101 Coolest Color Combinations

Color combinations play a crucial role while designing. Color combinations have a deep psychological impact on the user, whereas, if chosen wrong, they can create immense problems on your website’s interface. So, what are the best color combinations, and which ones should you use to make your users fall in love with your designs? In order to help you better understand color combinations, we’ve compiled the following article based on the 101 coolest color combinations.

Colors play an important role in attracting the user’s attention and making the content more eye-catching and engaging. Colors have been widely used in websites to increase conversions, boost time spent on site, engagement, and even inform people about your brand and tone.

The coolest color combinations are perfect for various designing projects, whether you are creating a logo or a web page. This article offers you 101 impressive combos you can use in your projects. It may not be possible to find one color combination that everyone will like, but these 101 examples should get you on the right track to find something you like.

Using The Color Wheel to Combine Colors: A Quick Guide

color wheel for designers

To combine colors effectively, you must understand how they interact with each other. You will be able to combine colors efficiently, build a better brand and communicate more effectively with your designers and printers if you understand the color wheel and color harmonies (what works, what doesn’t, and how color communicates). There are three primary colors, three secondary colors, and six tertiary colors in the color wheel.

primary for artists

Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue.

secondary color graph

Secondary Colors: Green, Orange, Purple. Primary colors are mixed to create these colors.

Tertiary Colors: Combinations of primary and secondary colors, such as blue-green and red-violet.

Separate the warm colors from the cool ones by drawing a line through the center of the wheel. Cool colors often evoke tranquility, peace, and serenity, whereas warm colors are linked with energy, brightness, and action. You can use color to impact your message once you understand its temperature.

Color combinations and color schemes arise when two or more colors work harmoniously together.

Complementary Colors indications

Complementary Colors: The opposite colors on a color wheel are complementary colors. These colors make imagery pop because they have a sharp contrast, but too much of either can wear on the eye.

Analogous Colors wheel

Analogous Colors: On the color wheel, analogous colors are located next to each other. An analogous color scheme is created by using a dominant color, a supporting color, and an accent color.

triadic Colors

Triadic Colors: The colors in triadic pairs are evenly dispersed around the color wheel and are usually vibrant and dynamic. By creating visual contrast and harmony, they draw attention to each item while helping make the entire image stand out.

There are countless color schemes you can create with the color wheel. You just have to figure out when to use which colors.

101 Coolest Color Combinations

When it comes to the coolest, most popular color combinations, there certainly is no shortage of choices. You can find these color pairing combinations on websites, artwork, and even clothing. Because color is such a fundamental part of art and design, you must understand what types of colors work best together to create a cohesive, attractive design that isn’t too distracting or difficult to look at. By familiarizing yourself with the most popular color combinations, you will have a broad understanding of how to put different colors together in a way that makes sense visually.

In today’s black, grey, and white minimalism era, it is essential to pay attention to color combinations while designing the website and other projects. There are numerous color schemes that exist and can be used according to the choice of designer or developer. But some color combinations are always better than others, so here are the 101 coolest color combinations you can use in your projects.

1. Royal Blue with Peach Color

Hex Codes:

Royal Blue: #00539CFF

Peach: #EEA47FFF

Our first color combination is royal blue and peach, a trendy color combination. The royal blue creates a bold sensation in this combination, and the peach’s playful element perfectly balances it. It is an ideal color combination for logos or accent colors in web templates or designs.  

2. Blue with Pink Color

Hex Codes:

Blue: #2F3C7E


The combination of pink and blue creates a pleasing balance. Blue creates a duality in the color combination of pink and blue, as pink has a more spring-like, pastel aesthetic, while blue is more mature in tone.

3. Charcoal with Yellow Color

Hex Codes:

Charcoal: #101820FF

Yellow: #FEE715FF

Combining Charcoal and Yellow is an extremely common combination. Because the colors are so opposite, they complement one another well. It would be a great combination for creating a logo or branded product label.

4. Red with Yellow Color

Hex Codes:

Coral: #F96167

Yellow: #FCE77D

Red and yellow are next on the list because they are bold, vibrant, and eye-catching. These complementary colors are synonymous with cheer. You can add a modern, pastel twist to this classic pairing of ketchup and mustard by changing the red to coral tint. 

5. Lime Green with Electric Blue Color

Hex Codes:

Lime Green: #CCF381

Electric Blue: #4831D4

Colors such as lime green and electric blue are energetic and young. The combination of these two vibrant colors works well in logos and fashion design.

6. Lavender with Teal Color

Hex Codes:

Lavender: #E2D1F9

Teal: #317773

There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than lavender and teal. Baby products often feature this harmonious, earthy combination of maturity and playfulness marketed to parents because of their harmonious, childlike nature.

7. Cherry Red with Off-white Color

Hex Codes:

Cherry Red: #990011FF

Off-White: #FCF6F5FF

It’s hard to imagine a more classic color combination than cherry Red and off-white. You can use this color combination for print or digital media. It gives you a fantastic duality.

8. Baby Blue with White Color

Hex Codes:

Baby Blue: #8AAAE5

White: #FFFFF

Baby blue and white are another classic color combination known for their duality. Together, these images convey ease and trustworthiness, evoking the feeling of watching the sky in the morning. Colors such as baby blue and white are perfect for non-profit, healthcare, and childcare branding.

9. Hot Pink with Cyan Color

Hex Codes:

Hot Pink: #FF69B4

Neon Blue: #00FFFF

Typically, pairing cyan with hot pink can be challenging, but this color combination works beautifully. There are baby pink and blue hints, but with a cyberpunk twist. A bold, high-contrast color scheme in this style captures the excitement of more playful brands.

10. Peach with Burnt Orange Color

Hex Codes:


Burnt Orange #EE4E34

The color combination of peach and burnt orange creates an analogy. They are perfect colors for brands in the lifestyle, events, or interior design industries because of their harmony – perhaps their best feature.

11. Light Blue with Dark Blue Color

Hex Codes:

Light Blue: #ADD8E6

Dark Blue: #00008b

Even though the light blue and dark blue colors may seem muted to some, they shouldn’t be overlooked. An insurance agency or bank would benefit from this monotone combination that inspires professionalism and trust.

