Best 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine – Buying Guide

When we want to start a small business and make money, it is sometimes true that we don’t start from scratch. We have used the resources from other people’s work and combined them with our own knowledge, skills, and experience to run our own business.

As a newcomer in the sublimation printing machine industry, we knew that there are many machines in the market to choose from. These are the best 5 in 1 heat press machines you can find on the market today. These high-tech gadgets are able to help you press or emboss a logo on a variety of different items. Something for everyone, from the fashion designer to the crafter, here is a list of the most versatile T-shirt heat press available.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine

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Best 5 in 1 Heat Press- Buying Guide


Large heat plate 

Are you tired of waiting around for your heat press machine to heat up before pressing your transfer? If so, SURPCOS Heat Press Machine is perfect for you! It heats up in only 30 seconds with a large heating plate, so you can start applying your designs right away!

Teflon coating

The SURPCOS Heat Press Machine includes a 12″ x 15″ Teflon-coated T-shirt plate to quickly press tee shirt transfers or other high-volume jobs. The machine also includes six easy-to-use steel clamps for a stable grip on your garments.

Commercial-grade steel frame

The SURPCOS Heat Press Machine is made of a commercial-grade steel frame for durability and easy transportation, while the Teflon coating protects the platen from scratch.


  • Monitor temperature accurately 
  • Prevent overheating to keep you safe while operating the machine
  • Automatic safety protection: 
  • Multi-directional printing on various items without removing


  • Handle isn’t durable enough


Robust and sturdy

The heat press machine for clothes is very safe and sturdy for the long run. It has a robust build with a full support plate to hold the items firmly, on which you will apply a print on it.  

Smart finish in different materials

Teflon coating on the platen helps to provide a smoother finish and enables print release without damaging or burning the design. The surface of this machine is very smooth, and thus it works on various items like metal, plastic, cotton, T-shirts, etc., with ease.

Precise control panel

It has an accurate temperature & time control on the machine, which is very helpful, especially on heat press machines since they are used on more delicate items, you cannot afford to make any mistake.  

Overheating protection feature

You will get an overheating protection feature that protects the machine from damages caused due to overheating. 


  • It has a wide range of uses from shirts to hats
  • It is very safe and robust, built for rough use.
  • Precise control panel helps you work on an accurate temperature
  • Teflon coating on the platen helps to provide a smoother finish


  • No LCD screen


Sturdy design

Heavy-duty metal construction provides sturdiness to the machine making it very durable. Moreover, the best part of this press is that you need not put any extra effort into adjusting it while working on different materials.

Precise control panel

The Control panel of this machine is very precise and enables accurate regulation of temperature and timer. This ensures the perfect quality every single time you use it. It also comprises a locking mechanism that keeps the press safe while busy with your other work or attending calls.

Short heat uptime

Heat up time of this press is very less. You can start working with it as soon as you switch it on. So, you do not need to wait for a long time as the other presses require.


  • Makes professional quality pressing of clothes, bags, shoes etc
  • Offers accurate temperature and timer regulation.
  • Heat up time is very less; start working within minutes
  • Can be used on various objects of different materials
  • Heavy duty metal construction provides durability. 


  • Issues with a temperature box after certain months.


Perfect Teflon Coating: The Teflon coating makes sure that your garments are safe. It also ensures even heating your items without damaging their designs.

Precise Temperature Control

You can now create your very own designs without having to worry about them not getting printed on the material as you desired. It has accurate temperature control, so it heats up well and to the right temperature.

LCD Display

The LCD on the front panel of this machine is for accurate temperature control. You can shift through the numbers and see how much each number is while choosing the one which gives you the perfect amount of heat for your designs to come out perfectly.


  • Comes with Teflon coating on the platen to keep your materials safe.
  • Has a larger pressing surface.
  • Comes with a precise temperature control system.
  • The LCD display helps choose the right amount of heat.


  • Heat consistency could have been better.


Safe to Use

PNKKODW Pro 5-in-1 Heat Press Machine contains an overheating protection button. If the temperature gets too high, it will spring up to protect the machine. Besides, it has an upgraded aluminum heating plate. As the plate is Teflon-coated, it is harmless to your clothes, easy to clean, and not sticky. 

Reliable Parts

This machine contains a stable base, full-range pressure adjustment knob, upgraded rubber handle, 360-degree swivel feature, and so on. These reliable, upgraded parts assure you of easy, safe, stable, and comfortable use. Besides, the heat press will automatically turn off if it gets overheated, keeping your machine and elements safe. 


  • Easy and comfortable
  • Fast Heating
  • Saves time
  • Signal Indicator


  • High Price


Multiple Functions

This machine can be used for t-shirts, hats, cups, mugs, plates, and so on. It is suitable for ceramic, glasses, cotton, nylon, etc. This machine also has different accessories to make different designs.   

Easy to Use

According to the thickness of the material, you can adjust the pressure using an adjustment knob. The detachable lower platform can easily be exchanged for other elements. Besides, the 360-degree rotation system allows the elements to move safely. 


  • Great printing effect
  • Digital time & temperature controller
  • Easy to operate
  • Exquisite design


A Wide Range of Uses

You can use this machine on t-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, mugs, tiles, jigsaw puzzles, lettering & other fabric materials. It can easily transfer colorful images onto ceramics, glasses, cotton, chemical fiber, nylon, etc. 


It comes with an aluminum heating plate and a bottom plate with a high-elastic silicone pad. The heating plate has thermal conductivity; it is flat and durable. The bottom plate is consistent and flat in use.

Smart Thermostat

This machine contains an intelligent digital display thermostat. And the timetable will automatically start timing and give you a reminder sound when the timing is over. 


  • Easy to use
  • Fast to heat 
  • Durable and smoother handle
  • Multiple functions
  • Saves time


  • Smells when heats up

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