33 Aesthetic Things to Paint

We all like to show off our artistic side every now and then, whether it’s through writing, drawing, or painting. And, what better way of expressing your own sense of creativity than to paint some of your favorite things? Painting is a way of expressing oneself artistically. It is a skill that everyone can learn since all it takes is some practice. Decorating your home with beautiful paintings is also helpful in reducing stress and improving one’s mood. Below is a list of top aesthetic things to paint, so you can start creating beautiful masterpieces.

33 Aesthetic Things to Paint

If you’ve been looking for a way to help to express yourself and improve your painting skills creatively, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of 33 aesthetic things to paint. We’ve put together this list in hopes that it will help you find inspiration and give you something fun to paint.

1. Cherry Blossom Tree


Cherry blossom tree is a lovely and aesthetic things to paint on canvas. Blossomed cherry trees are often portrayed in Japanese art, and you can now bring their beautiful blooms into your home through painting practice. Cherry blossom tree paintings are fun because of the way that the flowers cascade down like a waterfall of soft petals. The cherry blossom tree is an excellent subject for artists to paint because it can bring a whole canvas to life.

2. Colorful Flowers

floral painting

Beauty is everywhere. Aside from it being the most important aspect that makes something desirable, good-looking, and appealing, it is also an integral part of beauty. And colorful flowers are always one of the most captivating and tempting things that can draw our attention. Paint a small bouquet of your favorite flower or large colorful abstract flowers. Painting with light colors and different textures is very pleasant. Use different brushes and get ready to enjoy the aesthetic painting process!

3. Landscape

easy landscape painting

Landscape paintings are usually considered as a formal art type, but it is not so. It is a form of visual expression that often combines actual scenes with imagined and imaginary elements. Landscape pictures give more pleasure to people of any age, both kids and adults. Landscape painting is a genre in the field of painting. It refers to the depiction of scenery, often outdoors and in nature. The term landscape refers to an element or aspect of the natural world, while painting suggests a particular painting style. That’s why landscape painting is one of the best aesthetic things to paint.

4. Seascape

sea wave painting

Seascape painting has been popularized in the last few decades, with artists and amateurs alike looking to capture their favorite doorway to the sea. But if you want to take seascape painting beyond just shells or surf, there are many things you can do to up your marine masterpiece.  Maybe it’s the way that sunlight reflects from the sea or the depth of perspective, but there’s something about painting seascapes that can be equally calming and aesthetic.

5. Trees

green tree canvas painting

Trees painting is a distant relative of forest painting. It is very romantic and soft but at the same time vibrant and playful. Trees are an enigmatic and poetic source of inspiration to many. They become a sanctuary to the inner self. Trees painting is a very popular aesthetic thing to paint idea, as it helps you spend your leisure time with pleasure. Also, painting pictures will help you express your creative talent, develop the imagination power and fully engage in the process of each painting.

6. Colorful Butterfly

butterfly painting

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, and their colors make for a wonderful painting.  Colorful Butterfly painting is a work of art that is like sunshine in the house of your loved ones. The butterfly in the painting has a lovely and impressive aesthetic look. A butterfly signifies happiness, lively, affection, memory, and lucky charm.

7. A Lake

lake scene

A lake is a beautiful aesthetic things to paint. Lakes are great places for meandering, canoeing, and fishing. A lake painting can be done in abstract expressionism to realistic watercolor or mixed media. The lake is a subject that, for most people, evokes deep emotions and memories. Lake paintings are very popular. In fact, they are one of the most popular paintings we offer. If a painting says a thousand words, then let your majestic lake painting say it all

8. Mountains

watercolor mountain painting

Mountains are a great subject to paint if you wish to paint something more serious than the usual still life, flower painting, and portraits. It is better to choose a mountain scene at times because it can be broken down into easier parts, which offer greater chances of accomplishment. Mountains are among the most popular choices of art because they represent freedom and ambition.

9. Night View of The Sky

night sky over a forest

One might ask why the painting of the night view of the sky is the most popular painting among other paintings. A night view of the sky is a painting that evokes a sense of imagination. It is about a saturated warm moon shining on patches of white clouds that are painted artistically abstract, giving out a perfect view and reflection of the sky in the heart of darkness of the night. The night sky is what people have painted since the beginning of time itself. This is due to the infinite possibilities of shapes, colors, and moods of the night sky that painting can capture.

10. Sunset

sunset over the sea

Sunset painting is a great choice for amateur painters and artists. Because the sunset is a symbol of life, vitality, and eternal motion. Sunset paintings have an orange-yellow sky, with a sky blue or purple-blue cloud layer. This painting has hints of orange casting on a clear sky. The yellowish color lightens up the painting and gives it a sense of happiness and relaxation. This painting creates a feeling of tranquility and peace.

