Top 5 Best 2×3 Photo Printer – Buying Guide

At present, photos are printed more often for various purposes, including business. This means that the resolution for these printouts needs to be higher than regular black and white ones. Apart from these, other features would make the printer qualify for photo printing purposes only. Besides, the photos can be taken from any source, and the printer also needs to support this. Even though regular, smart printers with color output can perform this function, we may still need a special printer for professional output. So, the best 2×3 photo printer can afford photo lab quality output for printing any photo.

Regardless of the use, be sure to get the best product with an efficient and cost-effective machine. You can also get a good choice of printers to make a decision. So, check out our list of the top products suitable for different entrepreneurs.

Our Favorite Best 2×3 Photo Printer

Top 5 Best 2×3 Photo Printer- Buying Guide

1. HP Sprocket Portable 2×3″ Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Portable Photo Printer is the first choice for the best 2×3 photo printer to make incredible memories to share. The great thing about this one is its design and size for portability. The printer has various features to give you the best quality images even with this pocket size. For this, you can easily make a scrapbook, journal, projects, or even a photo album with this printer.  To support this, it has Zink Zero Ink technology for premium quality and original printing for each paper. This makes the machine the best zink printer in the market. 

Have a good paper capacity with around 30 papers of 2×3 size with the given ink supply.  This will keep away smudges and make the colors on the paper thick and consistent without tearing or fading. After switching it on for use, connect to Bluetooth 5.0 for sharing with others and printing directly by customizing the files. So, this is one of the best 2×3 photo printers you can find in the market for creative purposes.  

Key Features

Paper Capacity

This printer can print around 35 pages per battery life. Each print is consistent in color and texture on 2×3 paper sizes. Besides, we can print borderless images on paper. For printing, papers are easy to install and give better output on glossy ones.

Wireless Connectivity

We can use Bluetooth 5.0 for connection with other devices. This includes smartphones, iOS, and other devices. By using this connection, we can share and print files instantly. Besides, it also comes with HP smart app to print online. Multiple devices can be connected at once as well. 

Ink Quality

Due to the ZINK Zero ink Technology, we can receive high-resolution images without needing a toner. So, our ink costs are greatly reduced with a good supply of color. Even with various colors on sticky paper, there won’t be any smudges or tears, and it is also water-resistant. 


  • Compact and Portable
  • Excellent image quality
  • Convenient wireless connection
  • Top-notch ink technology
  • Easy to operate


  • Expensive photo paper

2. HP Sprocket Select Portable 2.3×3.4″ Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Photo Printer use to make valuable moments and professional uses. We can use the free HP Sprocket app to customize a picture with some of the best features. This would also allow us to make different drawings or use filters to print with high-quality images. The output is given out on glossy 2.3×3.4″ sticky-based papers to ensure realistic photos. Besides, we will get 30% larger photos of the same HD quality. 

By using the wireless Bluetooth connection, these photos can be shared online. We can also print from smart devices directly. Before printing, the photos can be edited and stickers added. The output is 60 papers with 10 sheets per tray using the rechargeable battery and ink capacity. This printer also has the Zero Ink technology for such images to make a journal, scrapbook, or various projects and business purposes. The size and design name it as the best photo printer portable.

Key Features

Paper Capacity

Using this printer, we get a maximum output of 60 papers per battery life. But for once, we can add 10 sheets to print continuously. Besides, this printer offers 30% large images of the same paper size. It is compatible with glossy and sticky papers for the best results. 

Wireless Connectivity

This printer also comes with a strong Bluetooth connection for multiple devices at a time. We can connect our android or iOS devices easily to print and share directly. In addition, the HP smart app allows various customization to print online.

Ink Quality

Zero ink technology avoids unwanted cases like smudges, tears, or water damage. This also doesn’t need a toner for the ink supply. Regardless of the type and resolution of the image, we can easily get consistent output with vibrant colors. 


  • Pocket-friendly design to carry around
  • Strong and effective wireless connection
  • High-quality ink for printing
  • Good paper capacity with larger sizes
  • Internal rechargeable battery


  • The print quality may decline after some sheets

3. Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo and Video Printer

Lifeprint Portable printer not only prints photos but also works with videos. The basic idea is to make a hyper-reality from soft copies. The output will feel like magic that can be touched. This machine can make great memories to store for a long time. Besides, we can connect it with Androids and iPhones to print and share photos and videos using a single broad network. For this, we need to create an account and sign up to access various other features online. 

