7 Best Acupressure Mat Reviews And Buying Guide

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If you have back pain or an injury in the lower back region, having a good posture is a crucial element that can help treat your pain. However, in order to manage pain effectively, proper positioning of the spine should be achieved which can be tricky sometimes given that people have different heights. In cases like this, it is best to use a product designed specifically for targeting the lower back muscles. There are currently many products to choose from such as massage chairs and tables, heart rate monitors, and also acupressure mats. This article will highlight the best acupressure mats available on the market today.

Best Acupressure Mat Reviews

1. TimeBeeWell Eco-Friendly Back and Neck Pain Relief

TimeBeeWell Eco-Friendly Back and Neck Pain Relief - Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set - Relieves Stress, Back, Neck, and Sciatic Pain - Comes in a Carry Bag for Storage and Travel

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Whether you’re sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end, need to de-stress in the middle of a long work day, or just want to relieve painful pressure in your neck and shoulders from sitting in a car too long, you need supportive tools that make it easy to stimulate blood flow and enhance your relaxation.

That’s why we developed the TimeBeeWell Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set that uses customized lotus-shaped spikes and ergonomic designs to help relieve muscle tension, reduce the strain put on your neck, back, and shoulders, and restores your natural daily focus.

Better yet, it can restore deeper, more relaxing sleep by allowing your body to let go of extra stress while improving blood flow throughout your body.

Perfect for home, travel, or on-the-go use, this is the ultimate solution for relieving tension headaches, restoring a sense of calming euphoria, and feeling better after long trips, tough days at work, or when you’re ready for a better night’s rest.

Massage on the TimeBeeWell acupressure kit blends seamlessly into everyday life. And it affects health quite noticeably!


  • THERAPEUTIC ACUPRESSURE TREATMENT – Never Before Has There Been a Safer and Easier Way to Get Relief from Back and Neck Pain.Smart and effective the TimeBeeWell ECO acupressure mat and pillow set help you with back and neck pain relief to reduce stress and tension in the shoulders, back, and neck.
  • ENCOURAGES A DEEPER, SOLID, UNDISTURBED SLEEP– Our TimeBeeWell acupressure pillow is a half-moon shape to provide better posture support and neck cervical traction to revitalize sleep and restore clarity during the day. Recommended by physical therapists, doctors, sports trainers and chiropractors, the TimeBeeWell half-moon shape pillow provides therapeutic support in multiple areas of the body. Ease back, leg, knee, ankle and hip joint discomfort by providing the proper spinal alignment.
  • FOR BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT – We use HIPS lotus-shaped spikes that stimulate your skin, muscles, and body to revitalize your energy levels and create a more balanced, euphoric mood.If you want to get rid of tiredness and fatigue and reactivate your body, choose our most complete product. Enjoy total acupressure and experience the exhilarating feeling of your body being reactivated and revitalized.Taking time for yourself–to center your energy on yourself–is beneficial for you and your loved-ones.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY COMFORT – Crafted with plant-based ECO-foam and NON-TOXIC materials, the TimeBeeWell acupressure kit supports healthy weight management by helping those with anxiety or depression feel better inside and out.
  • TRUSTED 3-YEAR WARRANTY – Here at TimeBeeWell we care about your health, wellness, and happiness which is backed by an unbeatable 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Make massage your daily wellness habit. It’s so easy! Contact us with any questions for reliable support.

2. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with Bag

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with Bag - Large Size 28.7 X 16.5 inch Acupuncture Mat for Neck & Back Pain, Muscle Relaxation Stress Relief, Sciatica Pain Relief Pillow (Black)

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The acupressure mat and pillow set with bag are perfect for relieving muscle tension and soothing muscle spasms, improving the blood flow. The mat apply squeeze pressure while the pillow applies slapping massage; Designed to relieve fatigue and provide relaxation; Each set includes 1x acupressure mat, 1x acupressure pillow, which is easy to carry, so you can enjoy a comfortable life wherever you are.


