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Audiobooks are a great way to keep your mind active and engaged, especially during long commutes or when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day. But finding the perfect audiobook can be tough, and shelling out money for a book you’re not sure you’ll like it even tougher.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get audiobooks for free. Here are some of the best ways to start audiobooks free trial without spending a dime.

How To Get Free Audiobooks Legally

It’s great to listen to audiobooks. It need not be expensive even if I go through a lot of material. Classics in the public domain aren’t the only ones whose audiobooks can be downloaded for no cost.

Although downloading audiobooks illegally is not the focus of Audiobook Explorers, it is possible. Here is a collection of free trials, programs, and public domain resources where you can legally and freely download outstanding audiobooks produced by writers and publishers in place of sketchy downloads.

How Can I Receive A Free Trial?

audiobooks free online

Free trials are a terrific way to get started with audiobooks if you’re new to them. Take advantage of these and save up to seven months on your bill!

  • Select any of the offers below
  • Signup
  • Your free trial period has come to an end.
  • If you’re not happy, try the next one.

Quick Links For Audiobooks Free Trial

SiteFree TrialLink
Audible30-day Free Trial
Kobo30-day Free Trial
Audiobooks.com30-day Free Trial
BookBeat30-day Free Trial
Scribd30-day Free Trial
eStories30-day Free Trial
Audiobooks now30-day Free Trial
Playster30-day Free Trial
Blinkist7-day Free Trial
Librivox30-day Free Trial

Top 10 Audiobooks Free Trial Services

1. Audible – 30-Day Free Trial

audible free book

Along with well-known works like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, Audible also offers classics, bestsellers, nonfiction, and brand-new books. They can choose from a variety of books, and the Audible app is easy to use. It can be used on Kindle, Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, Apple, Android, and Apple and Android devices.


  • 30-Day Risk-Free Test Period
  • Included are Audible Originals and audiobooks.
  • Simple trades take place. Any book that doesn’t fit your tastes can be exchanged for nothing.
  • You can suspend or end your Audible subscription at any time.
  • You’ll receive three titles per month if you opt not to cancel after a free trial: one audiobook and two Audible Originals of your choice.

2. Kobo

kobo free audiobook

On Kobo’s app or eReader, which you can access using their app or an eReader, there are approximately 5 million titles accessible. They also feature a wide selection of audiobooks that you may test-drive without charge.


  • 30-day trial with a complimentary audiobook.
  • Maintain your audiobooks for the remainder of your life.
  • Cancel whenever you like.

If you wish to continue after the trial, you will get one credit per month.


audiobooks free trial

On, there are more than 125,000 audiobooks. Every month, you receive a free book and a VIP book. You can access titles on your Apple or Android mobile. They provide two books and a 30-day free trial.


  • Free books two
  • 30-day free trial
  • 125,000 excellent titles

4. BookBeat

free bookbeat account

You may not be aware of BookBeat, a fantastic initiative that offers free access to thousands of audiobooks, both new releases and oldies. The service is not available to residents of countries other than the UK or to those who pay with a UK payment method. If that applies to you, sign up right away for a free two-week trial.


  • Two weeks of free trial time are offered.
  • You are allowed to listen to as many audiobooks as you want each month.
  • You always have the option to revoke your agreement.

5. Scribd

scribd free trial

Due to its extensive selection of audiobook formats and content kinds, many customers claim that Scribd may be a great alternative to Audible. There is a free 30-day trial period and it costs only $8.99 per month.


  • 30-day cost-free trial period
  • You are allowed to listen to as many audiobooks as you want each month.
  • There are many books that can be bought.

6. eStories

estories audiobooks

On estories, there are more than 120,000 audiobook titles, including bestsellers in every genre and new releases every week. Use their cost-free iOS and Android applications to listen.


  • A 30-day free trial with one audiobook each month for free
  • discounted prices on additional books
  • If you opt to keep the membership after the trial time
  • The cost is $11.99 per month.

7. Audiobooksnow

audiobooks now free trial

You may get inexpensive audiobooks from or sign up for their membership to receive even better prices. As part of their trial, they also include a free book. You can use the software on your Apple or Android smartphone or PC if you own a Kindle Fire.


  • 30-day cost-free trial period
  • Included is a free book (from a premium list)
  • You’ll receive a 50% discount on the subsequent book if you don’t finish the first one in a particular month.

8. Playster

playster app

Playster is an innovative alternative to literature, music, and movies. To save money, packages can be bundled. All bundles are available for an unlimited trial period of 30 days. Just consider the disadvantages.


