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Homeschooling your children is a big commitment and one that you need to consider with care. There are many different types of programs available on the market, and each of them will offer something a little bit different for your family. It’s important that you spend time figuring out what type of program will work best for your family. Abeka offers a free trial to new users that can help you see exactly how it works without having to make a long-term commitment. This is a great way to figure out if it is the right choice for your family’s school curriculum needs.

Does Abeka Provide a Trial Period?

You can use the whole library of streaming video classes on the Abeka platform for a full week of free use. To help parents understand exactly how to offer the course, each course comes with thorough video instruction.

How Can You Sign Up for an Abeka Free Trial

Signing up for an Abeka free trial is simple. Just:

  • Visit the website
  • Enter your email address and preferred password
  • Offer contact information
  • Fill out a questionnaire that will let Abeka know how old your kids are, more information about your homeschooling journey, and anything else they need to know
  • Get started!

Do the Abeka Free Trials Continually Exist as Paid Subscriptions?

No, the Abeka trial does not automatically renew into a paid subscription. You will have to make a separate purchase through the Abeka site in order to access the complete edition of the digital assessments and other solutions.

However, after you subscribe to the paid version, you might need to make a membership payment that will eventually renew on its own. If you choose to use another application or platform, or just decide that Abeka isn’t a good fit for your family, adopting a practical method to prevent being charged automatically, such as the virtual credit cards offered by DoNotPay, can help you avoid unauthorized charges.

The subscription edition of Abeka gives users access to a larger library of resources, including:

K4 Video Instruction$158.00 – $378.00
K4 DVDMonthly Rental (Based on Availability)
K5 Video$266.00 – $706.00
Grade Level Videos$476.00 – $1074.00

The cost may also differ depending on the kits and materials you want to send to you and the level of access you want to other online lectures and videos.

FAQs About Abeka Free Trial

Is Abeka homeschool free?

Abeka Academy Free Trial. Now get the equivalent of one week of Abeka Academy video lessons to use in your home, whether you need a break from leading lessons, need some help with difficult subjects, or want to see if video homeschooling is the right fit for you.

Can you cancel Abeka?

If you must cancel the program, contact the Abeka Office immediately at 1-877-223-5226 for a return authorization and instructions for canceling. After contacting Abeka to cancel, all streaming and digital assessments will be suspended and no additional accredited student work will be evaluated.

How many hours a day is Abeka?

According to parents who take Abeka’s Parent-Led approach, it takes them around 3 to 4 hours per day to get through the required subjects and subsequent seatwork. With that said, moms shared that they do not require their kids to take on every opportunity for seatwork.

What is comparable to Abeka?

Both ABeka Language and BJU English are great programs. In many ways, they are very similar. They, both, subscribe to the spiral approach of learning the concrete rules of grammar. They, both, emphasize a traditional style (workbook/textbook) of teaching.

Does Abeka use Common Core?

Does Abeka use Common Core? The Abeka Homeschool Curriculum does not follow Common Core Standards. In many cases, the curriculum actually teaches concepts earlier than they occur in the Common Core Standards.


That’s it, a quick look at what we can all hope to get out of Abeka. But before you go, I just want to share a final thought that occurred to me after some reflection: don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Starting any new endeavor is difficult, and if you’re in over your head, ask for advice from peers or other professionals. Networking and brainstorming are important when you’re looking to grow a business, so feel free to pick up the phone or shoot an email whenever you need assistance. Remember that there is no shame in asking for help; most people will be eager to assist when you ask nicely. Best of luck!

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