12. Sky Blue with Bubblegum Pink Color

Hex Codes:

Sky Blue: #89ABE3FF

Bubblegum Pink: #EA738DFF

Now, for the classics – sky blue and bubblegum pink. A playful and bright bubblegum pink combined with a calming and bright baby blue conveys an adolescent spirit of joy. They are ideally suited to parenting and childcare brands, children’s fashions, toys, or logos. 

13. Mustard, Sage, with Forest Green Color

Hex Codes:

Mustard: #E3B448

Sage: #CBD18F

Forest Green: #3A6B35

The mustard, sage, and forest green colors contrast sharply with the cotton candy colors. When they come together, they create the supreme earth-tone color palette. They are the perfect colors for natural brands and are ideal for logo designs, web designs, product designs, and packaging designs. 

14. Fuchsia with Neon Green Color

Hex Codes:

Fuchsia: #EC449B

Neon Green: #99F443

Fuchsia and neon green are another bold, energetic color combination. In the same way, hot pink and cyan create a vibrant atmosphere; fuchsia and neon green do the same.

15. Pastel Orange, Peach, with Custard Color

Hex Codes:

Pastel Orange: #FFA351FF

Peach: #FFBE7BFF

Custard: #EED971FF

A creamy orange gradient dreamsicle is created by blending pastel orange, peach, and custard. This combination is ideal for cosmetic and fashion brands seeking an ethereal yet fun feel.   

16. Raspberry with Shades of Blue Color

Hex Codes:

Raspberry: #8A307F,

Blues: #79A7D3, #6883BC

Red and raspberry hues convey a cyberpunk, futuristic feeling without being overpowering. Intended for lifestyle brands, logos, product designs, and packaging, this muted take on the cyberpunk dystopia is luxurious and more mature.   

17. Cherry Red with Bubblegum Pink Color

Hex Codes:

Cherry Red: #CC313D

Bubblegum Pink: #F7C5CC

Like cherry Red and off-white, cherry red and bubblegum pink form an analogous color pairing. This combination creates an astonishingly high contrast, making it perfect for a bold logo or product design.

18. Coral, Spiced Apple with Peach Color

Hex Codes:

Coral: #FC766AFF

Spiced Apple: #783937FF

Peach: #F1AC88FF

This beautiful, warm color palette is created by coral, spiced apple, and peach. A combo like this is perfect for designers, illustrators, and architects who have a preference for warm colors. They work together to convey a cozy, feminine feel. 

19. Light Purple, Mint, with Butter Color

Hex Codes:

Light Purple: #AA96DA

Mint: #C5FAD5

Butter: #FFFFD2

Three pastel shades combined to create an inviting and soft appearance. In light purple, mint, and butter, spring is embodied on its own and in combination. Using this color scheme, a logo or packaging design will bring spring to life.

20. Forest Green with Moss Green Color

Hex Codes:

Forest Green #2C5F2D

Moss Green #97BC62FF

Monochromatic color schemes like forest and moss green are ideal for nonprofits, cooperatives, and startups. They represent our relationship and perception of the outdoors and nature and our relationship and sense of grounding.   

21. Island Green with White Color

Hex Codes:

Island Green: #2BAE66FF

White: #FCF6F5FF

With forest and moss greens, island green and white evoke a fresh and crisp take on natural elements. Background colors of this type can be used for holistic, minimalist, and natural brands.

22. Yellow with Verdant Green Color

Hex Codes:

Yellow: #FFE77AFF

Verdant Green: #2C5F2DFF

A tasteful color combination is yellow and verdant green. This color combination is perfect for nature-focused businesses like plant nurseries that are looking to brand themselves and their products.

23. Beige, Black-brown, With Tan Color

Hex Codes:

Beige: #DDC3A5

Black-brown: #201E20

Tan: #E0A96D

A vintage Victorian aesthetic is created by beige, black-brown, and tan. That’s the perfect color combination for coffee, craft beer, and alternative food brands. When these colors come together, the black-brown conveys a sense of seriousness, while the beige and tan convey a sense of warmth and closeness.

24. Royal Blue with Pale Yellow Color

Hex Codes:

Royal Blue: #234E70

Pale Yellow: #FBF8BE

It’s the perfect color combo for a professional and welcoming look when royal blue and pale Yellow come together. Integrated with a merry pastel yellow, the deep and earthy blue complements the stability, security, and trustworthiness of the banking, fintech, and insurance industries. 

25.Blue, Maroon, with Indigo Color

Hex Codes:

Blue: #408EC6

Maroon: #7A2048

Indigo: #1E2761

Another beautiful futuristic analogous color scheme is blue, maroon, and indigo. The combination of this shade of blue and maroon conveys the serenity and trustworthiness that is associated with blue, with a twist provided by maroon. These colors are perfect for tech products and brands.     

26. Scarlet, Light Olive, with Light Teal Color

Hex Codes:

Scarlet: #B85042

Light Olive: #E7E8D1

Light Teal: #A7BEAE

We conclude our list with the muted and deeply subdued color palettes of light olive, light teal, and scarlet. With its combination of shades of green and enticing Scarlet Red, this classic color scheme will capture anyone’s attention. Together, these colors create a mysterious and mesmerizing effect, ideal for more refined and subdued illustrations or graphic designs.   

27. Ultimate Gray with Illuminating  Color

Hex Codes:

Ultimate Gray: #949398FF

Illuminating: #F4DF4EFF

Gray is one of the most popular colors used in sophisticated designs because it is a cool and balanced color. People have found solace in thinking about brighter days ahead in the current climate. In light of this, it is not surprising that the color was chosen to symbolize the year as a warm, uplifting shade.

Yellow in brighter shades can sometimes be intimidating, but this shade has been carefully chosen. You can demonstrate your relevance to your audience with trending combinations like this one. Take advantage of the symbolism of these colors merging to create a deeper connection.

28. Living Coral with Pacific Coast Color

Hex Codes:

Living Coral: #FC766AFF

Pacific Coast: #5B84B1FF

The color coral is uplifting and nourishing with a youthful touch. When combined, the bluish colors of the Pacific Coast evoke images of coral reefs and ocean floors. Living Coral complements the deep tones of the Pacific Coast without being overwhelming. It is almost warm compared to most shades of blue.

In fact, Living Coral is almost warm. The hidden nature of this dynamic color combination makes it very suitable for so many different purposes. It creates a relaxed mood wherever it is displayed.

