Top 7 Best 4×6 Photo Printer – Buying Guide

There’s no doubt about it – digital photography has taken off massively in recent times. It seems everyone wants to take pictures these days and they’re often being shared online via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. So why would anyone want to invest money into purchasing the best 4×6 photo printer instead of using a smartphone or tablet to capture and share images?

Well, apart from the fact that smartphones don’t always allow you to get the perfect shot every time, sometimes you may wish to print out certain shots rather than simply sharing them online. For example, maybe you’ve got a special event coming up where you’d love to display photographs of friends and family members who were able to attend.

Or perhaps you’ve been given a gift certificate by someone and now you want to show them off at work or school. Whatever the reason, investing in best portable 4×6 photo printer could save you hours of searching through albums and scanning old memories onto CDs/DVDs.

So let’s look at some of the canon 4×6 photo printer available in the market – you will then compare them and see what’s best for you.

Our Top Pick:

Leading 7 Best 4×6 Photo Printer- Buying Guide

1. Canon Selphy CP1300

The Canon Selphy CP1300 photo printer from Canon is a great addition to your home office or small business. It’s easy to use with its Canon Print App3 that makes it simple to print photos directly from any connectable device without having to download them first.

The machine also features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that allows you to easily navigate through all of its functions without having to open the lid. On top of that, the canon 4×6 photo printer comes equipped with wireless connectivity so it can be used typically anywhere within the range of your router.

It offers fast printing speeds of up to 47 seconds per page with the ability to produce prints as large as four by six inches in size. With such speed, one can be certain that there will be no congestions at the workplace even when the task load is huge.  

Yet another amazing thing you will like the most with your Canon Selphy CP1300 digital photo printer is that it offers superior quality photos that dry out instantly. This means you will no longer have to waste time waiting for photos to dry out. 

Finally, the prints it delivers are resistant to vagaries of weather and will last for up to 100 years. This makes the printer ideal for managing projects that are intended to serve long-term purposes.

Key Features

  • Fast printing speed – only 47 seconds needed to print a page
  • Features a 3.2” touch monitor
  • Feature canon print app3 that makes printing effortless
  • Feature a sleek portable design


  • Fast printing speed to ensure no congestion at the workplace
  • Easy to install
  • Allows remote printing so that you can print from your comfort
  • Offers durable prints


  • It’s Not a good option for large businesses

2. HP Sprocket 3MP72A

Unlike some other best portable 4×6 photo printer you have encountered on the market or worked with before, the HP Sprocket 3MP72A printer allows you to personalize your prints. This is possible thanks to the downloadable HP Sprocket app that comes with a wide range of inbuilt templates for cards, albums, collages, etc. 

The convenience of printing from whatever connectable device you have is yet another reason to go for this printer. The HP 4×6 photo printer allows connectivity with several sources such as your smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. 

If you think this is all that set the best 4×6 color photo printer apart, then you will want to hear more about its augmented reality fun app.  It lets you superimpose digital content such as texts, images, and sounds. 

With HP Sprocket 3MP72A, you will forget about all the inconvenience you encounter when there’s a power blackout thanks to the long-lasting portable battery that comes included. Other than ensuring you don’t terminate your operations when there’s a power outage, the battery allows you to be more flexible – you carry the printer and go to outdoor events where printing services are needed. 

Finally, hp 4×6 photo printer also offers supreme quality durable prints that withstand the test of life. In the long run, this saves greatly on your costs. 

Key Features

  • Comes with a portable battery
  • Remote printing –BT, Wi-Fi, 
  • Printing technology: Dye-sublimation technology (cartridges required)
  • Input capacity – up to 20 sheets


  • Enjoy operating outdoor even where there’s no power 
  • Offers long-lasting prints – can last up to 100 years even in unfavorable weather
  • Lightweight and compact for easy portability
  • Simple setup


  • It can be somewhat expensive for some people

3. KODAK Dock Printer

If you are looking for the best printer, canon will be a good choice for you. Canon is one of the most popular brands in printing and it has been around since 1892. 

