21 Aesthetic Things to Draw

Drawing aesthetic things is one of the most popular topics for drawing. Pictures that are pleasing to the eye can easily draw a person in and make them want to look at your work of art. There are many people who enjoy drawing aesthetic pictures, but they do not know how to go about it. If you ever wonder which aesthetic things to draw, this blog is the answer. We have a board full of ideas.

It can be very interesting to draw an aesthetically pleasing picture to look at. It is not always easy to do, but with a little bit of practice, you will be able to come up with some cool pictures of your own. Here are some aesthetic things to draw ideas for all. You don’t need any special art supplies to get started drawing. A regular pencil and a piece of paper are all you need. Okay, so let’s start exploring those aesthetic things to draw ideas.

21 Aesthetic Things to Draw

1. Draw Flowers

flower drawings

Flowers have always been popular aesthetic things to draw for artists. Their shapes and colors are beautiful, and they come in an endless variety of sizes and types. If you’re wondering how to draw flowers, the best way is to start with some simple shapes and refine them into the final product. You don’t need any special equipment to draw flowers, but you may find it easier if you use a piece of paper with a grid on it. Also, tracing paper can help draw the initial shape of the flower.

2. Anchor

easy drawing idea

The anchor is a symbol of stability and strength. Anchors have been around for thousands of years. They’re designed to hold a vessel in place in stormy waters, but they also serve as a beautiful reminder of our connection to the ocean. Drawing anchors can be really fun, and it’s one of the aesthetic things to draw in your free time.

3. Mandala

mandala drawing idea

A mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Mandalas are used as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.  Release your inner artist with this drawing idea to boost creativity and help you relax.

4. Trees

different types of trees

Trees are pretty cool and can be unique in their appearance. They are one of the most popular things for people to draw. An artist’s first drawing is almost always going to be of a tree. The branches and trunk are simple shapes, but together they are highly detailed and make up a beautiful aesthetic landscape. Drawing trees is a great way to practice drawing natural elements.

5. Mountain

mountain valley drawing

It’s always fun to draw mountains in a very realistic way. It is not going to be easy, but it is worth it because of the satisfaction you will get after you are done drawing it. The Mountain is a visually pleasing and complimenting piece of art that can sometimes prove to be quite the challenge for aspiring artists but also can seem simple for others. The mountain can be your perfect place for drawing landscapes. Mountains usually have deep valleys, and there are all sorts of trees and plants to create your masterpiece with.

6. Feather

various types of feather drawing

The feather symbolizes peace and serenity, and they are an aesthetic thing to draw.It is often present on both physical and spiritual objects. The feather shape is an ancient symbol that ultimately stems from the prehistoric bird plumed headdresses. Over the centuries, they have been used to decorate artwork, from paintings to statues. Feathers come in many varieties, with patterns and colors that vary. Feathers can be drawn using any style or technique that is desired.

7. Nature Scene

sunrise nature drawing

This is one of the most beautiful things to draw, and you can use your imagination to add more features to the tree. It would be your creation adding more beauty to an already beautiful scene. This simple nature scene is one of the easiest things to draw. You can use this same approach for each item in your nature scene drawing. Look at a photo of trees and try to replicate what you observe – the way branches fork out from the tree trunk, for example.

8. Holding Hands

hand drawing

Holding hands is one of the most effective gestures that help to show your connection to other people. Drawing holding hands is a great way to show affection. The drawing in which people holding hands are depicted is very popular among artists since they can convey a lot of emotions. There are so many ways to draw holding hands. The shape of the hands, the direction of the fingers, the way they interlock, and where they touch to say a lot about the relationship between two people.

9. Cartoon

easy cartoon drawing

The best thing about drawing cartoon characters is that it’s so much fun. You don’t need to be a professional artist to learn how to draw cartoon characters. All you need is time, interest, spare paper, pencils, and colors. You can start with simple shapes, such as circles and rectangles, then gradually build upon those shapes until you have created your cartoon character! There are many different styles of drawing cartoon characters. Some people like realism; others prefer cartoonish figures.

10. Draw Tulip

simple tulip drawing

Tulips are beautiful aesthetic flowers that are easy to draw. They are also the national flower of the Netherlands. Tulips are considered to be among the most beautiful flowers in the world. It seems that everyone is crazy about them. Tulip is a very sophisticated and elegant plant, every color of tulip has a very different appearance. In my opinion, the stems of tulips are relatively easier to draw if you observe them closely when you want to draw a tulip. The flower part is much more complicated, though; it’s best to use the reference image if you’re still learning how to draw tulips.

