22 Art Activities for Kids

Art activities for children allow them to become creative and innovative using the best art supplies. There are many activities that children can do with crayons, play dough, and other materials. Art activities for kids are fun and educational. They not only bring creativity out of your children but also enhance their motor skills and thinking capabilities and teach them to focus on what they do best.

Being creative is an important skill to learn in the early stages of life. All children should be encouraged to be more imaginative, regardless of ability. Art is fun. Kids always love art. And there are always new art activities you can try with your kids. But, sometimes, it can be challenging to find good quality art projects for Kids. That’s why we have gathered a list of 22 art activities for kids and hope they will like it.

22 Art Activities for Kids

Art is a fun way to help you calm down, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety. Visual arts have also proven to help develop different skills, such as creativity and critical thinking. Anyone can think of something to do on a rainy day. Many of us have been at a loss for something to do during the summer, too. One great idea is to keep your children busy with art and drawing activities all summer long. This can be done by offering your child and her friends an art activity each time they visit throughout the summer. Those who have little or no artistic ability will enjoy these kids art activities as well because they are easy to complete, fun, and don’t cost much.

1. Raised Salt Painting

colorful painting using salt
Source: artfulparent.com

Being creative is good for kids. It stimulates and develops their minds and gives them new ideas. Raised salt painting is a fun art project for kids. It’s easy, inexpensive, and great for learning about color mixing and steaming water to create art. Plus, you can make it with materials you probably already have: salt, glue, and either food coloring or liquid watercolor paint.

2. Oil Pastel Painting

kid making oil pastel artwork
Source: artfulparent.com

Oil pastel painting is a fun and relaxing activity for children. This art form allows kids the freedom to explore their creative sides without the mess of paint. There are a variety of different projects you can do using oil pastels as a medium. Oil pastel painting is one of the ideal art activities for kids. Forming colorful pictures using only the fingers and oil pastels is a great way to get creative and have fun while still learning.

3. Nature Suncatchers

floral art activity
Source: artfulparent.com

Working with nature is a fun way to learn about and practice art! Nature suncatchers are a great choice for kids to create spring and summer art crafts for kids. Suncatchers are a charming and creative way to decorate your window, glass door, or even a mirror in your house. Nature suncatchers allow kids to learn about nature, use creativity and have fun.

4. Shaving Cream Marbling

marbling by shaving cream
Source: artfulparent.com

Crayons, paint, and paper are common choices of art materials for kids. But did you know that you can also use shaving cream to get beautiful marbled effects? Make swirls of different colors with shaving cream. The activity is great for younger kids, but older children can also easily handle it.

5. Marble Painting on Paper

marbling paper

Marble painting on paper is an art activity for kids. This type of marble painting is quite creative, simple, and unique. Nowadays, this activity teaches kids about different things in nature. It helps them explore different shades of colors, textures, hues, and tones of nature, which enhances a child’s overall creativity.

6. Spin Painting

colorful spin painting art
Source: artfulparent.com

Spin painting, or centrifugal painting, is an art technique that enables children to work on the canvas creating abstract and colorful masterpieces with their little fingers. Cristina Guggeri created this technique, and it’s spreading like wildfire not only because it is fun to create but also because it’s a lesson that teaches us how to be creative.

7. Natural Collage

kids collage making
Source: parents.com

This natural collage for kids activity is a great way to teach simple art concepts. Using natural objects to create a collage can be very rewarding, especially when the finished artwork tells a story! Natural collage can also be a fun way to recycle and upcycle.

8. 3D Portrait

3d paper art fir kids
Source: parents.com

Kids will enjoy this easy art activity with 3D elements! Sketch an image on one side of a cereal box, a piece of card stock, or a piece of cardboard. Attach crepe paper pieces to the canvas by rolling them up and then tacking them to the canvas with tacky glue.

9. Simple Silhouette

a girls silhouette
Source: parents.com

Simple supplies will allow your child to create their own silhouette! Taking a photo from the side, enlarging it to your desired size, then printing it in black and white will do the trick. Observe that the scissors cut through both the black paper and photo paper when you cut the head and shoulder of the picture. Display the silhouette on fabric or patterned cardstock by gluing it to the material.