  • As a beginer, We do suggest you wearing a thin T-shirt, as you may feel unaccustomed at first time. But after that you will feel a warming sensation along with little muscle twinges. It’s incredibly relaxing. Set includes: 1x acupressure mat, 1x acupressure pillow, 1x carry bag.
  • LARGER SIZE & HIGH QUALITY – 100% cotton. Our acupressure mat (28.7*16.5 inch) and acupressure pillow (15.3*5.9*3.9 inch) are designed larger than other small mats which are unfriendly to tall people. The acupressure mat has 6,930 acupressure points (Total 210 rounded tips, each has 33 points); The pillow has 1782 acupressure points (Total 54 rounded tips, each has 33 points).
  • PAIN RELIEF-The gentle, painless pressure of the mat allows your body to release endorphins that relieve back pain and neck pain. It is really suitable for people who does heavy work every day.
  • MUSCLE RELAXATION-Acupressure mat massage helps relax the muscles of your body, creats energy flow or life force within the body. It is great for users who sit at a desk daily, as well as active individuals and athletes.
  • PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION -Lie and sit on the mat and pillow to stimulate your skin and promote blood circulation. The Acupressure Mat will allow your body to start breaking down toxins, so please do remember to drink water after using.

3. Spoonk Acupressure Eco Mat

Spoonk Acupressure Eco Mat, Navy Blue - With Massage Ball, Travel Mat & Sling Bag - Back & Neck Massager - Travel Pillow - Stress & Muscle Relief - Sleep Aid - Relaxation Kit - Made With Cotton

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Spoonk Acupressure Mat works on the principles of acupressure – healing art known as Shiatsu massage – by stimulating increased circulation with 6210 acupressure stimulation points pressed against problematic areas it helps remove blocked energy and muscle tension or pain while rejuvenates whole body. Laying on the acupressure mat before sleeping for 25 minutes develops effect of deep relaxation that is crucial for deeper and sounder sleep .

Acupressure has been used for centuries to promote self-healing by rejuvenating and rebalancing the body. Spoonk works on the simple principle of acupressure by pressing the stimulation points on the skin to increase circulation and aid relaxation in the inflamed and painful muscle area, relieving muscle, nerve, and back pain. Spoonk provides the benefits of a deep tissue massage that lowers the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol while releasing endorphins (or ‘feel good hormones’), which help create an overall more positive and relaxed state of mind.


Regular Size – Sleep Induction & Back Treatment:

– Lie down on your back against the Spoonk mat in your bed. We recommend direct skin contact with the mat for 20-40 minutes for the best effect.

Travel Size – Roll It Up:

Use it flat

– Lay the mat flat for a back massage or step on it (with socks) for a reflexology foot massage.

Groove Ball – Foot Massage & Reflexology:

  • Roll the Groove Ball under your feet or between your hands for 3-5 minutes when you feel fatigued.


  • The Original Spiked Relaxation Mat; Spoonk Mats work on the simple principle of acupressure; Over 6000 stimulation points help with stress relief; Combo includes regular mat with sling-style carrying bag, travel mat, and groove ball
  • Stress, Muscle Tension And Pain Relief; High quality stimulation points increase circulation; A great sleep aid and massager for stiff muscles; Make it part of your go-to relaxation kit for back and neck pain; Rejuvenate and rebalance the whole body
  • Achieve Deep Relaxation; Use your Spoonk Mat to calm down before bed, help you wake up in the morning, soothe muscles after a workout; Travel Mat rolls up for easy head, neck, and back massage; Use Groove Ball for foot massage and reflexology
  • Eco-Friendly; Non-toxic stim points made with hypoallergenic ABS plastic; Mats are filled with plant-based, CertiPur-US Eco-foam; 100% cotton fabric is Global Organic Textile Standard certified
  • Relax Your World; Spoonk is committed to producing unique products that improve quality of life; Each product is designed to have long lasting effects on your health, immune system, and overall state of mind

4. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Massage Set

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Massage Set - by DoSensePro + Gel Pack - Acupressure Mattress for Back and Neck Pain - Relieve Sciatic, Headaches - Natural Sleeping Aid. Best Relaxation Gift (Purple)

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Thousands of spikes are precisely located on the padded mat to gently press into your back, neck, and head. The size of the mat is large enough to fit your full back. Lying on the 29” long mat for 10-20 minutes a day releases the tension in your muscles and aids your body in its vital healing.

You may start using it for 10 minutes the first few times and increase the time slowly (no longer than 45 minutes). Make sure you don’t fall asleep on the mat.