29. Ultra Violet with Blooming Dahlia Color

Hex Codes:

Ultra Violet: #5F4B8BFF

Blooming Dahlia: #E69A8DFF

Ultra Violet has to be at the top of the list when talking about trends in colors. In addition to having powerful connotations, purple also signifies magic, luxury, and creativity. You can pair it with this warm pink like Blooming Dahlia color for a really cool combination. In this shade, the understated elegance of the rich color is balanced by understated elegance.

30. Turquoise with Warm Sand Color

Hex Codes:

Turquoise: #42EADDFF

Warm Sand: #CDB599FF

Can anything make you feel more uplifted than a bright turquoise hue? Tropical waters and sunny skies are instantly evoked when looking at this color. Despite being tranquil and idyllic, turquoise is also vibrant and dramatic.

It is often said that turquoise symbolizes summer, so it creates a natural, harmonious look when combined with a sand-colored shade. When paired with turquoise, this neutral shade becomes warm and golden. It could be used for inspiring communication due to its natural and youthful coloration.

31. Black with White Color

Hex Codes:

Black: #000000FF


Black and white are one of the most classic color combinations. Combining the two creates a perfect balance. White is calm and pure, while black is strong and dominant. Although they are polar opposites in a tonal sense, black and white are so powerful when used together because of their contrast.

32. Blue with Orange Color

Hex Codes:

Blue: #00A4CCFF

Orange: #F95700FF

A classic pairing of blue and orange, again demonstrating how opposites attract, never fails to inspire. In this case, the cool tones of the blue enhance the warm tones of the orange. Likewise, the human eye is meant to find comfort and familiarity in this pairing while in nature.

33. Sailor Blue with Mint Color

Hex Codes:

Sailor Blue: #00203FFF


One old saying says it is impossible to see blue and green without a color in between! It’s often true, but navy and mint are exceptions. An unexpected color combination makes this surprisingly cool. Sorbet mints are cool, refreshing, and suitable on-trend. Although technically the tones should contrast, the rich navy provides a solid foundation for the lively mint. It offers a sense of stability without being overbearing.

34. Gray with Lime Punch Color

Hex Codes:

Gray: #606060FF

Lime Punch: #D6ED17FF

Gray has traditionally been associated with flat or dreary emotions, and there are times when this is still true. Pair a deep grey with a vibrant splash of lime to truly add personality and confidence. It can also look garish when worn on skin tones lighter than caramel. However, when properly applied, it can make a strong statement. Among our personal favorites at Design Wizard is this edgy combination of colors!

35. Cherry Tomato with Rapture Rose Color

Hex Codes:

Cherry Tomato: #ED2B33FF

Rapture Rose: #D85A7FFF

Tomato red and dusky pink challenge the rules of color combinations as well. In addition to being monochromatic, red and pink also make for a complementary color scheme. Colors that are monochromatic belong to the same color family. Adding white, gray, or black to a red hue will make it pop. A great quality of this pair is the cool and modern look of each shade. Red and orange are a fun contrast to pink with purple undertones.

36. Forest Green with Moss Green Color

Hex Codes:

Forest Green: #2C5F2D

Moss Green: #97BC62FF

We are attempting to keep our feet firmly planted in the real world as we move further into the digital age. Stress and pressure are increasing, and embracing natural, wholesome, healthy lifestyles is becoming even more important than ever before. Moss Green adds a refined tone to the moody Forest Green, which can almost look black in some lights. As with the monochromatic color scheme above, this palette of green is also attractive, but it is easier to work with. Pair this with wood in interior design for a successful outcome.

37. Royal Blue with Peach Color

Hex Codes:

Royal Blue: #00539CFF

Peach: #EEA47FFF

Since Royal Blue is a primary color, it is durable and robust. At the same time, it is playful because of its boldness. Playfulness is regaining popularity as well.

Pastels were the trend earlier in the year, and although pink and lilac were the most popular, the peach makes a stronger statement now. This combination is perfect for a modern look.

38. Electric Blue Lemonade with Aquamarine Color

Hex Codes:

Electric Blue Lemonade: #0063B2FF

Aquamarine: #9CC3D5FF

It is possible to create a professional or a casual look using Electric Blue Lemonade and Aquamarine, depending on how you use them. Adding the softer Aquamarine to the electric blue lemonade reduces its vibrancy and makes it more relaxed and amiable.

39. Orchid with Cream Gold Color

Hex Codes:

Orchid: #D198C5FF

Cream Gold: #E0C568FF

Pink orchids are stunning in shades that stray into the purple territory. This one is girly and fun but more mature than many other pinks. The liquid gold texture of Cream Gold makes this color luxurious and enticing. Orchid serves to enhance this effect, beautifully enhancing Cream Gold. Combining these two elements gives a design a certain elegance. Their substance matches their style. It makes it one of the most popular wedding and engagement party choices.

40. Black with Blazing Yellow Color

Hex Codes:

Black: #101820FF

Blazing Yellow: #FEE715FF

The contrast of black and Yellow is probably one of the most commonly used color combinations. You will see it on many hazard signs indicating danger due to its prominence. Combining yellow and black is ideal for creating a contrast that makes reading and understanding easier. Yellow is known to stimulate the mind and black gives the text depth and sense of depth.

41. Pale Green with Bubblegum Pink Color

Hex Codes:

Pale Green: #CBCE91FF

Bubblegum Pink: #EA738DFF

Combined with Bubblegum, Pale Green makes a surprisingly good color combination. It’s just the right amount of contrast between Bubblegum and Pale Green. In combination, their contrast is what makes them so striking. Pink and green are unusual colors that have a strong visual impact.

This unique color combination complements each other brilliantly despite their difference in appearance. Use Pale Green over most of the design and Bubblegum over the dots. Bubblegum can be noticeable even when used in small quantities.

42. Copper Coin with Aged Copper Color

Hex Codes:

Copper Coin: #B1624EFF

Aged Copper: #5CC8D7FF

Over time, copper transforms from shimmering brown to turquoise. When combined, Copper Coin and Aged Copper create a stunning combination, bridging the years of its age. Adding just the right amount of retro flair to your designs is the key to making them appear vintage.

As a turquoise color, Aged Copper evokes feelings of relaxation, calm, and serenity. In addition to being wholesome and secure, Copper Coin has a texture similar to that of money, pipes, and other copper objects.

