50 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Content (Infographic)

We are often faced with the challenge of constantly creating original and interesting content. If your business targets a small niche, you surely find yourself writing about the same topics over and over again. The good news is there are plenty of tactics to successfully repurpose content in a new and interesting way. Repurposing content gets your old content back in front of your audience and can draw in new readers. Reworking content is also good for SEO if done properly as you are creating an opportunity to link back to the original content on your website. By using alternate mediums to distribute your content you can increase the retention and the impact of your message all while strengthening your relationship with your target market.

In order to repurpose content effectively, you should stick with “evergreen” content – content that is durable and long-lasting. Each time you repurpose content you want to be sure to adapt it to that medium or channel and bring in some added value. Now that you know the value of reusing content, here are 50 creative ways to repurpose your content effectively! (infographic)

Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Content

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