11. Cityscapes

aesthetic things to draw

Cityscapes are pretty awesome to draw, and it’s a popular way to practice too.   Drawing a cityscape is actually quite easy, but it does take patients. You need to make sure that you get all the details just right to get the building in your drawing to look realistic. While drawing a cityscape, you want to ensure that the buildings are all drawn consistently. To begin with, it’s best to find photos that have the same view of each building. Leveraging this will give you something to base your drawing upon.

12. Your House

different types of house drawing

Make drawing your house fun and full of character. If you were drawing a picture of your house, how would you make it corny? Pretend that everything is made up of other things: the chimney consists of triangles, houses consist of the same squares and rectangles as the windows, snowmen consist of circles and hats! Give it a try!

13. Daffodil

easy flower drawing idea

Daffodils are one of our favorite flowers because they’re among the first to pop up in spring. Their bright yellow petals really help to chase away the winter blues! Daffodils are easy aesthetic springtime flowers to draw. The daffodil is a very cheery flower and isn’t that hard to draw. Start by drawing a circle and a rounded triangle. Just add the outline of the leaves, and your daffodil will be done.

14. Rose

rose drawing ideas

Rose is a flower of many types. There are thousands of variants in different colors and sizes. Rose is somewhat familiar to many of us. But only a few people are able to draw like real masters. Some of them even can make our hearts miss a beat and make us feel like being in paradise just by looking at their brilliant drawings. So, don’t be discouraged if you can’t manage to create something similar to the original because there are always many ways to make your drawing better. The first step towards mastering something is a wish and motivation.

15. Cone Ice-cream

ice cream cone drawing

Ice cream is a summer treat that brings many people joy. Cone ice cream is simple to draw and is a nice, quick drawing. It’s an interesting shape because the ice cream forms a scooped-out cone. And it’s also topped with a flake of whipped cream which falls over the edge of the cone onto a tiny bowl. You just need to use the right technique and have a little patience. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t draw it perfectly when you first try.

16. View from the park

city street drawing

Pack your bag, snacks, and your coloring pencils. You can’t miss this! It’s always so peaceful to be sitting on a bench and looking at the serenity of the park. If you’re an art lover, there is nothing more enchanting than drawing all these serene sceneries. Let’s pencil draw this view from the park.

17. Hot Air Balloon

air balloon drawing idea

A hot air balloon, aka the basket, is a small gondola suspended under a large fabric balloon filled with heated air that rises in the atmosphere and flies. Hot air balloons are used as a popular form of sport, entertainment, photography, and recreation throughout the world. This hot air balloon drawing is an aesthetic things to draw. The hot air balloon’s shape makes it easy to sketch out some basic lines and form the structure of a hot air balloon. Getting the right shape of it takes a little practice, but you’ll get better at that with time and more balloon drawings.

18. Skyscrapers

There are plenty of great architectural drawings. This image is a fantastic example of using value as a tool to build form and create a sense of depth on the page. Draw skyscrapers. Skyscrapers are great to draw because they are simple to do but look complicated. They are easy to draw because they have vertical lines and curves that go up and down. Skyscrapers are part of what makes New York such a famous city. Everybody knows them, and everybody admires them. Drawing skyscrapers is quite easy once you get the hang of it!

19. Fashion Sketch

Drawing a fashion sketch may not be simple but can be lots of fun. When we draw fashion sketches, it is important to give lots of attention to small details. Different techniques can be used. In looking for the various techniques and in applying those techniques, you will be able to develop your own unique style and become more proficient in drawing fashion sketches. Patterns are one of the best clothing topics to practice fashion sketching.

20. Pirate Ship

ship drawing idea

You will probably draw lots of strange things when you first start to draw. It is alright, just have fun and be safe. Pirates are known to be all about adventure, sailing, and treasure. They are often seen in movies to have peg legs and eye patches, a parrot on their shoulder, and a bottle of rum in their hand. Pirate ships come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are small and others are huge! You can choose any size that you want.

21. Kite

This might be a little bit simpler than the last one, so it is perfect for the beginner level. You don’t need to do too much shading, but it’s still important to keep a sense of perspective and distance in your drawing. Add lines to make your kite more detailed and interesting by drawing a criss-cross pattern inside it. Also, draw small lines along the bottom of the kite to make it look more like paper. Finally, draw in the string at the top of your kite and add any extra details you want!

Final Words

It’s a very common need for a lot of people wanting to improve their artistic abilities and enhance their skillset. This is actually a list of two things, objects and aesthetic things to draw. As it turns out, there are many beautiful things in our world that we tend to forget about. There are trees and mountains, shells, feathers, and leaves but also light, colors, and smaller elements such as grains of sand or atoms. In short – everything that surrounds us can be considered aesthetically pleasing. And exploring the subject by drawing is a very nice way to pass the time.

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