30 Day Drawing Challenge

Drawing is a great way to learn new things, save memories and really get in touch with yourself. Every day, draw something. Anything. Your favorite animal, vacation spot, whatever you like. You don’t need any special supplies or materials to do this, just pen & paper. The 30 day drawing challenge is a series of prompts to help you draw more and develop your skills over some time. The challenge is easy. Each day of the month, there will be a subject given. Your goal is to draw it.

If you undertake the challenge, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect drawing, and not every sketch you produce will turn out well. Over time, though, your drawings will improve, and you’ll develop a more realistic idea of what’s possible.  The 30 day drawing challenge is a fun way to improve your drawing skills. It is also a good way to work on your hand-eye coordination and creativity.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day- 1Day- 2Day- 3Day- 4Day- 5
Coffee Mug
MandalaA BeachVehicleMountain
Day- 6Day- 7Day- 8Day- 9Day- 10
Water DropletAny
Round Fruit
Teacup and SaucerPair of BootsBird
Day- 11Day- 12Day- 13Day- 14Day- 15
A MotorcycleTissue BoxDraw
a Castle
Potted PlantHat
Day- 16Day- 17Day- 18Day- 19Day- 20
Your Hand
BasketballVasesLight BulbFlowers
Day- 21Day- 22Day- 23Day- 24Day- 25
Your House
3D BookMushroomFireplaceCupcake
Day- 26Day- 27Day- 28Day- 29Day- 30
Slice of

Day- 1: A Coffee Mug

Day 1 of the 30 day drawing challenge is a coffee mug. Draw a coffee mug in a very creative and unique way. You could start with a simple shape and gradually build up details until recognizable. Don’t waste time thinking about perfectionism or how to draw the cup just right. Everyone’s favorite subject for their first drawing is a coffee mug. The vast majority of artists will draw some kind of coffee mug in their lifetime, and it is an easy subject to learn to draw.

Day- 2: Mandala

things to draw when bored

Mandalas are believed to have healing powers. They represent wholeness, spirituality, and peace of mind. In some practices, they are used to connect with spiritual beings. Mandalas have a religious context, but they can also be used as an artistic outlet.

Day- 3: A Beach

Drawing a beach is a fun and easy task that children of all ages can complete. It only has a few objects like water, sand, and an umbrella for shade. The best part of drawing this simple subject is the ability to add your own spin to it. For day 3 of the 30 day drawing challenge, draw a beach using your imagination.

Day- 4: Vehicle

25 cool things to draw

It’s day 4 of the 30 days drawing challenge! This is a simple drawing challenge, where you have to draw any kind of vehicle that you can find. As long as it’s drawn with colored pencils, anything goes. Draw a vehicle. Maybe your car or bike, maybe a tank or rocket, maybe a bulldozer or steam train. Drawing vehicles is fun and pretty easy.

Day- 5: Mountain

Principles of Drawing

After drawing a number of people in the last couple of days, it’s time for our next challenge. Let’s draw a mountain, it may seem easy to some, but I am sure that many of you will be surprised by how challenging it can be.

Day- 6: Water Droplet

How to Draw Water Drop

Water droplets are transparent and have that “wet” look. Drawing them is not really hard, but they are very tedious to do. Although, the more you attempt them, the better it will come naturally to you. They can be a great way to warm up on those crisp mornings because it doesn’t take much effort to draw their basic shapes of them. Once you start getting the hang of it, you can draw wonderful water droplets.

Day- 7: Any Round Fruit

how to draw an apple diagram

Day 7 of the 30 day drawing challenge is all about drawing round fruit. Apples are really easy because there are almost no curves that you need to worry about. But other spherical objects can be really tricky. Of course, there are many kinds of fruit shapes and many different ways to draw round fruit.

Day- 8: Teacup and Saucer

Today’s drawing challenge is a teacup and saucer. There are a lot of technical details to get right on this one, so try to list as many as you can, but please feel free to draw. This drawing is not too difficult, but shapes may be confusing, especially to beginners. Take your time and try to draw a unique one.

Day- 9: Pair of Boots

Today’s drawing challenge was quick and to the point. Let’s face it, in the winter, boots are a necessity. Drew this pair of boots using a hard pencil and eraser to make shading. Please keep in mind this isn’t a fashion drawing challenge; rather we want to focus on getting the forms right and learning how to draw.

Day- 10: Bird

Today’s exercise is to draw a bird. Not just any bird, but a bird that you find beautiful and would want to look at all day.  You have to focus on value in this drawing challenge. Value is the strength of lightness or darkness you apply to a surface. Applying the right values can make your drawings look more realistic, dynamic, and interesting. Try to draw a bird by applying different values.

Day- 11: A Motorcycle

Time to draw another motorcycle. Everyone loves motorcycles. They are really cool, exciting and fun. Get out your sketch pad and draw a motorcycle. You can draw a motorcycle like the one above or take your own path and let your imagination run free.

Day- 12: Tissue Box

Tissue boxes are a mainstay for most homes and businesses. They’re so ubiquitous to our culture that we don’t even think about them. But why not make an effort to draw one? It can be great practice for both kids and adults alike. It’s a common object you see in many bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. It’s a day 12 drawing challenge just for you!. Draw a tissue box in any style and with any medium.

Day- 13: Draw a Castle

On day 13, our task is to draw a castle. It can be any type of castle your little heart desires – fairy palace, royal fortress, or even a simple, secluded turret if you like. Just draw a castle using a few simple shapes and shading techniques.