It is a quite simple printer to use for printing great photos. In addition, the machine is small and elegant for carrying around and printing anywhere. It also offers customization with different photo editing features, including filters. The paper used is sticky to maintain consistency in the images. We can easily load the papers continuously and print at a speed of 1ppm. It is also the best photo printer for android phones with good compatibility. 

Key Features

Paper Capacity

The ink supply allows continuous printing at 1ppm for a good number of sheets. Each print will come vibrant and consistent in color and thickness. The output is given on glossy paper that can be used for various purposes.

Wireless Connectivity

Here Bluetooth allows multiple smart devices to connect easily. This allows to print and share both the photos and videos. We can also use smart apps to use different online features and print. So, different images from social media are also easily printed.

Ink Quality

No matter the photo’s customization type, the output will be the same as the original file with nice color, sharpness, and texture. The Zero ink technology is cost-effective for printer ink without any toner. 


  • Beautiful design with compact size
  • Strong wireless printing
  • High-quality ink supply
  • Fast printing with good paper capacity
  • Easy to operate and charge


  • Printing apps may not be effective

4. Polaroid Hi-Print – Bluetooth Connected 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer

Polaroid Hi-Print is a very simple printer machine that can do wonders and be named the best portable photo printer for iPhone. We need to get a paper to print and stick as a poster. The image can be anything, from photos to even screenshots, anything on the camera roll. Not to mention the high-resolution output on the 2×3 self-adhesive prints. Like a polaroid machine, this is also suitable to keep in the pockets and print at any time. 

We can connect to an app to add filters or customization by using Bluetooth. Be sure to receive each print at a fast speed of 1.5ppm, helping us to increase our creativity. It has a dye-sub technology to vibrant color photos instead of a toner. Since the machine is rechargeable, it can be used anywhere. But the charge will remain long enough to ensure our work won’t be hampered. Overall, one of the best Bluetooth photo printers with exclusive features for various colorful projects. 

Key Features

Paper Capacity

This printer offers a faster output regardless of the paper installed. It can run for long till the charge remains, so the capacity is good. Use only Polaroid Hi-Print glossy papers for better results. These are sticky to keep the images intact with no damages.

Wireless Connectivity

Here Bluetooth connection allows to print and share images with various smart devices. This includes Androids and iOS devices. Besides, we can also get the Polaroid Hi-Print app to edit files and print online directly. 

Ink Quality

The dye-sub cartridge technology is innovative to provide high-quality ink for any image. For this, we can print continuously with vibrant and sharp photos, each time in less than 50 seconds. The ink also ensures that the images aren’t blurred or smudge the color. 


  • Compact and portable printer
  • High-power lithium battery 
  • Good wireless connectivity options
  • Fast speed for each output
  • Excellent quality images


  • Not sticky enough for stickers

5. KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

A KODAK Photo Mini Printer is one of the most amazing photo printers. This printer allows vibrant, clear, and realistic picture prints and ensures that they last long on the adhesive. So, we can easily print images. If you own this printer, then get the best results. The photos get print on them fast for use instantly. 

If you own a smartphone, tablet, or similar device that supports Bluetooth or NFC, you can print photos instantly from your Kodak step printer. It’s now possible to create physical photos from photos you take, for example, selfies, portraits, and social media posts.

Key Features:

Paper Capacity

Regardless of the paper installed, this printer produces a faster output. Until the charge runs out, it can run for a long time. For best results, use Kodak Premium Zink Photo Paper. The paper is sticky, keeping the images intact without damaging them.

Wireless Connectivity

Through Bluetooth connections, images print and shared with various smart devices. These include iOS and Android devices. You can also download the Kodak App for free to create collages and add stunning filters to your pictures.

Ink Quality

Ink cartridges, toners, and ribbons no longer need to purchase separately. This sticky-back paper with embedded dye crystals produces a highly detailed, high-quality, long-lasting, affordable print resistant to ripping, tears, and smudging.


  • Provides a high-quality print that resists moisture, tears, and smudges
  • A 25-photo capacity lithium-ion battery is built-in
  • Easy to carry and lightweight design
  • Speed of 1 page per minute
  • Easy to use


  • In some cases, the printer gets jammed with paper

Best 2×3 Photo Printer Buying Guide

best 2×3 photo printer

The best printer can only purchase when we know the criteria of a printer that are important. After checking our options, we need to check these factors to see whether a particular printer would come in handy and be worth our purchase.  

