Best 3D Scanner to Buy In 2023

Are you interested in owning the best 3D scanner? Over recent years, 3D scanners have changed the way we view the world, the design we make, etc. These devices create entire 3D digitized models of various objects within a short period. However, the 3D scanners are not popular as 3D printers despite the 3D scanners being integral for faster prototyping and even 3D printing.

The 3D scanners have a wide use; they can be used by engineers, educators, and creators, among other professionals. If you need a 3D document with the right dimensions, the 3D scanners will help you. There are two main distinct 3D scanning approaches. The first approach uses a smartphone, drone, or camera, and the second approach uses 3D scanners.

With the low number of reliable 3D scanners, we reviewed the top 6 best 3D scanners available. The primary purpose of the review is to give you the best device that you can use. Here are the top quality devices

Top Picks: 5 Best 3D Scanner

Top 6 Best 3D Scanner- Buying Guide

1. Revopoint POP 3D Scanner with Turntable 0.3mm Accuracy 8 Fps Scan Speed Desktop

The Revopoint POP 3D is one of the best user-friendly 3D scanners used as stationary or handheld device scanners. The scanner is highly sophisticated but has a compact design with top-quality work that industrial-grade scanners can do. The scanner is well known for its texture and high-precision scanning modes.


Invisible light- The POP 3D scanner is made with minimum to no harmful light for safety use. It uses infrared scanning technology, unlike the standard scanners that use laser technology. The rays from the scanner are safe and comfortable to be looked at directly. It can be used to scan someone’s face while looking at them as they are safe for use.

The Revopoint POP 3D Scanner has the best single-frame accuracy of up to 0.3mm. It also supports both texture and high-precision scanning modes that lets you generate vivid 3D modes that are perfect for 3D printing.

Ideal multi-scanning modes- The scanner features scan software that allows fixed, human, and free scanning. If you are not familiar with 3D scanning, you can watch how the scanner does it automatically with the help of the turntable. If you want to scan yourself, you only need to set the human mode for natural scanning.

Extreme power safe- The scanner is an externally powered device that can work with various devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, and others for scanning. It only uses the USB cable for both data and power supply. Revopoint POP 3D scanner is also lightweight with 200g hence perfect for outdoor use.


  • Automatic scan when turntable used
  • The scan quality is good
  • It has no harmful effect on human
  • Easily portable
  • Lightweight scanner
  • Easy to use


  • It is not ideal for scanning large objects

2. Revopoint POP 3D Scanner 0.3mm Accuracy 8 Fps Scan Speed Desktop and Handheld Fixed/Auto Scan Mode

If you are looking for a compact design scanner that is perfect, affordable, and accurate in scanning, this is the device that you need. With the top-quality scanning software, you can use it for various purposes, just like the other Revopoint scanner. Safety features have also been catered in the device, and therefore you can use it without having any doubt or fear.


Lightweight and compact- Revopoint POP 3D scanner has a compact design that weighs 200g making it lightweight and portable. It can be carried for any outdoor function. You need to scan and export the document with your 3D printer.

Works with Pad, Phone, and PC- The scanner is an external power use device that can be powered by tablets, computers, or phones in scanning. It is designed with a minimalist approach of using the USB cable, which can be used as a data transfer or power supply cable.

Excellent scanning mode- The scanner has scan software used for indoor or outdoor scanning, fixed scanning, and free scanning. The turntable automatically scans various documents, including human faces, as it is harmless when used with the turntable.

Perfect scan speed- The scanner has an accurate scan that can reach 0.3mm with the 8fps scan speed. It also supports high-precision and texture scan speed modes. This enables one to generate vivid 3D models that are 3D printable.


  • Portable
  • Excellent scanning speed
  • Affordable
  • Automatic turntable calibration
  • Easy to set and use
  • Excellent scan quality


  • The scan is clunky and cheap
  • The scan doesn’t capture all the information

3. Revopoint POP 3D Scanner 8 Fps Scan Speed Desktop and Handheld Scan Mode for Face and Body Scanning Modes

There is a big difference with this Revopoint scanner compared to the others. The quality of its scans exceeds the others as it combines 3D A, An algorithm that puzzles 3D scanning that has superior results. There is also a higher sensitive sensor that records data very fast, showing its precision of up to 0.3mm as it retains the original text of the object.