43.Sky Blue with White Color

Hex Codes:

Sky Blue: #89ABE3FF

White: #FCF6F5FF

To go along with this sky blue scheme, we have a nordic white. Blue and white combine to create a soothing image of fluffy clouds passing by a clear blue sky. Openness, honesty, and respectability are the qualities associated with Sky Blue.

44. Dusky Citron with Cool Gray Color

Hex Codes:

Dusky Citron: #E3CD81FF

Cool Gray: #B1B3B3FF

In contrast with the classic gold and silver color scheme, Dusky Citron and Cool Gray make for a refreshing alternative. The Dusky Citron color is a beautiful, pale gold tone that oozes class and sophistication. Silverworks here in the form of Cool Gray, which is essentially a gray, but with enough of a silvery sheen to create a sense of elegance and grace.

45. Black with Orange Color

Hex Codes:

Black: #101820FF

Orange: #F2AA4CFF

An orange shade is combined with black to create a robust look. When mixed properly, dark and light colors look great together. Combining contrary colors can create stunning effects. Black and orange, for instance, look fantastic together. When the night is pitch black, orange acts as a spotlight.

46. Brown Sugar with Beige Color

Hex Codes:

Brown Sugar: #A07855FF

Beige: #D4B996FF

Beige and brown sugar make for a delightful color combination. Imagine comfortable brown leather couches and walls that are painted a serene shade of beige. This is one of those color combinations that are perfect for designing interiors that make you feel at home and relaxed.

There is a certain maturity to it that is difficult to replicate, which is relaxed and reassuring. Beige is known as a color of reliability and stability, so naturally, brown and beige complement each other well.

47. Turkish Sea with Silver Color

Hex Codes:

Turkish Sea: #195190FF

Silver: #A2A2A1FF

The combination of silver and blue is not common, but it works beautifully in this case. The color combination Turkish Sea and silver are among the best for business-related color schemes. Professionalism is enhanced by a classy silver shade, which complements blue very well. Business owners want their customers to associate them with trust and providence, which is exactly what blue and silver symbolize.

48. Royal Purple with Ice Flow Color

Hex Codes:

Royal Purple: #603F83FF

Ice Flow: #C7D3D4FF

Use the chilling Ice Flow to neutralize the Royal Purple’s power. Traditionally, purple has been associated with power, authority, and royalty. It creates a nice balance in composition when combined with a grounded gray like Ice Flow.

As you might expect from a name like Ice Flow, it is a cool and reserved shade. When paired with Royal Purple, it adds a great deal more to the table than what could be called a dull gray on its own. The practicality of gray gives purple the freedom to be wild and creative, resulting in stunning results.

49. Island Green with White Color

Hex Codes:

Island Green: #2BAE66FF

White: #FCF6F5FF

Clean, crisp, and highly versatile, Island Green and white are the perfect color combination. The positive connotations of green are brought out by mixing it with white. Green symbolizes growth, renewal, and the awareness of environmental issues.

Like most greens, Island Green has a connection to nature, which is something that a pure white does too. Dark green is viewed as a sign of wealth in some countries. There is an undeniable sense of harmony when green and white come together.

50. Pink Salt with Charcoal Gray Color

Hex Codes:

Pink Salt: #FAD0C9FF

Charcoal Gray: #6E6E6DFF

The combination of pink and gray is not your typical combination of colors, but their contrast provides an interesting look. With the vibrant Pink Salt, the serious Charcoal Gray comes alive. In this case, a youthful color is combined with a more mature one to create a beautiful effect.

51. Black with Cherry Tomato Color

Hex Codes:

Black: #2D2926FF

Cherry Tomato: #E94B3CFF

With an intense red glow, Cherry Tomato sets a beautiful mood. This intense glow is made even more powerful by including the dark color black. Any shade of Red will work with black and should comfortably pair it with any shade of black. Red and black seem to be the colors used by the Targaryens of Game of Thrones since they evoke ferocity and power. Using red and black in your design can show you mean business if you plan to make a fiery design. In order to convey a strong message, contrasted colors are always an effective choice.

52. Mango Mojito with Terrarium Moss Color

Hex Codes:

Mango Mojito: #DAA03DFF

Terrarium Moss: #616247FF

Mango Mojito is a yellow-gold shade of tasteful pleasure, just like the drink that is named for this color. This earthy, green-brown shade looks absolutely gorgeous next to Terrarium Moss, despite the fact that these two colors might not seem like they would go together.

Life and growth are represented by the colors yellow and green. A combination of these two colors fills us with renewed energy. The two mixtures create a beautiful lime green color. On the color wheel, yellow and green are also analogous.

53. Space Cherry with White Color

Hex Codes:

Space Cherry: #990011FF

White: #FCF6F5FF

Space Cherry is stunningly adorned with a pearly white that contrasts with its deep Red. The color combination of red and white is common among many sports teams and businesses. It looks amazing paired with a cherry-red wall, where the white gains an extra glow. A touch of white adds a touch of lightness to the strong and stimulating Red.

54. Hunter Green with Raspberry Color

Hex Codes:

Hunter Green: #435E55FF

Raspberry: #D64161FF

An expansive and lush forest comes to mind when you see Hunter Green. In addition to adding a natural flavor to a color combination, Raspberry adds a delightful fruity contrast. The color green represents freshness and health, and the color raspberry symbolizes a playful and energizing combination.

Because Raspberry is a kind of pink-red color, it has many different meanings in the world of color psychology. Color combinations like these are ideal for advertising health products or organic foods.

55. Pale Green with Purple Sapphire Color

Hex Codes:

Pale Green: #CBCE91FF

Purple Sapphire: #76528BFF

Pale green and purple sapphire are two of the best colors to create harmony. Green and purple are very complementary colors despite their obvious contrast. There is indeed a dramatic contrast between the two, which is evident in many gardens. Purple flowers can stand out even more in an overwhelmingly green landscape. Purple and green colors add positivity and energy to a room or composition.

56. Pink with Navy Blue Color

Hex Codes:


Navy Blue: #333D79FF

Besides the delicate pink, the shades of navy blue are equally reliable. Obviously, there is a contrast, but the colors complement one another admirably. Colors in this combination are very neutral, making it appropriate for many applications. For example, the color pink goes well with navy when it comes to clothing. An outfit’s navy half holds a demure appeal, while the pink draws attention to itself.

As a color, pink can have a variety of meanings. Pinks with a light tone, such as this, maybe seen as feminine and gentle, whereas pinks with a bright hue might be seen as sweet and feminine.