The stimulation points are made with high-quality non-toxic abs plastic that will not cause allergic reactions. The soft foam mat is covered with 100% high-quality cotton material.

Vibrant Natural Health Without Harmful Toxins

The DoSensePro Acupressure Mat offers you an incredibly easy method to reduce stress in your body and massage your aching back and tense neck muscles! Lie in comfort on the padded mat and let the spikes knead and press into your skin to relieve the pressure in your muscles! Soon, you’ll be in a state of bliss and serenity!

In a rich shade of purple, the coordinating acupuncture mat and head roll pillow are stylish and trendsetting! It’ll be your indulgence after a long hard work day or workout at the gym! Stretch your body to fully work the nodules into your muscles and reap the rewards of a pain free body!

A Perfect GIFT for someone you LOVE and CARE. You will be BLESSES DAILY!

Purchase the DoSensePro Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set Now with the bonus hot/cold gel pack and enjoy the health benefits of a personal massage from your own home!

What are you waiting for? Get your Acupressure Mat and Pillow set today, before we run out of stock!

Pain Relief & Relaxation in 15 Minutes!

Ever walked away from a massage session feeling absolutely on top of the world?

Well, now DoSensePro has engineered an acupressure mat and a pillow that allows you to feel like that anytime – anywhere. The DoSensePro acupressure Mat improves circulation immediately and starts to release tension within seconds.

Within minutes, the acupuncture Mat begins to relieve aches and pains across the body – inducing the body into a state of calmness and relaxation.


  • LONGER ACUPRESSURE MAT: DoSensePro mat is designed longer to be also suitable for use by tall people. Thousands of spikes are precisely located on the padded acupressure mat to gently press into your back, neck and head. Lying on the 29” (75 cm) long deep tissue massager mat for 20 minutes a day releases the tension in your muscles and aids your body in its vital healing. The solution for chronic pain relief. This serenity sleep induction mat is the best aid to cure insomnia.
  • HOT/COLD GEL PACK: We added this gift for you to increase the effect of the treatment. This temperature related therapy will help you cure your pains. You can also use it warm on your body just for relaxation. Kept in the refrigerator, it’s good as first aid for injuries for the whole family. It slows down blood flow rate to an injured area, reducing the swelling and pain.
  • RELAX AFTER YOGA OR YOUR WORKOUT: When you’re heading to the gym, grab this pressure point mat and pillow set stored in the handy fabric carrying tote bag for a relaxing post exercise cool down phase! Treat yourself after stretching and pushing your muscles to the max.
  • THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS OF PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE: Masseuse and Chiropractor visits are expensive, but with the DoSensePro acupoint physical massage mat, you’ll reap all of the benefits of an expert without the cost. Or, try it between massager visits to extend the calming sensations. The best trigger points massage.
  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION FOR BETTER HEALTH: Lie and sit in different positions on the acupressure pad to revitalize and stimulate your blood circulation. Restorative Results For Zen Like State: The DoSensePro Bed of nails acupressure mat works wonders to align your spine and at healing aches and pains, such as headaches and lower back aches! Use the pillow for neck pains. You deserve this relaxation holistic gift!

5. NAYOYA Neck and Back Pain Relief

NAYOYA Neck and Back Pain Relief - Acupressure Mat and Neck Pillow Set - Relieves Stress and Sciatic Pain for Optimal Health and Wellness - Comes in a Carry Box with Handle for Storage and Travel

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Item Weight2 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH9 x 7 x 15 inches

Acupressure has long been a best kept secret by practitioners of alternative pain relief. By using the Acupressure Mat and Neck Pillow, you can experience back and neck pain relief while being in the comfort of your own home, in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Using tiny acupoints to stimulate the body’s own pressure points increases circulation to the area and alleviates stress, tension, aches, and pain, while simultaneously promoting relaxation and recovery so that you can function optimally.

Beginners can start by propping the mat against a chair or sofa for 10-15 minutes to get used to the feeling of the acupressure points, while still enjoying the benefits. This is a great way for beginners to experience the acupressure mat while sitting in front of the computer or television and get accustomed to the feeling of acupressure’s positive effect on the body.