Ultra-portable and easy to use- The scanner is lightweight as it weighs 225g with a dimension of 154.6 x 38.2 x 25.6mm. It features a single cable that connects data and power. There is also a 5000mAH power bank used as a tripod and connects the computer or phone for wireless and unparalleled mobility scanning.

Professional scan level- The scanner scans objects with a sharp and magnificent color with realistic textures. It can scan a binocular structured light map of 3D wireframes with an accuracy of 0.3mm. It also supports 3D mapping without requiring any external RAM from phones. The scanner has user-friendly software that shows information in real-time.

Dual connectivity- The scanner works with both wireless and wired modes. With the unique all-in-one cable, you can easily connect with your phones or wirelessly connect with the iOS phones. It helps to eliminate extensive cabling when free scanning. The Auto-alignment software essentially improves the 3D resolution when mapping.


  • Double mode connectivity
  • It is user friendly
  • Compact design hence easily portable
  • Efficiently works with mobile package
  • It can be powered with a USB battery pack


  • It doesn’t work perfectly with a turntable

4. Newest EinScan SE Desktop 3D Scanner – Dual-Mode Fixed and Auto Scan 0.1 mm Accuracy

Do you need a high-quality scanner from a reputable company? EinScan SE Desktop 3D Scanner is a unique dual scanning mode scanner with excellent features that are ideal for maximum convenience. The scanner provides a flexible scanning range that is ideal for small and large businesses. The design is unique from other 3D scanners.


Perfect companion with desktop- The scanner features a new design with upgraded capacity making it the most accessible 3D scanning experience for non-technical users; it is ideal for desktop 3D printing and education. The automatic scan mode can do a 360-degrees scan within 2 minutes.

Perfect resolution- EinScan SE Desktop 3D Scanner has a 0.17-0.2mm resolution, making it easy to use. Once assembled, it can take high-quality scans of large objects up to 700mm X 700mm with the fixed mode. The scan can complete a scan within 8 seconds using a specified mode and 2 minutes with the automatic scan mode.

Accurate and reliable scans- The EinScan-SP has an upgraded function that delivers high-quality data faster and efficiently. It has a high accuracy of 0.55mm with a single scan. It is available in the various alignment of mark points, manual alignment, turntable mark points, and manual alignment.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Dual scan mode
  • New integrated design
  • Wide range of scanning options


  • Not compatible with the mac system

5. CREALITY CR Scan 01 3D Scanner

With a good reputation and a budget-friendly, CREALITY CR Scan 01 3D Scanner aims to provide top-quality scans that resemble the original object. The scanner features a structured light technology that feels out the size, texture, and shape of the 3D object to create a digital scan. The scanner has excellent features that can restore the true colors and texture of the object.


Smart technology- CREALITY CR Scan 01 3D Scanner uses an intelligent large-scale registration algorithm that helps to have an automatic matching of the scan and object. It has powerful processing methods like automatic color repair, smooth denoising, fill repair and non-destructive mesh simplification features that give you a powerful scan experience.

High precision and speed- The scanner has a scanning accuracy of 0.1mm, scan resolution of 0.5mm, and scan images of up to 536×378 at 10fps. The High accuracy level ensures a high precision texture with all the object’s small and large details. The high fidelity of 24-bit color restoration supports color printing perfectly.

Auto editing- The scanner has a concise UI design feature that makes the operation process easy. Its output standard file format includes obj and stl, making it compatible with all light-curing and mainstream FDM printers. This makes it user-friendly and time-saving. A scanner is perfect for designers, students, educators, and makers with creative ideas.