11. Something Abstract

colorful abstract painting

The world is full of abstraction. There is so much idea, emotion, and story in a cityscape or architecture that we forget that sometimes abstractions can tell us more about something than a straightforward depiction. It’s amazing how often artists take bits and pieces from the outside world and paint something abstract. The abstract is based on a desire to conceal all of the concrete, realistic things that our eyes see and replace them with something new and surprising. It also involves playing with personal sensations, feelings, and moods.

12. Paint Your Favorite Fruits

grapes and apple watercolor

If you love painting but don’t have any imagination or inspirational aesthetic things to paint, then we have the answer to your problem: paint your favorite fruits! Painting fruits is not only fashionable. It’s a great conversation starter. The best way to paint fruits is to use a natural sponge and acrylic or water-based paints. Using water-based paints rather than oil gives you the ultimate control over your artwork since the wetness of the medium allows you to use almost every part of the paintbrush.

13. Tulip Flower

acrylic painting

The tulip flower painting is one of the most beautiful creations in nature; this symmetry and aesthetic beauty represent the true nature of life. Beautiful tulip flowers are extremely popular in the spring, but they can be painted any time. Tulips can be used to decorate your house or used in paintings. They look very appealing and full of life. You can paint tulips if you are looking for some aesthetic things to paint.

14. Galaxy Sky

galaxy painting

Galaxy sky is one of the most popular and beautiful celestial paintings. The galaxy painting is a branch of space art. It refers to the practice of painting astronomical objects such as nebula, star clusters, galaxies, and the like. There are some basic tips related to the theme: inspiration from well-known paintings done before on galaxy painting and fluorescent colors to emphasize the visibility of details in this kind of subject. Moreover, it is possible to mix several color schemes to get different visual results. All these points should be taken into account while dealing with this topic.

15. Green Forest

watercolor forest painting

Green forest is a very common subject in painting. They’re so beautiful and full of life. The natural green in forests is made up of a mix of green and some yellow and blue. Rainforests are the most recognized type of forest, and they cover only a small portion of the planet. Forests are beautiful landscapes made up of acres of trees, plants, and other greenery.

16. The Himalayas


The Himalayan mountain range is a group of mountains that stretch across six countries in Asia. They are home to the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest. The collision of two tectonic plates formed these mountains. The Himalayas are also home to many different species of plants and animals. These mountains make a great subject for painting because they are so colorful and detailed.

17. A Cup of Hot Coffee

coffee cup

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and one of the most consumed beverages in the United States. Coffee has been around for centuries, and it is considered one of the oldest beverages ever consumed by humans.  A cup of hot coffee is one of the most amazing aesthetic things to paint and a great way to get started painting. If you are looking for a great idea for a painting, you should consider this idea. It is fun to do and a great way to decorate your home.

18. A Beach

sand beach painting

Beaches provide plenty of interesting subjects to paint. Whether you’re interested in painting a landscape of the sea or a portrait of a person on the beach, there are many things to keep in mind that can help make your painting successful. Preparing your canvas and choosing appropriate colors will help you get started, but it’s also important to observe your subject carefully before painting. Understand how to use light to create perspective and depth in your painting, and set up a composition with strong composition for an attractively finished piece.

19. The Moon

aesthetic things to paint

Every night you watch the Moonrise from the ocean’s rim, it amazes us. It’s like magic. The moon is an ideal subject for painting, as it doesn’t move and it has no distracting background. It can be painted either full or in waning phases or silhouetted against a dark sky.

20. Splatter Art

colorful splatter painting

Splatter art can be so much fun. It is a very popular form of art that has been rising in popularity over the years. Splatter art is a modern art form featuring spontaneous and messy paint splatters on the canvas. When it comes to splatter artwork creation, quality does not matter. The only thing that matters is your imagination, so feel free to explore some innovative ideas and have fun.

21. Something Underwater

koi fish under water

What’s great about painting things underwater is that it gives you an opportunity to make your painting look aesthetic and it involves both underwater atmosphere, realism, and a bit of fantasy combined. An underwater-themed painting can make a bold statement in any room of your home. But this is not a complicated kind of painting, so if you aren’t an experienced painter, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, some art experts feel that underwater scenes are particularly suited to beginners due to the way they play on light and shadow in a very pleasing and calming way.