Intermediate users can start using the acupressure mat and pillow on the couch or bed while reading, meditating or watching television. Using the mat and pillow this way provides a cushioning of sorts for your back and lets you get adjusted to using your mat without putting the maximum amount of pressure on your back. It also makes time fly by as you can watch tv from your bed or couch. Suggested time for using the mat this way is 20-45 minutes. After the first 5 minutes you will feel warm, relaxing sensations in your back and neck as the body gets warm from the increased blood flow to the areas.

Advanced users can place the mat on a hard floor and lie directly on top while spreading your bodyweight evenly across the mat. Since the hard surface of the floor provides no cushioning effect, there is more direct acupressure point stimulation for your back causing a larger increase in circulation to the area for immediate stress and pain relief while promoting healing within the body. Suggested time for using the mat for advanced users is 45 minutes and up. The advanced method is great for users in need of relief from chronic pain.

Headache Relief. For the purpose of headache relief there are two ways to use your Acupressure Set. You can stand barefoot on the mat for 5 minutes initially which uses the principles of reflexology on the pressure points of your feet to help alleviate headaches while working up to 15 minutes. The second way to achieve headache relief would be to lay on your acupressure neck pillow with the back of your head to stimulate the pressure points of your scalp and alleviate tension from your head.


  • IMMEDIATE back and neck pain relief in the comfort of your home in as little as 20 minutes per day
  • ELIMINATES the need for expensive treatments as well as therapist, masseuse and chiropractor visits
  • EFFECTIVELY induces a state of complete relaxation while reducing aches, pain, stress and tension
  • RELIEVES not only back, neck, shoulder and sciatic pain whether mild or chronic but also relieves headaches
  • OTHER BENEFITS include improved circulation, sleep, and mood as well an increase in energy levels. This item is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee

6. Nayoya Acupressure Mat for at Home

Nayoya Acupressure Mat for at Home Back Pain Sciatica Fibromyalgia Relief

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The Acupressure Mat helps relieve back and neck pain, sciatica, and muscle spasms without resorting to expensive doctor visits. Using the wisdom of alternative therapy, the mat’s provide effective pain relief that is simple and very easy to use. Simply lie down shirtless on the mat while thousands of acupressure points work on the body, increasing circulation to the area and promoting an overall increase in wellness.

The Nayoya Acupressure Mat has 6,210 acupressure points that press against the body. These acupressure points increase circulation to knots and sore muscles in your back, helping to reduce inflammation and pain while boosting your mood due it’s stress relieving properties.

A stiff neck and shoulder pain can be caused by numerous sources including sitting too long in front of the computer, overexertion during exercise, and sleeping in positions that strain the neck and shoulder joint.

Rolling up a towel and placing it underneath the upper end of the mat simulates the curve of the neck making it super easy and effective to directly achieve neck pain relief. The acupoints of the mat helps relieve the stiffness via targeted stimulation directly onto the area.


  • RELIEVES back pain and stress in the comfort of your home in as little as 15 minutes per day
  • IMPROVES circulation by increasing blood flow to the back and other areas for optimal health
  • HEADACHE RELIEF can be achieved by standing on the mat barefoot for up to 10 minutes by utilizing the reflexology points of the feet
  • INCREASES relaxation for a more restful sleep to increase energy levels and relaxation
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for chiropractors, physical therapists and acupuncture professionals.

7. YOBEYI Foot Massage Mat Acupressure Mat

YOBEYI Foot Massage Mat Acupressure Mat Foot Reflexology Walking Toe Plate Massage Pad Bathroom Mat Yoga Mat Anti-Slip Mat Outdoor Game 2 PCS (Green)

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Acupressure foot mat are traditional tool to improve the overall health. Prevention is always better than cure, in today’s competitive life, fast foods and unhealthy lifestyle will result in anxiety and other mental issues. Using this massage foot mat will help you getting relaxed from the tension and will give you peace of mind.
It uses your own body weight to simulate the oxygen flow in your body, simulate blood circulation in not only your foot but also your hand and fingers. Since it is a drug free and proven technique for betterment of health, it is side-effect free.
This acupressure foot mat is great for traveling, home use and it costs less than one acupressure massage session. It can also be used at work since its portable and will give the relaxation on pressurized working day.