Wide application- This compact 3D scanner is a perfect option for 3d printing, art, industrial design, animation design, 3d modeling, healthcare modeling, reverse engineering, and others. It is a scanner that is easy to use and user-friendly.


  • It is a Bluetooth turntable
  • It has a wide application
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Accurate scans
  • Smart technology
  • Automatic color repair


  • Supply issues

6. 3D Scanner 2022 Upgraded Mac OS/Windows CREALITY CR-Scan01 3D Scanner Kit

This is another top-quality scanning device you need to have if you haven’t found one from the above list. The top-quality feature that comes with it is of another level. If you need a powerful scanner perfect for modeling and accuracy, the device is here.


Easy to operate- The intelligent wide-range alignment algorithm of the scanner ensures an automatic matching hence no need for manual marker use. The handheld modes synthesize and auto splices various angles of the same model based on structural and color features. This makes it easy to operate and more flexible.

User-friendly mode- The scanner’s design makes it easy for the processing operation. It has powerful modeling process methods such as automatic color repair, substrate recognition, non-destructive simplification, and perfect filling repair. These entire methods make the scanner gives you the best scanning experience.

Wide application- This is the right device if you need a scanner with a wider application. The scanner can be used in Animation design, 3D printing, modeling, reverse engineering, and others. The standard output format of obj and stl makes it useful to students, educators, designers, hobbyists, etc.


  • Easy to operate
  • It has a wide application
  • Smart technology
  • Automatic color repair
  • Many scan modes


  • It is relatively expensive

Buying Guide

scanning object

Many of the 3D scanners we reviewed were not selected because of their name or costs. We used our experience on how the scanner works, their design, specifications, and comfort. So, to get the best scanner, there are various factors you need to consider. The factors include


The market is full of 3D scanners, but not all of them are ideal, and therefore it is hard to decide on which one to buy. One of the best ways to look at it is the scanner’s design. The design includes the material used, the weight, and the color scheme, among others. Check on these things and choose the device that suits your needs and taste perfectly.

Accuracy and Resolution

The accuracy of a scanner refers to how the scans match with the real object. It is expressed in mm, showing the degrees the 3D scans stick to the real object’s features, size, and shape. The resolution refers to the smallest distance between points in a 3D scan. The top-quality 3D scanner should have a higher resolution and accuracy to be able scan more refined details on the scans as it is in the object.

Connectivity and software

This is another factor that is vital to check when buying your  3D scanner. A good scanner should allow one to scan, export, and connect with various devices. A good scanner should be portable and connect with phones and connect with power banks for a quick scan. The scanners also need to have top-quality software that matches your needs to have a high-quality professional outcome.

Stability and control

Control and stability are essential considerations that you need to look at in your scanner. Check how easy it is to control and use your scanner. A stable and easy to control scanner allows you to scan your objects easily and have a high-quality outcome.


The design and materials a 3D scanner uses are vital to look at as they determine the device’s durability. Choose 3D scanners which can withstand damage, wear, and pressure. Do not buy a device that won’t last long if you want to use the scanner for many years.

Brand Value

The 3D scanners available in the market come from different brands. Choose the 3D scanner brands that are well-known for high-quality and excellent outcomes. The customer’s review of the precision and utmost care helps to know the scanner’s quality.

How Does a 3D Scanner Work?

Once you have your 3D scanner, the next thing is to scan your object. But the question that many ask is how the 3D scanner works? Most of the 3D scanners have the same concept in how they work.

  • Many laser or 3D scanners have light technology and cameras. The first step of using the 3D scanner is to place the object on the tray, bed, or a suitable location. The Electromagnetic light will bounce off to the object, the dimensions, and finer details.
  • Depending on the nature of the scanner, it may use cameras, light sources, and the tech aid process. The scanned data is placed on the cloud, showing the number of points the 3D scanners have captured.
  • The more scan points collected, the more accurate the scans. A scanner with a high resolution captures many points and, therefore, will show the exact data in the object. This process takes a few seconds to capture all the details from the object. The HD cameras or light geometry will capture color and information on the object.
  • The scanned data then is sent to the computer-aided design or some inspection for it to be manipulated. If you want to use the 3D printer, the model might hollow or scale up, add support structure, be re-colored, or add the required brightness and contrast to have a high-quality print.

