC Capsules, 500 mg, 30+30 Capsules

Source Naturals AHCC increases natural killer cell activity and supports liver function. This powerful formula is enhanced with a proprietary Bio-Enhanced Delivery system that increases the absorption of curcuminoids (the active ingredients in turmeric) by up to 60 times.

AHCC has been used in Japan for years, where it is recognized as a leading superfood.

About this item

  • Significantly increases Natural Killer Cell activity
  • Supports the healthy functioning of the liver
  • Considered a superfood in Japan
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, when provided.

5. Premium Kinoko Gold AHCC Supplement–500mg of AHCC per Capsule

Premium Kinoko Gold AHCC is an immune enhancing supplement that contains 500mg of AHCC per capsule. This mushroom has been clinically examined and proven to boost natural killer cell activity, increase macrophage levels, and improve cellular immunity. With no artificial coloring or flavoring and a daily dose of two tablets, this supplement provides the maximum level of AHCC possible in one capsule.

Premium Kinoko Gold AHCC Supplement is easy to swallow and tastes completely natural. AHCC stimulates NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) that is crucial for the development, protection and survival of nerve cells. It supports immune health, enhances cytokine production, promotes macrophage activity.

About this item

  • NEW BOTTLE SAME GREAT PRODUCT – Due to a recent market shortage of glass bottles will be temporaily packaging AHCC Kinoko Gold in Plastic Bottles. We appreciate your understanding!
  • SUPPORTS IMMUNE HEALTH, LONGEVITY & NK CELL ACTIVITY: Kinoko Gold AHCC capsules have shown to support immune health, enhance cytokine production, promote macrophage activity, T-cell and NK cell activity and longevity. Our Kinoko AHCC capsules are easy to swallow, convenient and tasteless. Each AHCC 500mg capsules gives you powerful long lasting immune support.
  • SUPERIOR AHCC QUALITY: Quality of Life’s AHCC is the most potent mushroom extract available. Our AHCC has been researched by Yale, Harvard and used by thousands of people worldwide. Unlike other AHCC Supplements, AHCC powder, mushroom supplements, mushroom extracts and active hexose correlated compounds, Quality of Life’s AHCC’s complex is clinically studied.
  • THE WORLD’S LEADING IMMUNE HEALTH SUPPLEMENT: Quality of Life’s AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) supplement is a proprietary blend of mushrooms designed to significantly improve immune response, maintain optimal T-cell and natural killer cell activity and is used by over 1,000 clinics worldwide.

How To Take AHCC Supplements

There are two primary ways to take AHCC — as a capsule and as a powder. The powder is taken orally in either water or honey, while the capsule is taken orally with water.

Most of the time, the AHC is just a capsule of sorts. In order to maintain overall health, the manufacturer recommends taking two 500 mg capsules three times a day on an empty stomach, or two capsules daily for general health.

It is important to read the AHCC product label carefully before using it, particularly if you have any known allergies, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have other health problems.

Things To Consider Before Buying AHCC Supplements


The price of AHCC supplements will vary depending on brand and features. Generally, quality products have higher starting prices, which include quality ingredients, better taste and texture. However, some AHCC supplements are available with no additional tastes or textures in quite affordable prices. When searching for a specific AHCC supplement to purchase, consider the basic needs and explore different options to decide which AHCC supplement best fits your budget and needs.


Ingredient selection is extremely important, and be aware of ingredients before you buy one. In the world of health supplements, there are many types, but not all of them will give a significant contribution to your health. In addition, some ingredients may be very harmful for your body.

Side Effects

Every drug has its own side effects. The list of the most common and dangerous negative effects for those patients may be quite long. Before you decide to buy any medication, you should get acquainted with the full list of negative effects. It is necessary to understand what does the drug imply for your health, which complications may arise and how to deal with them before it happens.


When you try chosing the best AHCC supplement, brand can also have an impact. Reputable and well-known companies offer best quality products.

Best AHCC Supplement-FAQ

Does AHCC make you gain weight?

Studies have not proven any relationship between weight gain and AHCC supplements, despite the fact that they can cause weight loss. While some people experience mild stomach issues, this has no bearing on weight gain.

Can you take AHCC long term?

AHCC is possibly safe. Doses ranging from 4.5 to 6 grams daily have been used safely for up to 6 months. Lower doses of 3 grams daily appear to be safe when used for up to 9 years.

Does AHCC cause hair loss?

Probably the most common question we hear is whether AHCC causes hair loss. The answer is that it probably doesn’t. One side effect of taking AHCC is an increase in testosterone levels but this usually results in increased body and facial hair, not hair loss

Studies have been conducted using AHCC and hair loss. In one study, women with chemotherapy-induced alopecia were given a placebo or AHCC; after twelve weeks, those who received the AHCC saw their hair loss decline.


Ultimately, the product you choose will depend on what you are specifically looking for and what your personal preferences are. However, we hope that some of the information above has served to help you in your search. AHCC supplements can provide a number of benefits, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. And be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning any sort of supplement regimen or making any changes to the medications you currently take.

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