57. Bright Red with Cyber Yellow Color

Hex Codes:

Bright Red: #F93822FF

Cyber Yellow: #FDD20EFF

Bright Red and Cyber Yellow will set you apart from the crowd. Advertising and poster designs can be very effective using this combination. Yellows are seen first by the eye, so this can effectively enhance the message you are trying to convey. By inspiring quick decisions, it motivates the viewer to take action. In addition, red inspires movement and a sense of inspiration. Many food brands use yellow and red on their packaging because they are said to increase hunger.

Red and yellow combine to create an extremely captivating color combination. The colors of a design assault the senses with their vividness. Yellow and red both have a strong presence—colors with vibrancy.

58. Dark Green with Black Color

Hex Codes:

Dark Green: #006B38FF

Black: #101820FF

The colors dark green and black look powerful and impactful together. It symbolizes vitality and maturity with a certain amount of assurance and confidence. You can blend a darker green almost into the black by using a darker green. Despite being a dusky color combination, it can still shine when given the opportunity. When applied to clothing, it gives it a classy, modest appearance. However, this color combination might appear too gloomy if used in a room. When using dark colors in a room, be careful not to harm the atmosphere.

59. Orange with White Color

Hex Codes:

Orange: #F95700FF


A contrast of orange and white results in a striking color combination because orange is such a bold, vibrant color. Orange is a good choice here as well, but if you really want to play up your fun side, go with this vibrant hue. Those who love or hate bright orange will both say it can be a divisive color. When you choose a shade of orange like this, you should go all out! Paint your walls, wear your clothes, and design based on it.

60. Aspen Gold with Princess Blue Color

Hex Codes:

Aspen Gold: #FFD662FF

Princess Blue: #00539CFF

The color Aspen Gold adds a bright touch to any design, just like a field of daffodils. The majestic Princess Blue butterfly lands delicately on its petals to collect nectar just like a Morpho butterfly. The colors yellow and blue work really well together. The warmth and optimism of Aspen Gold instils a feeling of positivism and hope for the future. Princess Blue adds a sense of responsibility and peace to the boundless Yellow.

As the evening sky grows darker, golden stars emerge from their hiding places. With some Princess Blue and Aspen Gold, you can create this effect. It looks so striking when paired with the deep blues.

61. Soybean with Eclipse Color

Hex Codes:

Soybean: #D7C49EFF

Eclipse: #343148FF

A neutral color such as soybean is highly versatile and can be paired with virtually any other color on the color wheel. The nighttime Eclipse is the complete opposite of the daytime Soybean, but it serves as an excellent companion. A house could benefit from choosing these colors as an interior wall color because they are timeless and will not be going out of style any time soon.

62. Cantaloupe with Blush Color

Hex Codes:

Cantaloupe: #FFA177FF

Blush: #F5C7B8FF

Color combos such as Cantaloupe and Blush make them seem like they’ve just come out of a makeup collection.

Those who view these colors will feel welcome and approachable, creating an environment favorable to interaction and engagement. There are quite a few plants in the world that display a combination of orange and pink.

63. Rose Pink with Purple Color

Hex Codes:

Rose Pink: #DF6589FF

Purple: #3C1053FF

With this bold shade of purple, Rose Pink is an attractive partner. Due to their close proximity on the color wheel, pink and purple are two colors that blend well. Each of these shades is a darker shade of its respective hue, and this influences their visual appearance. Pink and purple can be viewed as symbols of creativity and wisdom in this context. Pink and purple are natural color combinations associated with femininity. Women have used it prominently in campaigns related to female health.

64. Mellow Yellow with Verdant Green Color

Hex Codes:

Mellow Yellow: #FFE77AFF

Verdant Green: #2C5F2DFF

As the sun shines through a forest of evergreens, you can see a brilliant yellow ray of sunshine. Mellow Yellow and Verdant Green will give you just that. Mango Mojito and Terrarium Moss pair well with this color combination, but it’s a bit lighter and softer. These colors create a warm, welcoming environment. As the name implies, the verdant green color represents growth and nature. The color mellow yellow signifies happiness and joy.

65. Powdered Sugar with Silver Color

Hex Codes:

Powdered Sugar: #F1F4FFFF

Silver: #A2A2A1FF

The stunning alabaster-white of Powdered Sugar works beautifully with the sharp and refined silver. In interior design, it has become increasingly popular as a color combination. Silver is an appropriate color to symbolize modernity, industry, and elegance. There’s no doubt that so many homes display it on their walls because of its trendy associations. Cool, relaxing colors like powdered sugar and silver portray a sense of elegance and efficiency.

66. Lemon Tonic with Purple Color

Hex Codes:

Lemon Tonic: #FCF951FF

Purple: #422057FF

Make an amazing blast of color by mixing this deep purple with Lemon Tonic. Ads and social media posts that demand attention benefit greatly from the brightness of this color combination. In order to be fresh and exciting, a brand can choose color combinations like these.

67. Teal with Fiery Red Color

Hex Codes:

Teal: #4B878BFF

Fiery Red: #D01C1FFF

Against a cool and gentle teal, the fiery red roars hot. Even though it’s a conflicting color combination, it’s a classic color combination nonetheless. Christmas and families gathered around an open hearth come to mind when red and green are seen. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees in living rooms and wreaths hanging from doorways come to mind when we think of Christmas. Fiery Red and teal also look great at other times of the year. It can also be a reminder of stimulating nature scenes to see red leaves falling on green grass.

68. Nebulosity with Pink Yarrow Color

Hex Codes:

Nebulosity: #1C1C1BFF

Pink Yarrow: #CE4A7EFF

For one of the most contrasting color combinations, use Nebulosity and Pink Yarrow. While Nebulosity offers a dramatic plunge into a black void, Pink Yarrow bursts forth in its pink glory. Adding too much pink to black can give a tacky appearance, so be careful not to overdo it. But it looks great in graphic design. When combined with black, pink may seem a bit too girly on its own, but with the right amount of toned down.

69. Blue Atoll with Vibrant Yellow Color

Hex Codes:

Blue Atoll: #00B1D2FF

Vibrant Yellow: #FDDB27FF

Take a look at this electrifying summer color combination. The vibrant Yellow shocks the senses with the equally electric Blue Atoll. Party and casual events are both great settings for this color combination. An engaging design builds excitement and brings purpose and energy to a project. While bright colors create a sense of activity in a room, they may be too much for small spaces when you want to unwind.