Not only a great gift for health care,but also interesting game items with your friends or family for indoor&outdoor usage.Like doing running races on the mats,funny and crazy.


  • 1. It is recommended to buy 2 pieces (anti-slip mat) while taking a bath and massage. It is recommended to buy 4 pieces (massage sole) for walking massage, 6 pieces for jumping rope hopscotch game, 10 pieces for yoga practice, and 26 pieces for company jumping rope activity.(size 11.8 *15.8in)
  • 2.Imported TPE material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, healthy and safe, no odor, durable and not easy to deform, Loop-style seamless stitching
  • 3.Each cushion has more than 3,000 protruding stimulation points. Simulated finger massage stimulates the soles of the feet and presses the acupuncture points in all directions. It takes only a few minutes on the mat to help promote blood circulation,relax the whole body
  • 4.Lightweight and can be used anywhere, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, outdoor lawn, standing for 10 minutes every day, it is good to relax body is like going to a massage shop
  • 5.Acupressure is an ancient healing art, it has rubber mat spikes which are perfectly placed to make sure you get the best acupressure points, and give great simulation to your skin without hurting it.The way to keep in good health begins with the foot, the feet are long-lived, the feet are strong and strong, for the sake of health, let your feet burn and scream

What to Look for in an Acupressure Mat


Acupressure mats made with high-quality materials will be more effective and long-lasting. For optimal comfort and durability, the padding of the mat should be a sturdy, non-toxic foam, not polyurethane. The best mats have covers that are made of cotton or some other breathable, natural fabric that feels soft and is easy to clean. In general, acupressure points are plastic; however, there are some mats with metal spikes.

To avoid any potential chemical sensitivities or odors, some brands focus on eco-friendly materials, which may increase the cost of the mat.


The more spikes on a mat, the easier it is to adjust to the treatment and the more pressure points you’ll hit. Most quality mats have anywhere from 6,000 to more than 8,000 spikes.


Acupressure mats vary in length and width, so consider how much coverage you’ll need and where you’ll be using it. While larger mats are versatile to treat many areas at once, smaller ones are ideal for carrying to the gym, yoga studio, work, or on vacation. They’re also good if you want to target one spot, such as your feet or lower back.

Extra Features

An included acupressure pillow is a nice bonus because you can use it to support your neck while also getting additional pressure points. However, many mats can be rolled up and used to treat a sore neck, so a pillow is not a must-have item. Some mats come with a carrying bag, which is ideal for storage or for taking your mat on the road.

How do you use an acupressure mat?

If you’re using an acupressure mat for the first time, or you’re still fairly new to the treatment, wearing a lightweight shirt or using a sheet on it will allow your skin to develop some tolerance to the points. As you become accustomed to the feeling over time, you’ll eventually be able to use it on bare skin. Initially, you’ll want to use it on a bed or couch, rather than on a hard floor. Position the area of your body that you want to treat across the mat. You may want to use a small pillow under your neck for support. Try to lay on it for just a few minutes to start. The first minute or so may hurt slightly, but the pain will diminish as your skin adjusts and you begin to feel more relaxed. To get the maximum benefits, it’s recommended to lay on the mat for 20 to 30 minutes a day. You can also use an acupressure mat for a foot treatment by standing on the mat.

How do acupressure mats work?

Acupressure therapy is similar to acupuncture, but the spikes on the mats do not puncture the skin. The unique design of acupressure mats allows them to hit and stimulate thousands of points on your body at once, which can lead to pain relief and relaxation.“For people who have a fear of needles or want a DIY home version of acupuncture, acupressure mats can provide a safe and easy-to-use alternative to treat what ails you and help you be your most Zen self,” says Snyder. The benefits of acupressure are still being studied, so keep in mind that acupressure mats shouldn’t be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice from a healthcare professional. However, they can be used as part of a holistic wellness routine.

Final Word

Whether you want to treat yourself or someone else, there are some important things you should know about acupressure mats. First of all, you need to choose the kind that’s right for you. There are different acupressure mats for different purposes and different people might have very different needs when it comes to one of these mats. Most of them can also be washed and disinfected, so if this type of mat isn’t part of your regular routine for caring for it, then chances are it won’t get dirty too often or quickly.

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