Ink Technology 

A photo printer needs the best ink supply to bring out realistic images as hard copies. Most photo printers use zero ink technology to handle the sticky papers for a good ink supply. It ensures vibrant and sharp colors and is long-lasting and resistant to damages. Check the ink type of the printer so that you don’t need replaceable toners.


Although most photo printers offer Bluetooth only, some also allow photo apps online for printing. This will increase productivity as the printing will get faster. Select printers that will connect to multiple devices with Bluetooth and offer enough charge to work for long. It should also have apps for various edits and customization.


Due to the wireless connectivity, the photo printer can connect easily to any smart device. This includes android smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any iOS or macOS devices. Ensure that the printer you get will pair with your device and allow different functions like instant sharing and personalization. 

Paper Capacity

An ideal capacity would be around 50 sheets per battery life. Although photo printers mostly don’t need bulk printing, it still needs to handle a good number for convenience. Check that the battery is strong to continue printing with the same consistency for around this number. The images also need to have clarity and texture for each sheet. Photo papers are mostly sold separately, so make sure you get the suitable pack compatible with your device. 


Due to paper and ink, photo printers aren’t as fast as regular ones. Yet an ideal speed for printing would be 1.5ppm. If you use this printer professionally, then look for fast printing ones. Then you can increase the bulk and get good output. Otherwise, the printer is great for use with the given speed for printing for occasional use. 


Generally, photo printers are quite compact and lightweight. They are designed to keep inside pockets or confined places to carry them. This will allow us to use them for instant printing anywhere. In addition to their portability, ensure that the printer makes durable materials to avoid physical damage. You can also look for classy designs and colors according to your interests. 

How to Use a 2×3 Photo Printer?

best 2×3 photo printer

A photo printer is quite easy to use with straightforward instructions. But we need to follow some procedures before finally getting the output to ensure that the printer is effectively used. But before printing, we need to set it up according to the instructions.

  • Get the right photo printer that is compatible with the printer, since this kind of printer doesn’t work with all papers. Usually, glossy papers are used with adhesive to give the best images. The images will get their vibrant colors and shine on these papers. But we can also use satin or canvas paper to print photos.
  • Prepare the photo paper for printing. Peel off the adhesive and place it on the printer. Ensure that the paper is properly placed without any folds or crinkles.
  • The file chosen is prepared for printing. This includes adding any filter, editing, or customization. Any RAW image is also changed for access on different smart devices and for the printers to support it. However, since the ink is different, use images with good exposure and light shadows. In addition, change the image colors for sharpness and clarity. 
  • Most of the images can be printed directly using a Bluetooth connection. But some printers include smart apps for photo edits and printing. Always update the apps to ensure that the images are of good resolution.
  • Set the right dimensions of the photo to fill on the 2×3 size papers. On your device, add the photo printer. You can also change the quality of the image. Now choose the print option to start the printing. 
  • The same method works for photo apps. But after the images are edited, we need to save a copy of the file. This copy is used for printing the final product. 


Which Printer is Good for Printing Photos?

Among the specially designed photo printers, HP has the best models. We need photo printers for photo printing used for various reasons on particular papers. But regular printers can also print photos with high-resolution. Use any inkjet printers from Canon or Epson for the best results. 

Is it Worth Buying a Printer for Photos?

Any printer nowadays can print with different colors for photos. So, for regular use, a photo printer might not be necessary. But we can get a color printer from top brands with high-resolution ink quality to print photos. Photo printers are for professional uses and especially for getting photos like polaroids.

Can Photo Printers Print Regular Documents?

Luckily, photo printers are versatile to print any files with high-quality texture and sharpness. So, we can print regular documents or labels on different materials like envelopes or index cards. The printer can also use regular paper, but the quality of the output might not be the same. 

Is a Laser Printer Good for Photos?

Laser printers are the best types for printing in both color and black and white. These have better ink quality and are also cheaper with high functionality. Although an inkjet printer works the best for photos, we can also use a top-notch laser printer to print photos easily. Use high-resolution photos to print.

How Do Inkjet Printers Produce High-Quality Pictures?

Inkjet printers are costly compared to laser printers with almost the same functionality. But for the best photo images with vibrant colors, clarity, and texture. But this will depend on the ink supply and quality. Ensure that the toners can support good paper capacity and are easily replaceable.


Photos are used for memories and various colorful purposes. We have many photos that need to be collected to preserve the memories. The best 2×3 photo printers make this motive easier and faster to achieve anywhere and at any time. These are some of the best devices for any event and project or professional use. Follow the guidelines to choose the right printer and maintain it well. Use the photo papers in the right process for the desired output. 

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