70. Lime Green with Orange Color

Hex Codes:

Lime Green: #79C000FF

Orange: #FF7F41FF

One of that combination of colors that have an immediate impact on the senses is rendered here by the combination of two-thirds of the Irish tricolor. When combined together, orange and lime green make a powerful combination.

An orange tree, reminiscent of green and orange, creates a tropical vibe. It’s all about vibrant colors this year, so lime green and orange may become more popular as a result. It is possible to offset the combination of lime green and orange with a neutral trim if you feel it is too much.

71. Inca Gold with Scarlet Sage Color

Hex Codes:

Inca Gold: #BD7F37FF

Scarlet Sage: #A13941FF

Traditionally, gold has been used as a symbol of luxury and wealth, and therefore, it is rarely used with reserve. Inca Gold’s more muted version of gold creates a more humble atmosphere. The sleek red tone of Scarlet Sage enhances the visual appeal of this combination.

72. Pale Lilac with Lime Green Color

Hex Codes:

Pale Lilac: #E3C9CEFF

Lime Green: #9FC131FF

If you want a slightly different color combination, Pale Lilac and lime green are a great choices. Pale Lilac color is soft and youthful, while a green tone appears vibrant and healthy. The color Lilac conveys tenderness and relaxation to a room. The use of pale pink is crucial here, as either a vibrant pink or green may come across as garnish. The lime green color adds a vintage sense of freshness and freshness to the color combination. When seen together, Lime green and Pale Lilac make for an appealing retro color scheme.

73. Dark Blue with Red Color

Hex Codes:

Dark Blue: #00239CFF

Red: #E10600FF

Water meets fire in this clash of blue and red. Together, blue and red create a powerful combination of calmness, dependability, and security. Many years of reliable performance have established this color combination as one of the best.

74. Living Coral, Storm Gray with Forest Biome Color

Hex Codes:

Living Coral: #FC766AFF

Storm Gray: #B0B8B4FF

Forest Biome: #184A45FF

Storm Gray’s dark clouds float over the Living Coral and Forest Biomes, creating a stunning backdrop. It’s a vibrant and lush aesthetic with a refreshing blend of colors. There is adventure and mellowness in this color combination. Color schemes like this are great for websites, as they are modern-looking and easy to use.

As it usually does, Living Coral greatly enhances the color combination. On their own, gray and green would not have the same impact. You can use a modern color palette like this example in numerous ways, so get started today.

75. Blazing Orange, Buff Orange with Yellow Cream Color

Hex Codes:

Blazing Orange: #FFA351FF

Buff Orange: #FFBE7BFF

Yellow Cream: #EED971FF

This bright color combination will boost your energy. A burning orange is a vibrant shade, and it pairs well with a more subdued Buff Orange and Yellow Cream. These three colors create a stunning gradient, which gives off a glorious summer vibe when combined. This warm and fun color combination would brighten up a house’s interior. A positive feeling helps you to feel at ease and comfortable in your surroundings.

76. Sagebrush Green, Marsala with Granite Gray Color

Hex Codes:

Sagebrush Green: #567572FF

Marsala: #964F4CFF

Granite Gray: #696667FF

Using Marsala in various ways makes it a warm, universal shade of color. Whatever the case, Marsala manages to be stylish in all its forms, whether it is interior design, fashion, or beauty products. Marsala’s warmth can be contrasted with Sagebrush Green and Granite Gray’s cool, earthy tones. This color combination hits all of the visual marks if you think a dark color palette would be best for you.

77. Red, Norse Blue with Light Green Color

Hex Codes:

Red: #DA291CFF

Norse Blue: #56A8CBFF

Light Green: #53A567FF

In addition to being three of the four primaries, red, green, and blue also make an excellent color combination. Color harmony has been a great success for Google as part of its branding, and these three colors are often unbeatable. The color red is an attention trigger to get people’s attention. The color Norse blue is calm and calming, and the color light green works as a mediator; however, it is not too imposing.

78. Light Purple, Light Blue with Light Green Color

Hex Codes:

Light Purple: #D7A9E3FF

Light Blue: #8BBEE8FF

And Light Green: #A8D5BAFF

The light brigade will be making their presence known as the colors of light purple, light blue, and light green dominate the stage. This color combination is highly stylish and makes for an exciting color combination that is both bold and colorful without being overbearing or garish.

Combining these two brings together an ensemble of soft, approachable colors. If you use this combination of colors, you could create an interior space that is very relaxing and trendy. It’s easy to engage with these colors because they have a very peaceful feel to them. Also, they seem a little childlike, making them an excellent choice for decorating a child’s room.

79. Grass Green, Lightest Sky with Clearwater Color

Hex Codes:

Grass Green: #7DB46CFF

Lightest Sky: #E7EBE0FF

Clearwater: #ABD6DFFF

Lightest Sky is delicate and soft, and it lies between Grass Green and Clearwater, both of which are vibrant and refreshing. An image of a lake whose water is crystal clear laps against a green shoreline as an open sky stretches far into the distance above it can readily be pictured.

This is one of those invigorating, stylish color combinations that are very soothing and not offensive to look at. You may want to consider this trio for the interior of your home as they are sure to look beautiful and will put a smile on your guests’ faces when they enter your home with a positive attitude. The purity and calm that green, white, and blue exude ensure that they blend seamlessly.

80. Radiant Yellow, Living Coral with Purple Color

Hex Codes:

Radiant Yellow: #F9A12EFF

Living Coral: #FC766AFF

Purple: #9B4A97FF

It is comforting to look at Radiant Yellow combined with Living Coral and purple because it is so bright and cheery! As if the sun setting behind you is almost like the shining summer sun glistening on the horizon.

A design made from it will convey optimism for the future and a sense of playfulness that can uplift any design that incorporates it. Radiant Yellow is a stunning shade of yellow and is reminiscent of mangoes or some other succulent tropical fruits. It creates a great color combination with Living Coral and Purple.

81. Warm Gray, Crimson with Raspberry Color

Hex Codes:

Warm Gray: #A59C94FF

Crimson: #AE0E36FF

Raspberry: #D32E5EFF

You would unlikely normally associate the words’ warm’ and ‘gray’ together, but the Warm Gray collection defies convention. Behind the darker exterior is almost a hint of brown, which creates a slightly softer gray and more welcoming than it usually is. Warm Gray is enhanced with vivacious colorations of Crimson and Raspberry. Color combinations like these are considered to be among the most cultivated.