10. Salt Watercolor

handmade watercolor flower vase
Source: parents.com

It’s hard to believe how simple it is to make this paper. Simply paint on watercolor paint, followed by salt right away. Remove any excess salt once the paper has dried, and admire your beautiful but ethereal pattern! Vases, gifts, organization containers, and more can be wrapped with paper.

11. Bell Pepper Prints

block painting by bell paper

Bell pepper is an unusual tool to use for this art and craft project for kids! Trim the bottom of the bell pepper. Try pouring acrylic paint on a paper plate and dipping the cut portion into it. Press the painted piece onto your desired surface. The pillow we used can be decorated in any way you like, but you can also use T-shirts, tote bags, placemats, or anything else you like. Your home will look cute with the finished pattern! Make sure it dries overnight.

12. Mosaic Artwork

boats mosaic art
Source: parents.com

Mosaic-style pictures like these are perfect for your child’s bedroom. Draw the outline of a simple landscape on a piece of card stock (a sailboat on the water was a good choice). To complete the artwork, your child can tear color pages from magazines or pieces of paper and glue them onto the card stock. Make sure that the final product is laminated so that it will not come apart.

13. Collage Drawing

art activities for kids

Drawing and collage are combined in this creative art project. Your child can choose anything they want from a magazine (we cut a pear half and grass from a magazine). Use colored pencils or markers to finish the artwork once the items have been glued to paper. Kids will love doing this art activity!

14. Stone Succulents

rock painted cactus
Source: parents.com

These succulents don’t require watering! Get some rocks outside, which you can then paint with acrylic paint to look like cacti. Attach a couple of rocks together with glue for larger cacti to keep them upright. Set your DIY faux succulents in the sand in a small pot (make sure any holes are taped over).

15. Coffee Filter Poppies

floral paper art

It’s a very fun and easy project that produces beautiful and eye-catching results. Kids and adults alike are going to love it! The colors are saturated and vibrant, thanks to liquid watercolors. You can also use palette watercolors.

16. Make a Splatter Painting

watercolor tree splatter painting

Splatter watercolors on white paper with a toothbrush and watercolors. Brush the paint onto the toothbrush and spread it along with the bristles with your thumb. Watercolor splatter painting is perfect for those kids who love to get messy. Splatter painting is a fun way to create colorful abstract art. The texture created through the process of splattering paint allows for many artistic possibilities for children.

17. Paint Thumbprint Picture

colorful thumbprints fish

Make use of watercolors. Each color should be primed with a bead of water. Press your finger into the watercolor pan. Mark the watercolor paper with your thumb. Once it is dry, make it look like a person, a bug, a fish, or something else imaginative.

18. Shape Blocks Painting

block art for kids

It might sound gross to paint shape blocks, but let’s be honest: those sticky blocks needed a good clean anyway. Let’s try this Kindergarten art project that is inspired by Paul Klee even if the results will be a bit gruesome.

19. Umbrella Surrounded by Raindrops

easy dot painted watercolor art
Source: pinterest.com

When you complete this kindergarten art project, you will have to urge students to hold off on popping bubbles for a little while. You can paint raindrops with bubble wrap and umbrellas by adhering them to construction paper.

20. Tissue Paper Art Project

Source: pinterest.com

Tissue paper art projects are always so much fun. Kids love the colors and textures it adds to a piece of art. But beyond the colors and textures, these art activities also let kids paint without using brushes. This really puts less stress on their little hands than trying to hold a paintbrush.

21. Colorful Paper Quilt Squares

colorful art for kids project
Source: pinterest.com

There is a certain art to quilting. Drawing patterns on a circle, kids cut it into fours, and then paste it onto a square is the kindergarten art project. Combine all the squares to complete the art project.

22. Marshmallow Painting

art activities for kids
Source: pinterest.com

Marshmallow Painting is the perfect art activity for kids of all ages. Marshmallows are a great medium to use with kids. There’s no right or wrong way to paint a marshmallow, and the messier, the better!

Final Words

Art is important for kids of all ages. It sparks creativity, emphasizes problem-solving skills, and fortifies creativity, imagination, and self-confidence. The trick is to keep the art fun and exciting, which is why it’s a good idea to introduce art activities for kids. With these art activities for kids, you’ll keep your child engaged in making creative pieces that you can display proudly on your wall or fridge.

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