  • The 30-day free trial period includes access to all films, TV series, books, and music.
  • You always have the option to revoke your agreement.
  • The drawback is that you cannot listen to an audiobook in its entirety during the free trial. You can use it to start a big book since the maximum listening period is typically several hours. For further details, read the entire text.

9. Blinkist

blinkist free daily

It’s important to note that Blinkest is unique from the other services on our list in that it only provides audiobooks that are non-fiction. It’s a wonderful alternative for anyone looking for non-fiction material as a learning and self-improvement tool, but it’s best to use one of the other websites recommended in this post. The material of each audiobook on Blinkist is distilled into bite-sized chunks, preserving only the most important information.


  • Blinkist is free to try for seven days for anyone who is interested.
  • The Blinkist Premium plan offers access to over 5,000 nonfiction publications that may be downloaded for offline learning.
  • This is a great option for folks who don’t have a lot of free time because the majority of audiobooks are only 20 minutes long.
  • The non-fiction department has books on a variety of topics, including parenting, animals, economics, and psychology.
  • It’s a great deal! The package’s yearly price is $89,99, or $7,49 each month. Annually.

10. Librivox

librivox free audio books collection

LibriVox, a wonderful audiobook streaming and download service with hundreds of titles in a range of genres, from fiction to nonfiction, instructional to inspirational, and all of the above, is my final suggestion. Without mentioning LibriVox, which provides free audiobook downloads of a variety of classics, this list would be lacking. All of the audiobooks on LibriVox are in the public domain and are available for free listening. These books are available to everyone because volunteers read them for free. On a PC, iPod, or other portable device, LibriVox audiobooks can be listened to. Make LibriVox your first stop if you enjoy the classics. LibriVox also enables you to give back by reading works in the public domain so that others may gain from the experience. gives back in a wonderful way.


  • Anyone can listen to LibriVox audiobooks for free.
  • A summary and a sample reading are included with each audiobook.
  • Includes some well-known works.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Audiobooks Have A Free Trial?

You can choose from more than 125,000 titles when you visit, and every month, you will receive one book in addition to a VIP book. Access to the titles is available on both Apple and Android smartphones. They provide a free trial that lasts for 30 days and includes two books.

2. How Do I Get My 3 Months Free Trial On Audible?

You can download an Audible book by first selecting one from the selection offered by Amazon, and then paying for a trial membership to Prime for a period of three months. If you begin the sign-up process through the app, your email address will be flagged as having a previous account.

3. Is Audible Free For Prime Members?

Audible is a service that can be purchased from Amazon, but because it is not included in an Amazon Prime membership, you will need to sign up for it separately. Having said that, once you have done so, you will get access to more than 470,000 audiobooks (and counting).

4. Does Spotify Have Free Audiobooks?

Yes, If you’re a reader who’s always on the go, a great option is to listen to books while you’re traveling, and Spotify has a wide selection of free audiobooks that you can choose from. The audio streaming service’s library now includes far more than just music thanks to the addition of podcasts, audiobooks, and even tools for language learning. Previously, the collection just contained music.

5. Is There A Free Audiobook App?

Yes, App for free audiobooks. You’ll be able to listen to audiobooks and podcasts if you use AudioMate. It provides access to a large number of free classic book titles, all of which can be read online. However, users of iOS devices are unable to access or utilize this app because it is only available for Android devices.

6. Can I Cancel Audible After A Free Trial?

Yes, Canceling your free trial of Audible at any moment will result in no further charges being incurred on your part. When you have finished spending the credit for the trial month, the audiobook that you have purchased will be added to your library. You are able to connect to your Audible account regardless of whether or not you currently have a valid membership.

7. Is It Worth Getting Audible?

Is It Then Appropriate To Spend The Money On Audible? If you are a voracious reader who also enjoys listening to books being read aloud, then the investment in an Audible subscription will more than pay for itself in the long run. Because they enable me to make notes and highlight passages as I read, I enjoy having both the ebook and audiobook editions of the books I read, despite the fact that this is an expensive habit. Reading and writing are both activities that are simplified as a result.


If you’re looking for a great way to try out audiobooks, then an audiobooks free trial is a great option! You can choose from a wide variety of titles and genres, and you can listen to them for free for a limited time. Audiobooks are a great way to experience stories, and they can be a great way to pass the time on a long car ride or while you’re doing chores around the house. So why not give them a try today?

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