22. A Bridge

a bridge in forest

One of the best ways to capture an aesthetic moment is to draw it as if you were there at the time. And sometimes, your favorite works of art are the ones that professionals don’t draw. A bridge is a great example of this idea. A bridge that connects two very different sides of a river makes for one of the most beautiful scenes ever seen from a distance.

23. Rainbow

rainbow painting

Painting rainbow is a fun activity for both children and adults alike. Rainbows are known to be a symbol of hope, joy, and peace. Rainbows are beautiful and bright. It’s so important to have a bright and colorful world. The color of the rainbow is proof of that. Let’s paint something that reminds us how colorful the world can be.

24. Field of Flower

aesthetic things to paint

When it comes to picking a subject matter for your next painting project, you really can’t go wrong with flowers. Whether you choose to paint a single flower or a field of flowers, the possibilities are endless, and the results are often aesthetic. If you want to create a field of flowers, it is a very easy job. You just need many different colors. But if you are a beginner, you should choose some main colors which are the most popular for painting flowers (for example: red, yellow, pink and purple). And then, you can use other colors to create your own style of painting.

25. Skyline

brooklyn bridge painting

The skyline of a city or town is a super aesthetic subject to paint. Every city has a different skyline, and they are all very beautiful in their own way. If there is a city you had the opportunity to visit, your painting will also be more meaningful. Skyline painting is one of the oldest forms of sky painting. People have been painting their skylines for hundreds of years. Painting skylines can be a relaxing and satisfying experience.

26. Old Castle

aesthetic things to paint

Castles are a popular subject of painting. Castles have a unique architectural structure with interesting detail. Some castles have seen many years and have aged beautifully. When we look at an old castle made of stone and bricks, we just imagine medieval times. And in the day no one could feel the same love for nature as people who lived in such harsh conditions. They used colors to tell their feelings.

27. Sailboat

sailboat painting

Sailboats are a popular item to paint. You can paint sailboats with scenes of the sea and sky, or a seascape background. Sailboat painting designs are typically realistic, but you could also paint a fantasy sailboat. Painting a sailboat will make for a great centerpiece for any room in your home or office.

28. Sunflower

Easy sunflower Acrylic Painting

Painting a sunflower can help bring you in touch with your playful and aesthetic happy side. Sunflower is one of the aesthetic things to paint. Sunflowers are fun to paint – they’re big, have a great shape, and have an interesting color scheme that lends itself well to the watercolor medium. With those bright yellow centers and dark green outer leaves, sunflowers are a symbol of warmth, cheerfulness, and happiness.

29. Crowded Place

floating market

The joy and laughter of a crowded place are some of the most wonderful feelings in the world. A busy place transforms into a liveliness that makes oneself enthusiastic and brightened up. That place is a canvas that needs to be painted in different colors that can attract people.

30. Lighthouse

A lighthouse is a tower designed to make large structures more visible for the safety of ships, such as stationary and active along the coast.  There is something peaceful and serene about lighthouses. You can paint a lighthouse in a variety of ways. You can use acrylics to create a water-colored look using brushes and sponges. Use watercolors to create a traditional-looking painting. You can also use oil paint to create a more finished, realistic look. Consider your style and desired outcome before deciding what type of paint to use.

31. A Ship

a sailing ship painting

The ship is a great subject. The painting will be appealing to paint and give as a gift as well. Painting a ship is a great way to learn how the stroke, shape, light, and shadow work together. You can use straight paint or mixed media, whichever you prefer. Mix some ink with the paint and splash it to give a watercolor effect. Feel free to be as messy as you like with your painting or keep it simple.

32. Waterfall

beautiful painting

Waterfalls are among the most beautiful sights in nature because of their power and beauty. You can paint a waterfall in direct sunlight or under the shade of overhanging trees. The waterfall is common falling water in the gorge. It is one of the most beautiful and popular natural scenery, whether with unique, impressive shock effects or a rare freshness.  This is one of the best aesthetic things to paint.

33. Street View

crowded city

Street view painting is an art project that helps you find aesthetic places in your area and make your own paintings. A fun project that anyone can get involved in, from primary school kids and hobbyists to professional artists. Inspired by a picture of your favorite destination, this painting style is well-suited to traveling and city life. 

Final Words

An aesthetic painting is a perfect way to express your creativity and love for art. Whether it is your first attempt at painting or you have done this before, aesthetic painting should be a priority for anyone who loves art. There are many different types of aesthetic paintings that you can create, so it is important to know what you want before starting. Hopefully, these 33 aesthetic things to paint gave you some good ideas of what to paint next. If you’re interested in getting into painting, then this list should give you some relevant ideas to try out.

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