If one follows the above steps, they will have scanned his documents and stored them on the cloud or computer or have a 3D printing using the best 3D printers. The 3D scan process is easy, but you need to follow the involved steps. Read the manuals of the 3D scanner you have bought to have a successful scanning experience. 

How to Make a 3D Scanner?

Do you know that you can build your 3D scanner at home? Yes, you can if you have the required parts to attach them and work. It might be challenging if you want to get the parts by yourself and fix them. The best way is to buy the 3D kid from a recognized dear and start your process.

Here are the steps you need to follow for successful assembling

  • Begin by choosing the best 3D scanner kit you will love to use to make your 3D scanner. Various 3D brands sell the 3D scanner kit that one can buy.
  • Once you have received your 3D scanner kit, verify if all the necessary parts are provided. Go through the list of the items packed and cross-check if they are indeed what you require. This step is vital because you will be able to know the role of each part included.
  • Go through the manual steps carefully to avoid messing up with your scanner. Ensure you have read every instruction correctly and assemble the parts as the instruction states. The assembling process is easy if you follow the instructions provided, and therefore it won’t take much time.
  • Once you have assembled all the parts, you can have a scan test to see if it is working. If you realize that the 3D scans are good or the scanner isn’t working, repeat the instructions while cross-checking where you made a mistake. By doing so, I am sure you will achieve it.

It is also good to mention that different 3D scanners have different ways they work. The 3D scan kit you buy from brand A might not be the same as brand B, their assembling might not be the same, but the scanning process is the same.


What Is the Best 3D Laser Scanner?

There are several best 3D laser scanners available on the market. To know which of the available is best depends on what one wants. However, the Safe Trading 3D Laser scanner is one of the best devices. It comes with top-quality features that are ideal for the best scans.

Is a 3D Scanner Worth?

We live in a world where there is innovation every day. The 3D scanners are improving their features and technology. The question is, how worth they are with our money depends on the brand one buys. To be honest, the 3D scanner is worth the money depending on which device you have bought. With the best 3D, you will enjoy the scanning experience.

How Much Is a Commercial 3D Scanner?

The cost of the 3D printers varies from one brand to another, depending on the design and function. With commercial 3D commercial scanners, the cost ranges from $60- $200 depending on where one buys them. The price also depends on the brand one buys. 

What Should I Look for in a 3D Scanner?

You need to look at several things if you want to buy the best scanner. As we have highlighted in the buyer’s guide, some of the things to check are the scanner’s speed, the technology incorporated in the scanner, the price, and scan quality.

How Accurate Is Laser Scanning?

The accuracy of the laser scanning depends on the environment where the scan is conducted and the features that the 3D laser scanner comes with. They can reach an accuracy of 0.002-0.195″. This accuracy ensures that you have achieved the correct measurement with the first time measurement.

Can You 3D Scan With Your Phone?

Yes, with the help of Qlone’s 3D scanning app, you can scan, edit, and export the digital file to where you want. This all-in-one app is available for both Android and iOS phones. However, the 3D scanner you use must be able to support 3D scanning.

Final Thought

Even if you are looking for the best 3D scanner for your home or business use, there is a need to choose the best device in the market. Having the best scanner is fun and makes your scanning work convenient and professional.

If you need to buy the best 3D scanner, there is a need to know which things make it best. There are so many 3D scanners, but not all of them are good and the best in 3D scanning. There is no need to worry about buying the device if you are new. Our review has looked at the top 6 best 3D scanners you can purchase and have a high-quality outcome.

With our experience in scanning, you are assured that the 3D scanner we reviewed will solve your problem and make your work easier. I will recommend the Revopoint POP 3D scanner because it has the best accuracy and speed in scanning. The scan outcomes are also of high quality compared to others. We hope our review has been helpful to you.

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