82. White, Pink Lady with Sky Blue Color

Hex Codes:

White: #FCF6F5FF

Pink Lady: #EDC2D8FF

Sky Blue: #8ABAD3FF

Here, the calming colors of Sky Blue and Pink Lady are combined with the calming white. Colors of new life and youth are symbolic of this soft, feminine combination. It can be incredibly rejuvenating to use a clean palette like this. It has almost a scent that transcends screens and pages. Combining white, pink lady, and sky blue can look incredible in interior design and on clothing as well. As a symbol of purity, it is often used for its light and innocent appearance. The Evian water, which sells as a natural product, reflects this in its color scheme.

83. Living Coral, Spiced Apple with Peach Color

Hex Codes:

Living Coral: #FC766AFF

Spiced Apple: #783937FF

Peach: #F1AC88FF

An interesting palette for websites such as Instagram would be made from this tender, caring color combination. Add the post to an Instagram post scheduler once it has been created and schedule it at your preferred time.

A living room would also benefit from the coziness the three colors offer. Peach and brown are two colors that really convey a feeling of health and wellbeing.

84. Lemon Verbena, Orange Pop with Aurora Pink Color

Hex Codes:

Lemon Verbena: #F6EA7BFF

Orange Pop: #FFBA52FF

Aurora Pink: #E683A9FF

It is time to get in the mood for summer and the cheerful colors of Lemon Verbena, Orange Pop, and Aurora Pink. The color combination here works really well as a summer setting because it is one of those types of combinations. In addition to its eye-catching nature, the color is reminiscent of some of the most popular highlighter pens. These colors are both vibrant and mellow, depending on how they’re used. If you choose yellow, orange, and pink for your wedding colors, it can be a fantastic theme. This design is cheery, fun, and bright, ensuring that your big day is filled with fun.

85. Red, Yellow with Navy Blue Color

Hex Codes:

Red: #F65058FF

Yellow: #FBDE44FF

Navy: #28334AFF

Red, yellow, and blue is the classic primary colors in this color scheme. This color combination has become very popular since it uses navy instead of a more traditional blue. Each of the three colors appears on the Romanian flag, as they symbolize fraternity, justice, and liberty. In practice, these colors can be used in many different ways and with many different meanings. There is no one color that outshines another in this combination, but each color complements the others nicely.

86. Tanager Turquoise, Teal Blue with Kelly Green Color

Hex Codes:

Tanager Turquoise: #95DBE5FF

Teal Blue: #078282FF

Kelly Green: #339E66FF

Tanager Turquoise, Teal Blue, and Kelly Green create a cool, fresh color combination. There are three colors in this mix, which represent some of the key components of nature. They are sky blue, aquatic green, and leafy green. Due to this, this color combination can be used to create an environmentally friendly design. It is a good idea to use green as a background color. The color green is one of the most unobtrusive combinations of colors because we see it so often.

87. Windsor Wine, Scarlet with Bright Red Color

Hex Codes:

Windsor Wine: #643E46FF

Scarlet: #BA0020FF

Bright Red: #EE2737FF

Using this combination of colors gives any canvas a fiery warmth. With its deep, smoky flavor and rich color, the Windsor Wine pairs well with the more youthful and lively Scarlet and Bright Red. These three colors in your home will definitely brighten up a cold winter day. We tend to concentrate better when we are surrounded by red because Red focuses our attention. Red is a color that brands often use in their logos or calls-to-actions to grab people’s attention.

88. Knockout Pink, Safety Yellow with Out of the Blue Color

Hex Codes:

Knockout Pink: #FF3EA5FF

Safety Yellow: #EDFF00FF

Out of the Blue: #00A4CCFF

Color combinations with vibrant colors continue to gain popularity, and Knockout Pink, Safety Yellow, and Out of the Blue are among the most popular. The color palette has truly taken on a disco vibe with neon signs, strobe lights, and glow paint. It’s the perfect combination if you want to design something that commands attention and has a lot of energy.

Color combinations aren’t appropriate for every situation, and you might struggle to fall asleep if you use these creative colors in your home. The use of vibrant colors is a great way to catch the viewer’s attention.

89. Puffin’s Bill, Green with Brown Color

Hex Codes:

Puffin’s Bill: #E95C20FF

Green: #006747FF

Brown: #4F2C1DFF

Colors come together in a natural and earthy manner here. A puffin’s bill occupies a prominent place in this contemporary painting, and with its rich and vibrant coloration, it’s easy to visualize a puffin building its nest along a cliff dotted with lush green plants. This color combination is filled with a warm intensity that is emitted from the orange shade, Pidgin’s Bill. Two of the most natural-looking colors are brown and green, which symbolize growth and rejuvenation.

90. Danger Red, Tap Shoe with Blue Blossom Color

Hex Codes:

Danger Red: #D9514EFF

Tap Shoe: #2A2B2DFF

Blue Blossom: #2DA8D8FF

The colors red and black often represent villains or some other enemy type when combined. By combining Danger Red and Tap Shoe together, Blue Blossom does its best to tame the ferocity of Danger Red and Tap Shoe. With Blue Blossom, the color combination is completely changed and becomes more calm, peaceful, and serene. The light blue can really stand out when used against a red and black background. Dark and light colors contrast well and can effectively create CTAs.

91. Bright Violet, Living Coral, Vibrant Pink with Marigold Color

Hex Codes:

Bright Violet: #963CBDFF

Living Coral: #FF6F61FF

Vibrant Pink: #C5299BFF

Marigold: #FEAE51FF

Using this color scheme on social media is a great idea. This is a warm, vibrant color scheme that has a youthful feel. In addition to being one of the trendiest color combinations, there is Living Coral present in this combination as well. When you view this color combination, you get a sense of excitement and joy. Eye-catching colors will be all the rage on social media because of their vibrancy in the coming year.