It was George Eastman and Henry A. Strong who invented the first inkjet printer back then. The company started with making cameras but later on, they expanded their business to other products like printers, copiers, fax machines, etc. 

They have also made many innovations over time which helped them become so successful today. Today, Canon still makes great quality products that can compete against any brand out there. If you want to buy an affordable yet high-quality best compact photo printer 4×6 from this manufacturer, then you are right if you choose their Kodak dock printer.

One of the reasons for choosing the KODAK Dock Photo Printer is simply because of the stellar photo prints the machine offers. When you think of this quality and consider its printing speed, there’s no doubting that this is a machine for professionals. 

To ensure you’ll never get interruption when handling your tasks, the best compact photo printer 4x6comes with a portable lithium battery that doesn’t drain fast once charged. With this battery, you are as flexible as you wish since you can work from any outdoor place.

To enhance portability, the manufacture has made the epson 4×6 photo printer compact and lightweight. Other than boosting portability, this feature also helps to maximize space usage – you no longer have to worry about the space available. 

Finally, your KODAK DOCK photo printer will make sharing pictures with your loved ones a walk in the park. You can share via emails or USB ports.

Key Features

  • Uses 4Pass Technology – for supreme quality
  • Free KODAK app – to simplify the use of the machine
  • Bluetooth connection enabled
  • Inbuilt laminator


  • Laminate your photos so that they are free from fingerprints
  • Uses superior technology to deliver supreme quality prints
  • Features a portable battery so that you are more flexible
  • Allows you to share pics with your colleagues seamlessly


  • The manufacturer does not guarantee free delivery

4. KODAK Dock Plus Photo Printer

The amazing thing about the KODAK plus best compact photo printer 4×6 is its Mobile Printing App. The app allows users to easily send files directly from mobile devices or other virtually networked devices to the printer for printing. 

With this best 4×6 color photo printer, emailing documents, organizing photos, creating presentations, and more, becomes easily achievable—all without having to use a computer. 

Users simply download the free app onto their iOS or Android device, open it, sign in to their account, and start sending. All supported mobile devices now work wirelessly with select KODAK Dock plus Printer, except a few (make sure to check whether your device is compatible)

Another great selling point for this best 4×6 color photo printer is that it offers superior quality prints with no fingerprints or other spots that would otherwise tamper with the quality. This is achievable because it is has a built-in laminator that laminates every print coming out of the device. 

And with laminated prints, you don’t also have to stress over damages due to things such as moisture or other weather vagaries. 

Key Features

  • Built-in laminator – laminates your prints to boost durability
  • Mobile printing app – simplify usability
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Uses 4pass technology – to deliver quality


  • Long-lasting prints as they are laminated
  • Compact and hence portable
  • Fitted with portable battery – this makes sure your best compact photo printer 4×6 is usable typically anywhere you decide
  • Cost-effective


  • Some people report poor customer care service

5. EPSON PM 400

This is a small-sized and compact photo printer that you comfortably carry at family gatherings, social events. It delivers quality 4 by 6 photos. The wireless 4 by 6 photo printer enables you to print photos from your smartphone or iPad. In addition, it has a Wi-Fi slot that allows you set up a hotspot connection hence you can download images online for printing.

The best 4 by 6 wireless photo printer for android has a 2.7’’ touchscreen that enables you to preview images before is fast with a print speed of 35 seconds. This feature makes it a favorite choice for most people. Under such economic times, we need tools that save time and money. The photos printed out are normally water and fade resistant, scratch-free, and amazingly can last up to 200 years.

Key Features

  • A 2.7’’ touchscreen that enables you to preview images before printing
  • The Epson 4×6 photo printer is wireless hence allowing you to comfortably print from your smartphone or iPad.
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Features Epson cartridge


  • It is light hence one can comfortably carry at social events
  • The best 4×6 wireless photo printer for androidis small-sized and lightweight
  • It has a print speed of 35 seconds and prints quality pictures that are fade resistant


  • Can cost a lot more

6. Canon SELPHY CP1300

This is the best 4×6 wireless photo printer for android that allows one to comfortably print images directly from their smartphone or iPad. In addition to that, the best portable 4×6 photo printer has a USB cable that allows pc connections.