Day- 14: Potted Plant

Drawing a potted plant is a great way to practice drawing if you’re just starting out. The image is simple, but it’s still interesting enough to draw and look good as a result. It also looks like something you could create in real life, which makes it great to boost your self-confidence through drawing.

Day- 15: Hat

Drawing a hat is not just about learning how to draw a basic model that one can wear. There are plenty of objectives that you should be considering and lots of things to keep in mind. Drawing something as basic as a hat can be difficult at first, but not once you have the right references, methods, and practices.

Day- 16: Draw Your Hand

Today’s drawing challenge is drawing your hand. A hand is an extremely detailed and naturally beautiful object. This is why hand drawings are so popular. Drawing hands may seem simple at first but can be pretty difficult if you don’t actually know what you’re doing. Even for those with experience, drawing hands can be difficult or tricky. Depending on the project you are working on, drawing hands is important as they help frame your work.

Day- 17: Basketball

Wow! It’s finally time for the basketball drawing challenge. You need to know how to draw many shapes that are needed for drawing a basketball. These shapes include a circle and a few ellipses. With these in hand and using only straight lines, you can draw the final product, which is, of course, the basketball itself.

Day- 18: Vases

Vases are beautiful things that serve an important function in any home. They store your flowers, water, and small decorative objects such as jewelry, photographs, etc. Vases are easy to draw, and you don’t need a lot of tools. You can start with something simple like a vase made out of a circle and later move on to something more challenging.

Day- 19: Light Bulb

A light bulb is a fascinating object that illuminates the surrounding uniquely and amazingly.  Light bulbs might be an interesting thing to draw. Creating a drawing of a simple light bulb is a great project for beginners. The light bulb is drawn using only a few basic shapes.

Day- 20: Flowers

flower drawings

In today’s drawing challenge, we’re drawing a flower. Flowers are among the most beautiful and widespread living beings. A drawing of a flower is not just a drawing of a flower. It is a drawing that embodies the love and admiration for the topic of your drawing. It is difficult to draw flowers, but it can also be exciting and enjoyable.

Day- 21: House

Have you ever wanted to draw a cool house? Why not? Nothing is better than a nice-looking house. A home makes you feel warm and cozy, and it certainly reveals a lot of details about the owner. A house is made for living, laughing, and for moments that last forever. It’s also nice just to enjoy yourself because life is too short not to be happy. Our drawing challenge for day 21 is to draw a house.

Day- 22: 3D Book

Drawing a 3D book is a unique drawing idea! We all have different interests. Some enjoy drawing things that they like to do in their free time, others like things that others are interested in and doing something related to the world of the Internet. Once you understand the process of how a 3-dimensional object is drawn, it becomes easier to draw them! In fact, once you learn how all these objects are made, they are quite simple to draw.

Day- 23: Mushroom

Mushrooms are magical, mysterious fungi that we love to draw. There are so many interesting shapes and textures in mushrooms that make them a lovely subject to draw. One of them includes drawing a realistic-looking mushroom. If you enjoy drawing, do not hesitate and draw mushrooms.

Day- 24: Fireplace

In today’s drawing challenge, let’s draw a fireplace. It’s not very hard, but you do need to stay focused. The most important thing is to start with a square and then add the chimney and square things (the bricks?) on the sides. Let’s begin this journey if you are working on your cool skills and would like to do a realistic Fireplace illustration.

Day- 25: Cupcake

Drawing a cupcake is one of the many cool things to draw. This is an easy drawing challenge and not that difficult. A cute little cupcake with a cherry on top is waiting for you to draw! Cupcake is always full of fun.

Day- 26: Tree

The drawing challenge for day 26 is a tree. Trees are a very popular subject for art and drawing due to their unique form and structure. There are several ways to draw trees, and these methods can be used on their own or combined to create more complex drawings. Regardless of what method you use, the key is practice!

Day- 27: Cactus

This simple lesson will show you how to draw a cactus, which is simply a saguaro cactus. Cactus is such a drawing topic that you will always enjoy drawing it.

Day- 28: Musical Instrument

One of the best ways to get better at drawing is to practice, just like anything else. Drawing musical instruments is easy and having a collection of pretty instruments in your sketchpad makes it even easier to find inspiration. You can draw any kind of instrument that you want! A piano would be cool too.

Day- 29: Slice of Pizza

easy pizza drawing

Draw a slice of pizza for the 29th day of the drawing challenge. Drawing a slice of pizza will help you get better at drawing circles and triangles. It’s a really hard shape if you don’t know how to draw it. You can choose this food item and many other objects to draw. They are too various and extremely realistic.

Day- 30: Landscape

how to draw a landscape

This is your last drawing challenge for the 30 day drawing challenge. Drawing a landscape is a drawing exercise we will often do as beginners. Landscapes drawing can be really great to improve as an artist. Drawing a landscape can be difficult since you have to focus on many different things, but it is really fun once you’ve gotten the hang of it. It is an exercise artists may use to practice their drawing skills. 

30 day drawing challenge

Final Words

So the 30 Day drawing challenge is coming to an end! Experimentation is key. Don’t be afraid to try out different forms and art styles throughout this 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Taking risks exposes you to new possibilities and allows you to create some really cool art. Ending a drawing challenge can be just as much fun as starting one. It’s good to have goals and to have an end goal in mind. It’s good to test your limits and push yourself.

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