15 Acrylic Canvas Painting Ideas

Have you always wanted to paint with acrylics but were intimidated by the thought? No more worries! These easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners will be simple and appropriate for you.

Don’t be afraid to start painting with acrylics, even though acrylic painting can seem difficult at first glance. We provide you with step-by-step instructions so that you can paint on canvas with ease.

Many people prefer the idea of abstract paintings since they are easier to create than sunflowers or galaxy paintings. To help you get your creative wings before painting sunsets, we have presented easy-to-paint certain ideas in our collection first.

15 Acrylic Canvas Painting Ideas

1. Geometric Galaxy

Geometric Galaxy art
Source: skillshare.com

This simple acrylic painting will help you practice blending and detail work.

2. Cheery Donuts

Cheery Donuts arts
Source: skillshare.com

Adding frost donuts to a swirly retro background can fill with “cool things to paint with acrylics.”

3. Shaded Lane

Shaded Lane painting
Source: skillshare.com

No matter what your skill level, you can easily learn how to paint a landscape. This course walks you through the process step-by-step.

4. Autumn Forest

Autumn Forest art
Source: skillshare.com

This forest shows that even beginners can create a masterpiece.

5. Types of trees

many Types of trees
Source: skillshare.com

Painting trees with acrylics is endlessly interesting since they come in various shapes, leaves, and bark textures.

6. Sunflower

colorful Sunflower art
Source: skillshare.com

It’s fun to paint sunflowers with acrylics because they’re so bright and bold.

7. Wooden Door

Wooden Door art
Source: skillshare.com

This lesson will show how to paint leaves, shadows, and tiny details, which features a simple acrylic painting.

8. Sunset

Sunset acrylic painting
Source: skillshare.com

The sunset can be anything you want it to be.

9. Apples

Apples oil painting
Source: skillshare.com

In addition to being popular subjects for acrylic paintings, still, life objects, such as fruit, are great for practicing perspective and shadow.

10. Potted plants

Potted plants art
Source: skillshare.com

This fun acrylic painting is such a playful display for a tropical or desert home! Use tiny brushes and bold colors to create it.

11. Mountain Landscape

mountain Landscape art
Source: feelingnifty.com

If you think of things to paint, the first thing that comes to mind is landscape paintings. You will learn how to paint a mountain in this beautiful painting tutorial, along with a gorgeous sunset sky.

12. City Skyline

City Skyline art
Source: feelingnifty.com

A sunset sky can look beautiful when you blend colors, and you can include an artistic skyline of the city you live in. With the help of splatter paint techniques, you can also create some stunning stars.

13. Cactus

Cactus painting
Source: feelingnifty.com

Beginners should be able to do this cactus sunset painting. It’s easy to do this with acrylics, but there’s also a tutorial using watercolor paints.

14. Red poppy flower

Red poppy flower art
Source: feelingnifty.com

With acrylic paints, learn how to make a large flower-like this red poppy.

15. Pineapple painting

Pineapple oil painting
Source: feelingnifty.com

It’s gonna be great if you love pineapple. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to paint an easy pineapple. Kids and teens might enjoy doing this as well.


Acrylic painting is one of the most popular ways to paint on canvas. It’s easy, affordable, and can use in a variety of different projects. Painting with acrylics doesn’t require any previous experience or special equipment. All you need are some inexpensive materials.

Paintings are a great option for those that want to express themselves visually but don’t have the talent. You can find many acrylic canvas painting ideas online and follow them step by step. The finished product should be something you’re proud of!

We provide above with a few ideas for acrylic canvas painting that will help decide what to paint.

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