 The printer is easy and fun to use. This is because it can print a range of papers such as postcard paper size, small little stickers, and label size paper each at a time.

Printing id has never been such easy. The canon 4×6 photo printer has 43 built-in id sizes that enable you to print the right size that you need. To add to that you can print the photos however you can be air print, iOS, and Windows RT, wirelessly; wired…the list is endless. The best 4 by 6 wireless photo printer has a print speed of 46 seconds for the postcard borderless photo and 40 seconds for the card-sized photos.

Key Features

  • It is wireless thus one comfortably prints images directly from their smartphone or iPad.
  • 300 x 300 dpi
  • The printer has 16 Multilanguage user interface
  • It has a print resolution of 256 levels per color


  • Easy to use as you comfortably print images directly from your smartphone or iPad
  • It can print a range of papers such as postcard-sized, little stickers


  • The printer is only compatible with apple brands

7. Kodak Dock Plus

This is one of the best photo printer 4×6 engineered with the latest printing technology to enable you to print the best photos. The Kodak instant printer has a special printing technology that involves layering each color into high-strength photo paper. This results in gorgeous and long-lasting photos that one will always remember their special moments with.

The best 4 by 6 photo printer is convenient to use as it lets you directly print from your smartphone. The good thing about this printer is that it is compatible with almost all brands.

The dye diffusion technology is one of the most advanced features engineered into this photo printer. It involves the infusion of quality cartridges that ensures fast prints are delivered with a touch of a button.

Key Features

  • The printer has a dye diffusion technology. This involves the infusion of quality cartridges that ensure fast prints are delivered with a touch of a button
  • Free Kodak app
  • This best photo printer 4×6 has wireless and wired connections to ease the printing process
  • Maximum device compatibility


  • Fast prints are delivered with a touch of a button
  • Convenient to use as you can directly print from your smartphone
  • Quality photos are delivered


  • This best 4×6 wireless photo printer for android uses actual ink hence there is a likely hood of the heads drying up.

The Best 4×6 Photo Printer Buying Guide

Best 4x6 Photo Printer


The first thing most people think about when buying best photo printer 4×6 is how many photos it prints per minute. This is important because if you want to get good quality results from your printer then you need to match up with its maximum printing rate. If you don’t do this then you may end up wasting money on more expensive papers or even worse – not getting any usable output at all. So what does “resolution” mean exactly?

It means the number of pixels that each square inch of a printed image contains. For example, a 600 dpi laser printer has around 300 dots per inch whereas a 1200dpi laser printer has over 1000 dots per inch. A higher DPI value usually gives better detail but also increases cost. You should always check out the small photo printer 4×6 specs before purchasing as there are often hidden costs involved such as shipping fees.

Paper Type

There are two main types of paper used by wireless 4×6 photo printer today; glossy and matte. The glossy paper looks great but doesn’t last very long while matte paper lasts longer but isn’t quite as attractive. Some manufacturers offer both options so you can pick whichever suits your needs best.

Print Speed

Print speeds vary greatly between different models. Most high-end wireless 4×6 photo printer come with faster rates than lower-priced ones. However, remember that these numbers only tell part of the story. 

They measure just how fast the machine can produce images but they don’t take into account other factors such as whether the printer uses toner or inkjet technology. 

Ink Types

Another factor worth considering when shopping for the best photo printer 4×6 is the choice of ink available. Many companies now sell multi-ink cartridges that allow users to switch between black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors without having to change the cartridge every time. Others still stick to single-color cartridges. 

Either way, you should consider how easy it would be to swap out the ink tanks yourself. Also, keep in mind that cheaper brands might not provide enough ink capacity for large jobs.


We hope you find this guide useful and that it helps you make an informed decision when buying the best 4×6 photo printer. We’ve tried to cover the most important features of each model, but if there is anything we missed or you have any questions about our recommendations please let us know in the comments section below!

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