92. White, Vanilla Custard, Goldfinch with Scarlet Sage Color

Hex Codes:

White: #FCF6F5FF

Vanilla Custard: #F0E1B9FF

Goldfinch: #F3DB74FF

Scarlet Sage: #A13941FF

Splash these colors into your design to brighten it up. The combination of these colors immediately conjures up a warm, summer morning. It radiates pleasant summer energy, which is perfect for creating seasonal designs during the summer season. Goldfinch, Vanilla Custard, and white create some sort of gradient, with strong red interspersed between them. With this color combination, you can create an uplifting aura in your home, promoting comfort and happiness.

93. Deep Blue, Northern Sky, Baby Blue with Coffee Color

Hex Codes:

Deep Blue: #2460A7FF

Northern Sky: #85B3D1FF

Baby Blue: #B3C7D6FF

Coffee: #D9B48FFF

This color palette of blue with a brown coffee background is calming in nature and is ideal for a wide range of scenarios. Several shades of blue mix harmoniously with a uplifting and invigorating coffee flavor. As you lie back watching the waves roll in, imagine the steam that wafts from a freshly brewed cappuccino. Toning down the colors makes this scheme extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings. It soothes instead of overwhelming the senses.

94. Habañero Gold, Dijon, Honey with Chestnut Color

Hex Codes:

Habanero Gold: #FFD653FF

Dijon: #DDB65DFF

Honey: #EEB238FF

Chestnut: #6E4C1EFF

It combines Habanero Gold, Dijon, Honey, and Chestnut to create an exquisite color combination. The sumptuous Habanero Gold is the ideal bedfellow with the welcoming and cheerful Honey. The color combination of gold and Yellow will not work for everyone, but it creates a beautiful summer look. Dijon and Chestnut provide support as a reassuring presence among their boisterous partners.

Fall leaves from deciduous trees are reminiscent of this color combination in the fall. In addition to being associated with wealth and luxury, gold can also be considered reassuring and associated with wisdom.

95. Delphinium Blue, White, Atmosphere with Fiery Coral Color

Hex Codes:

Delphinium Blue: #669DB3FF

White: #F0F6F7FF

Atmosphere: #A89C94FF

Fiery Coral: #FF4F58FF

Defining a clean, modern color scheme, Delphinium Blue is paired with white, Atmosphere, and Fiery Coral. Other shades of coral could also see an increase in popularity in 2022 as Living Coral continues to be wildly popular. While Fiery Coral is a little darker than Living Coral, it is just as vibrant. This is the perfect combination for those who prefer minimalistic designs with a pop of color. It would make sense to add Fiery Coral as a font color while toning down the background.

96. Dark Green, Light Green, Star White with Red Color

Hex Codes:

Dark Green: #0A5E2AFF

Light Green: #6DAC4FFF

Star White: #EFEFE8FF

Red: #FE0000FF

Despite a harmonious deep green and a robust red, Star White and light green act as a barrier. In this color combination, the red really pops off the green. Using red over the green will ensure that your message is easily recognizable. Darker shades can be paired with light colors such as these to create interesting visual contrasts. Two prominent brands that use similar color combinations in their advertising are Heineken and Carlsberg.

97. Soft Pink, Peach Amber, Yucca with Arbor Green Color

Hex Codes:

Soft Pink: #FFDDE2FF

Peach Amber: #FAA094FF

Yucca: #9ED9CCFF

Arbor Green: #008C76FF

These refreshing pinks and greens provide the perfect setting for relaxing color combinations. They are calming and energizing at the same time. Peach Amber and Soft Pink are both very approachable and welcoming colors that are complemented by Yucca’s serene turquoise color and Arbor Green’s darker hue. Any space in which this color combination is utilized will be filled with a distinctively feminine feel.

98. Purple, Lilac, Petunia with Aubergine Gleam Color

Hex Codes:

Purple: #93385FFF

Lilac: #9F6B99FF

Petunia: #4F3466FF

Aubergine Gleam: #301728FF

This vivid color combination offers many different shades of purple. In addition to the rich, dark shade, Aubergine Gleam complements the lighter petunia well. A gradient design could be created by combining all four colors together.

You can create captivating designs utilizing this ascending series of purples. The palette is perfect for reinvigorating nighttime scenes. Although these purples are vibrant, they would look great in a less energetic setting as well. Imagine exquisite multi-color fabrics or a soothing galactic theme.

99. White, Light Pink, Pink with Dark Pink Color

Hex Codes:

White: #F1F3FFFF

Light Pink: #F7CED7FF

Pink: #F99FC9FF

Dark Pink: #EF6079FF

Using white, light pink, and dark pink create a cool gradient. Various pinks and white blend together to create a beautiful color combination that is both feminine and elegant. Since the pinks aren’t overly loud, they don’t seem excessively girly. They still convey sophistication and maturity. Create an atmosphere of comfort and appeal with light colors. The combination of these colors creates a cheerful and joyous atmosphere wherever it is used.

100. Blue Sky, Elation, Nugget with Celestial Color

Hex Codes:

Blue Sky: #ABD1C9FF

Elation: #DFDCE5FF

Nugget: #DBB04AFF

Celestial: #97B3D0FF

These four colors are part of Sherwin-Williams’ Shapeshifter palette, creating classy and stylish sets. We drew inspiration from Healing Energy and Spiritualism for the muted pastels and deep blues.

The colors of a room or design harmoniously complement one another, providing a tranquil atmosphere. They have a welcoming aura and a non-intrusive color scheme. They can never be described as garish since they don’t assault the senses. There are so many different colors that can be combined with Elation, and it is a remarkably versatile neutral.

101. Desert Sand, Burnished Brown, Old Burgundy with Mystic Color

Hex Codes:

Desert Sand: #DBBEA1FF

Burnished Brown: #A37B73FF

Old Burgundy: #3E282BFF

Mystic: #D34F73FF

Combining cool colors makes this feel retro and nostalgic. This can help you connect with your customers if you want to promote your business. This color palette is elevated by the addition of the color Mystic, which adds a vibrant punch. You can combine these colors in endless ways. In terms of interior design, these colors will create a warm and modern room at the same time. Objects from the past can be paired with classic chairs, oval mirrors, and walls that mix these colors. You can utilize these unique colors using Design Wizard if you are designing.

Final Words

It’s not just about one color, it’s about more colors than one. There are different kinds of color combinations, some like monochromatic colors and others that have a more diverse group with some colors to serve more purposes. Although the number one choice for everyone is the coolest color combinations for design, it still all depends on what look you are going for with colors. In any case, it is good to see in this list a variety to choose from and work with depending on what project you might be working on.

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