The Official Amico AAS1602014 Stick Welder Review

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Power and Applications

In terms of stick welders (or arc welders), the Amico AAS1602014 pick welder is one of the highest-rated machines out there. The reasons will become more than obvious in today’s review. First of all, you must know that this Amico stick welder has a 160-Amp motor, with an industrial input power of 115V/230V/60Hz, an output range of DC: 5 to160A or 115V/230V, and an output current/voltage/duty cycle of 160Amp/23V/60%. With these impressive stats, it’s no wonder that this stick welder from the well-known brand Amico is a favorite of so many people. Let us explore what makes it so great in today’s review!

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Portability and Flexibility

The first thing we wanted to mention about this Amico arc welder is the fact that it’s designed to be extremely easy to handle and portable. It has the following weights and dimensions: 18 lbs., 12.5 x 9 x 22 inches, which means that it won’t be difficult for you to use this welder for a wide range of jobs, even if this involves moving it around a lot. In fact, the Amico AAS1602014 stick welder is suitable both for home and outdoor use. So the manufacturers clearly considered this when building it. They used sturdy and strong materials, in order to make the machine reliable, but also lightweight ones, so that it doesn’t become a burden.
In terms of flexibility, you’ll notice that this Amico welder comes with an electrode holder, a work clamp, and a 10-foot cable with a plug, so you can turn it on easily and maneuver it without that much of an effort. The handle on the top of the welder makes it easy for you to hold it in the right position, in case you can’t place it on a flat surface. Overall, we have no complaints when it comes to how simple it is to handle the Amico AAS1602014 welder.

Special Features

  • LED Meter: One of the first things that drew our attention when testing out this stick welder was the fact that it comes with a LED meter which provides users with a maximum amount of control over the amperage of the machine. This means you can come up with your own settings for it and apply them according to your welding needs.
  • Large Variety of Applications: What more could you possibly want in an arc welder than for it to help you with a wide range of jobs? The Amico AAS1602014 stick welder can be used for light metal fabrication, different home and farm-related jobs, and even for maintenance and repair work.
  • Full Package: Some stick welders out there require you to purchase the rest of the tools you need in order to weld. This is not the case with the Amico stick welder. When you order it, you also get the holders and cables you need, as well as the plug and the work clamp. This means you only need the welding electrodes, and you’re ready to start welding.


  • Powerful: The first thing we loved about the Amico AAS1602014 is that it’s an extremely powerful stick welder, especially compared to others in the same range. Due to its power, it gets the job done fast and easy, and it can be used for more challenging welding projects as well.
  • Sturdy: From the moment you hold this stick welder, you can tell that it’s extremely sturdy. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily, or about you having to replace parts of it or the entire thing that soon.
  • Affordable: For the quality of the machine you get, and a number of additional items the package contains, we feel this welder is extremely affordable. This is why it’s perfect as a first stick welder, for people who don’t want to invest that much money into one.


  • Unbalanced: Even though it was difficult for us to find things wrong with this welder, we wanted to mention something that some people might be bothered by, which is the fact that the machine can feel a little bit unbalanced when you’re carrying it around. That’s because most of its weight is condensed in its back.
  • Can slip off: Sometimes, depending on how you hold the electrode holder, the rods can slip off. A stronger grip would have been more desirable.

Cost and Warranty

You can find the Amico AAS1602014 stick welder on Amazon, where you can order it for $149.00. Amazon doesn’t display a specific warranty for this product, so if you want to learn more about this aspect, you should get in touch with the seller directly or check the website of the manufacturer.


The Amico AAS1602014 stick welder is one of the most reliable and affordable stick welders on the market, suitable both for people who are welding beginners and for people who already have a certain amount of experience welding. Its ample package, power, wide range of applications, and flexibility make it a must-have arc welder model. If you’re interested in reading more about other stick welders you could buy, make sure to check out our top 5 best stick welder.
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  1. I bought one off ebay brand new and it doesnt have enough power wide open to break down a 1/8 tig filler wire…not satisfied!!!!!


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